CompanionLink 5 Launches Today

As of today, CompanionLink 5 is officially out of beta!

If you haven’t already heard what’s new, head over to our blog post announcing the beta to read all about it, but know that you can expect the following:

– A completely redesigned interface
– New setup wizards to help you configure a reliable sync process
– Multiple device profiles in CompanionLink Express
– CompanionLink Professional now allows up to 5 profiles
– Support for the latest CRM software and mobile OS’s
– Numerous bug fixes and sync improvements

Prices start at $14.95.  We have discounted upgrades for existing customers.  Visit our storefront and click on the blue Upgrade button next to the product you want to upgrade to.

CompanionLink 5 Launches Today was last updated October 11th, 2012 by David Z

8 thoughts on “CompanionLink 5 Launches Today

  1. If Gsyncit works for you, ok. I have a license of Gsyncit, too. I don’t use it any more. Why I’ve bought CompanionLink additionally: No more missing Outlook contact fields in Google, you know?

  2. Well I got curious and starting looking around and Gsyncit has more features, seems to work well, and is only $20.  Sorry Companion Link, you’re not seeming very competitive.  

  3. Well if V4 works for you I would not upgrade.
    In my personal opinion the $10 rebate isn’t that great for a upgrade.

  4. I am looking at the differences between 4 and 5 and I can see no reason to give another $40 for this upgrade.  A new interface?  When the program is working well I never look at the interface.  Can someone help me to see why this is worth $40?

  5. You seemed to have made it with the previous build: syncs of high numbers of records between Outlook and Android had become lightning fast. Your new build is back to square one: painstakingly slow and tedious. A step backward.

  6. This is a post talking about an overall update to CompanionLink, but not one about syncing with webOS via USB. I’m hoping to have more info on that for everyone in the next few days.

  7. Hi. I’m french so it’s sometimes difficult for me to understand all of your posts.
    Is this Companion link version the version that will allow us to synch ‘Palm pré 2’ and ‘palm Desktop’ with USB mode ?
    Thanks you,