Installing DejaOffice PC CRM

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This guide will help you install DejaOffice PC CRM on a new PC.

To install CompanionLink - Go Here.

To install CompanionLink for Mac - Go here.

The latest version of DejaOffice PC CRM works great with Windows 7 - Windows 11.

DejaOffice PC CRM Install


  1. Click Here to download the latest version of DejaOffice PC CRM.
  2. Once downloaded, click the downloaded setup file and click Install.
  3. Select Yes on the Windows UAC popup.
  4. Select OK to Finish the installation.
  • Note: On some machines, the UAC message does not popup automatically, be sure to check the Windows Task bar for the Blue and Yellow shield.

Setting up the Sync

The first time you launch DejaOffice PC CRM the Setup Wizard will be open, using the following guide to setup the sync as desired: DejaOffice_PC_CRM_Sync_Setup_Wizard

Registering DejaOffice PC CRM

Use the following guide to register DejaOffice PC CRM: Registering_DejaOffice_PC_CRM

Moving DejaOffice PC CRM to a New Computer

If you are moving from one PC to another Click Here for our guide on Moving to a new PC.