How to Sync the Samsung Galaxy S II via USB

We just received our new Galaxy S II (what an amazing device!), and wanted to share the specific procedures you’ll need to follow to sync via USB using CompanionLink and Dejaoffice.

The Galaxy S II performs a bit differently than other devices, so you’ll need to follow these specific steps if you want to sync via USB. You also may want to consider syncing the Galaxy S II via Wi-Fi, as it is not subject to any of these limitations.

When syncing via USB, DejaOffice normally connects the device’s USB storage drive automatically, but on the Galaxy S II the automatic connection does not work. Follow these instructions before each sync:

  • 1. First, ensure that the phone is disconnected from the PC.
  • 2. On the Galaxy S II, open Settings > Wireless and Network > USB Utilities.
  • 3. Select “Connect storage to PC”.
  • 4. Make sure CompanionLink is running on the PC, then connect the Galaxy S II to the PC using a USB cable.
  • 5. Open DejaOffice, then tap “Sync” to begin.

We’re working in a more automated method, but for now follow the steps above. Once again, our local Wi-Fi sync is fully automatic and is not subject to any of these restrictions. Questions? Comments? Let us know below!

How to Sync the Samsung Galaxy S II via USB was last updated February 12th, 2024 by Andy Sheragy

39 thoughts on “How to Sync the Samsung Galaxy S II via USB

  1. my phone cannot connect to the computer the phone is always prompting a message that said “connect usb cable to use mass storage” the usb cable is connected. pls help..

  2. This work for me :08/04/2013

    Working Solution For Samsung Galaxy S2 — Not Syncing to USB

    a. key in the dialer *#7284#
    b. it has 4 option there..
    c. For USB. select the PDA.if it already selected to PDA. reselect it by

    select MODEM and then PDA again.. Only change the USB setting.. and then

    press back. try reconnect.

  3. My Galaxy II does not have the settings you refer to such as USB Utilities and connect storage to PC. Help – Kies does not work.

  4. Is it possible at all to connect to the internet via a pc USB just like it’s done with the HTC Sync?

  5. Working Solution For Samsung Galaxy S2 — Not Syncing to USB

    a. key in the dialer *#7284#
    b. it has 4 option there..
    c. For USB. select the PDA.if it already selected to PDA. reselect it by 

    select MODEM and then PDA again.. Only change the USB setting.. and then 

    press back. try reconnect. 

  6. We’d be happy to help, but we’ll need a bit more info from you. Please contact our support team directly via phone – 503.243.5200 – or online at and we’ll be able to help out!

  7. i still cant get it conected. everytime i connect this to the computer it says it needs to install something but i have no idea what it is… can help me??

  8. HI ,here is the thing , i used to do the same thing but
    lately when i connect my phone to my pc it wont show all the files , i can
    still see that my phone has a 9 GB of used memory but what my computer
    can read is just 74 mb !!! i v cheked if the files were hidden !! no use
    !! its drinving me crazy , can you help me !! appreciat it

  9. I am so stupid,but not if it’s a new phone!
    Aftrer an hour of getting frustrated,this sorted it out so quickly.

  10. I have just upgraded from galaxyS on Orange to Galaxy S2 on Three. My question is how do I get my contacts from the S to S2.

  11. The fastest way to get specific help on this would be to contact support directly ( I’m happy to offer help here, but without knowing how you’re syncing and what you’re syncing with, I can only offer limited assistance. That said, here are some general resources for helping with deleting and avoiding duplicates that you might find useful:

  12. CompanionLink tech support helped me set up the sycn between my Windows 7 notebook and my Samsung Galaxy S II. However at the next sync the software created duplicates for almost every contact in both the notebook and the smartphone. Since I have more than 2,300 contacts it would be very time consuming to merge all of the duplicates manually.  How can I remove the duplicates without having to buy a specific duplicate removing software?  How can I avoid this problem from recurring?

  13. There is a version 2.2 USB port that might enable the 3rd previous posters comment about auto sync on USB debugging turned on.
    See the xda forums for a thread on the problems with the inherent earlier version usb port that the S2 shipped with.  There are instructions on how to order a new port, and open and change your own with a fair amount of ease.

    Fwiw: My S2 used to sync with Companionlink, but the port has gone so bad that the PC doesnt even see it anymore .. and the S2 believes its connected to the PC when not connected.  I’m waiting on a $15 port in the mail myself.

  14. Our WiFi sync is secured with AES-256 encryption. We have a post about what that means here: – but the short version is that it’s the same level of security the government uses to protect TOP SECRET classified information. 

    Hopefully that info helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

  15. Hi: I am using a samsung Vibrant (with 2.2 update).

    I have been using a USB for syncing but want to go wireless. I also have a linksys wireless system setup at home (supported with WEP security).

    How secure is wireless syncing? I am afraid to go wireless because of things I have heard about insecurity and how some can “latch” on to my info.

    Really, would I be taking a big chance using wirelessly syncing? I hate the USB tether but am concerned with security. thanks!

  16. at the rate we are having difficulty synchronizing our galaxy s2 with the outlook database in the PC I believe SaMSUNG IS LAIBLE FOR MISREPRESENTATION

  17. For what its worth, I found that setting the GS2 in USB debug mode allows DejaOffice to connect the USB automatically, and makes the sync much more stable. Home -> settings -> applications -> development -> USB Debugging checked. To sync plug in USB cable and then press the DejaOffice sync button, and follow on screen instructions.

    Is there a downside to doing this?

  18. Sorry about that – I misunderstood what you were saying! In that case, please contact the DejaOffice support team by filling out this form: – be sure to mention your specific phone model/carrier and that you are trying to sync DejaOffice with the native Phone account. They’ll reply back with instructions on what information they will need from you to help!

  19. David when I said Hong Kong region I meant the official ROM from Hong Kong that Samsung provided.

  20. I checked with our techs on this, and it sounds like you’re using a custom ROM. Unfortunately, we’re not able to fully support those, as there are simply too many to practically manage. We do work to support all the official variations of Android, however. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  21. Some Android phones don’t have that option (or don’t allow it). Which phone do you have? If we have one in the office, I can test to confirm this is the case.

  22. How come in the sync settings in DejaOffice for contacts to sync with android the contact account “phone” does not shown up?

  23. The above setup is required due to the way we currently interact with Android, and specifically the Galaxy SII in this case. We are exploring ways to avoid having to go through the setup and make the process more automatic, but I have no updates on that at this point.

    If you’re having trouble with the sync, I’d suggest contacting our free Support department. One of our techs can take a closer look at what’s going on in your specific setup and help from there! Give us a call at 801.258.7949 or reach out online at

  24. Hi,

    Are there some news concerning this issue? Data-Sync with Galaxy SII using companion link feels very unstable. Nearly 50% failure rate on initializing the sync.

    If sync was done completely i randomly receive replication or save conflicts on synchronizing lotus notes 8.5.1 (ToDo’s) with deja office.

  25. Hi John,

    Initially, the contacts will sync to our DejaOffice app for Android. DejaOffice can optionally sync those contacts with the native Android contacts app. Contact notes are synced as part of the contact. Individual Notes sync to the notes app in DejaOffice.