Understanding Android Contacts [Infographic]

Confused about how Android Contacts and Accounts work?  We’ve created an infographic that helps explain the chaos!

Update: Now that Motorola’s DROID RAZR and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus (featuring the next generation of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich) have been announced, this infographic is even more relevant. These two phones are sure to draw many users over to Android for the first time!

Coming to Android from a “feature phone,” a BlackBerry, or even iOS, there are a number of new features to get used to. One aspect that we’ve seen a lot of uncertainty about is exactly how Contacts work on Android.

As such, we’ve created an infographic to help visualize how Android Contacts work and hopefully eliminate some of the confusion. Check it out below:

(Click the graphic for a larger version)

Android Contacts Infographic

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  1. when I save a new contact from an incoming call, it updates the call log with the name it was saved with, but I cannot locate the saved contact under contacts….where is it being saved. I am using an LG android phone. Thanks

  2. Android/Google will sometimes merge contacts to simplify things (such as combining a Facebook friend contact w/ an existing contact in your address book, or merging what it perceives to be duplicates). It’s possible that this is what’s happening with your contacts. To learn more about merging or unmerging on your specific device, consult the manual as it can vary from device to device.

  3. Why Do I have Some Contact with different name & Phone number but Android contact combine 2 or 3 contact under one contact? This is so confusing and is only doing it with HTC phone and do not have this problem with Nexus or Xperia. 

  4. Boy, we sure are relieved that all the fixes have been made for the Palm.  Talk about a system no one uses!!!!  The android fixes are way over due.  After paying for the software twice and several “service tickets” later support recommends that we find another way to sync our phones.  Great service!

  5. I have a Samsung Fascinate and I use MS Office Outlook 2007 with Companionlink and it works really well. I sync with a USB.
    It’s easy enough to open a Gmail account. If you use Outlook this is necessary to transfer your Contacts onto your Droid. Follow the directions on putting your Contacts on Excel and then send to your new Gmail account. Once you open Contacts on Gmail you will see everything there. Do the Sync and there should be no problem.

    Like any software it has a few bugs. For instance, I had a problem when I Synced my Black background got changed to White. I contacted Support and they resonded quickly to help fix it. Software and changes on any product will have it’s share of growing pains.
    For anyone having duplicates, try a Purge and Reload.

    I do not have Facebook on my Droid, so I wouldn’t have any experience there.

    After seeing all the negative comments, I thought if someone were to see this they would not try it. Just follow the directions and it will work.
    Because I’m hooked on Outlook, I was apprehensive…but after the Trial I knew this is what I was looking for.

    When all else fails…read the directions.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had troubles with CompanionLink. It looks like you’ve found a different option to try, but if there’s anything more I can help you with, do let me know!

  7. Some Android phones behave slightly differently, due to manufacturer and carrier customizations. However, the above graphic displays what most, if not all, users should see.

    Without knowing the specifics, it almost sounds like “People” is the only contact database currently enabled on your phone. Have you verified that a Google account has been added and enabled for Contacts sync?

  8. I’ve persisted with CompanionLink and syncing contacts though Outlook for a number of months. CL constantly mixes up my contacts and when certain ph numbers call me up it names them as other people. I’ve paid my $50 and tried support tickets but after spending many frustrating hours sorting out my contacts by hand I’m giving up. In the meantime MyPhoneExplorer has been making leaps and bounds – cost: donation only. Goodbye companionlink

  9. I’m sorry, this just isn’t true on my Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2.  I’ve been discussing this at length with CompanionLink support, and what they see when they try to add a new contact is not what I see.  I see a “drop-down” style button in the “add new contact” screen, but the ONLY available option is add to People – the Android list.  Clicking on what seems to be the dropdown button next to “Add to People” has no effect.  And the Android People database is not syncing with my Outlook, even though they both sync with the same Google account.

  10. Chris – it certainly sounds like something isn’t configured properly. Give us a call at 801.258.7949 or get in touch via http://www.companionlink.com/support/contact.html and one of our techs will take a look at what’s going on. 

  11. It’s hard to say what was causing the trouble. We do our best to avoid duplication, and we even have some best practices for avoid sync issues like duplication at https://www.companionlink.com/gettingstarted.

    In your case, if you’d like to give us a call at 801.258.7949 or fill out a ticket at https://www.companionlink.com/support/contact.html one of our techs can help ensure everything is configured properly. 

  12. Completely messed up my contacts – I have 40 entries for one contact all of a sudden, literally, and some contacts phone numbers won’t sync to Outlook no matter what I try.  All the companion Link stuff works fine, except the contacts feature – I’m not using Google, which I think is the root of my problems.  Regardless, the whole point of getting this software was in large to back up my phone contacts, but some phone numbers just won’t synch over to Outlook no matter what I do.  I have tried EVERYTHING.  I’m about to enter them manually, one by one, all 335 contacts of mine, by hand.  Technologoy is awesome.

  13. my contacts through outlook were duplicated and also mixed up. it is VERY frustrating!!!  I also have pictures, emails and phone numbers attached to the wrong people.  The only thing I can figure out is that CL cannot discriminate contacts if the phone number is inputted differently and ultimately duplicates the contacts.  I don’t have an answer for why they get mixed up!

  14. My Android Contacts interfaced with Facebook and changed many of my contacts.  Now there are facebook pictures and names attached to the wrong people.  Quite frustrating.