How to Sync Your Android Phone and Tablet with CompanionLink

Did you know that you can sync both an Android phone and tablet with just one license of CompanionLink for Outlook?

When you’re syncing Android devices with Outlook, we’ve designed a feature that allows you to swap devices in CompanionLink 5 for Outlook without adjusting any other configuration.

The secret lies in our USB and WiFi sync options. Simply switch the phone and tablet at any time – there’s no extra configuration required – and your data will sync effortlessly.

Note that this only works when syncing via USB and WiFi. For syncing multiple devices via CompanionLink Secure Hosted, Google, or Windows Live, you’ll need CompanionLink Express 5 or CompanionLink Professional 5.

While this is a great little feature, it’s really only the beginning. More and more people are beginning to use multiple mobile devices on a daily basis. We intend to continue our efforts to make syncing your data to all your devices as simple and seamless as possible!

How to Sync Your Android Phone and Tablet with CompanionLink was last updated April 28th, 2021 by David Z

16 thoughts on “How to Sync Your Android Phone and Tablet with CompanionLink

  1. I have a Motorola android phone and it syncs fine, and I have just bought an android tablet that syncs wirelessly fine too IF I change the ip address in Companionlink’s local wifi synch to for one device and for the other. I cannot see how to change the ip address in either of the devices so that they are the same and so will communicate with companionlink without having to go into it and change ip addresses all the time. The client names were different but they are easily editable and so I have made them the same. Can you help please? Thanks

  2. i want to sync my deja contacts between android phone and android tablet… i downloaded companionlink for outlook. i cannot open file and there is no icon either how do i open companionlink?

  3. David,

    I found this old thread but it seems on target for my problem. I have a Droid Bionic (ICS) and Galaxy Tab 2.0 (ICS). When I add a new contact to either Android device it gets added to the Outlook database but does not subsequently get added to the other Android device during the next sync. CompanionLink is set to “sync both ways”.



  4. I use an Acer Iconia Tab A200. When I try to sync the tablet says to “…start the sync using CompanionLink of your PC,” when I start the sync from the PC it says to “…start the sync from the device.” Are you guys a government agency:-)?

  5. Do I have to rename the devices so they have the same name? How about their differing IP addresses?

    This is not as trivial to us as it appears to be to you, CompanionLink. How about a step-by-step walk-through? Wouldn’t that cut down on your phone support?

  6. I too had the ‘no connection’ message when syncing (wi fi) my HTC EVO 3D phone after updating to 218 and 219. It seems the device name changes (last 4 digits), so you must re-configure the name before you sync. I did not have that problem with my Kindle Fire.

    Just an added note though: I had to re-configure all my settings on the phone and kindle (sort sequeences, font sizes, display modes) on both updates. Not something I usually have to do when I update a product. User Settings are that: USER.
    just saying…

  7. Syncing multiple Android devices requires no extra configuration. For USB, just unplug one Android, plug the other in, and hit sync. For WiFi, close DejaOffice on one device, open it on the other, and hit sync.

  8. Since more than one app is having issues, it’s a safe bet that there’s an external factor at play here. If you haven’t already, try simply restarting the computer to see if that helps.

    If not, and if it’s the USB sync that’s having issues, I’d check both the cable and the port. If it’s the WiFi sync that’s having issues, check to make sure no settings changed or drivers were updated on your computer and router. 

  9. I use a Motorola Xoom tablet (Android 4.04), a HTC Sensation smartphone (Android 2.3.4) and a Win7 (SP1) laptop.  I sync between all three using CompanionLink on the PC and DejaOffice 2.1.9 on the tablet and phone.  All worked successfully (although minor config changes are needed when switching between WiFi and USB Sync) until two (2) days ago.  Now the tablet and phone indicate that no connection is available with the PC.  I have reinstalled the software on both devices, restarted, without success.

    I have another program (VidaOne Diet and Fitness) that syncs between the tablet, phone and PC and it has also failed since two days ago.

    I have not seen an update to any of the associated programs in the past month, although other applications on both the phone and tablet are updated often.