Why we can’t sync Windows Phone 7 via USB (Yet)

Edit note:  CompanionLink can now synchronize with USB and Windows Phones.

CompanionLink has a long history of offering direct sync with all major smartphone platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Palm webOS, and the previous Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. When Windows Phone 7 was announced, we jumped to be the first to offer PIM synchronization for the platform.

Unfortunately, we discovered there is no way to interface with the device using USB protocol. Also, we lack the necessary app permissions to write contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to the device. Double-whammy; our hands are tied in two ways. Unfortunately, this means that CompanionLink, as well as any other third-party developers, won’t be able to offer direct sync to the Windows Phone platform until the tools are provided.

We’ve asked Microsoft about this issue, but have not yet received a reply. It’s possible Microsoft may open more options for developers in the future. We eagerly await that day!

Why we can’t sync Windows Phone 7 via USB (Yet) was last updated February 12th, 2024 by Andy Sheragy

6 thoughts on “Why we can’t sync Windows Phone 7 via USB (Yet)

  1. I’ve been a CEO or senior executive in silicon valley for over 30 years, and I have been a supporter of Windows (along with others) and outlook all these years.
    I made the mistake of having to switch from blackberry (12 years a devoted blackberry user) to Windows Nokia a few months ago.
    What an amazing disappointment this has been that Windows can’t/won’t even support a sync with Windows phone and Outlook. The worse quality software so far in the history of silicon valley. Glad that the top management was let go. losers ! ! ! !
    Self destructive company ! !

  2. I bought a windows smartphone based on the “Windows direct USB sync” option that shows on your product CompanionLink 5.0 for Outlook.

  3. Whats the point having a windows based phone that you cannot sync with widows applications direct with USB, they all live in the stone age who make this crap up! to have a smart phone widows based that cannot sync with windows / outlook via USB these PPL live in Lala Land with no foresight as to what the reel workings person needs,

    Blackberry can do Pal could do it so one of the larges company’s who do this for living cant even sync with their own programs via USB just another money making process so we use MS and let our personnel information be posted on some ones server, for them to use for marketing and make money out of us.

    Going to go back to a true smart phone mans phone the (Blackberry) not dumped down Pansie win 7 OS with no USB support. IPhone id hate to say can do a better job than this ball..s up for no USB sync.

  4. This sucks! Microsoft has deliberately abandoned users that do not have internet access all the time. I work weeks at a time in remote locations that DO NOT have cellphone coverage, let alone internet conneciton. I still need to update my contacts on my laptop, schedule new appointments, update files, etc… which must then be updated to my cellphone. Believe it or not, a smartphone acts as a scheduler, note-taker, document reader ALL WITHOUT INTERNET connectivity. You suck Microsoft!