10 Strategies to Effectively Onboard New Laravel Developers

The title for the most sought-after PHP framework in the last decade goes to Laravel. Yes, out of approximately 40 PHP frameworks listed on Wikipedia, Laravel has built prominence in the web development landscape with its elegance, simplicity, and robust functionality. 

The demand to hire Laravel developers stems from its ability to streamline complex coding tasks with clean and maintainable code that fosters productivity and quality of your web applications. If you’re looking to expand your team, attracting and hiring skilled PHP developers with Laravel expertise is crucial. Once you can attract the right professionals, ensuring a swift onboarding also goes by the same token. You need to ensure your new talent hits the ground running and that requires you to have a well-structured onboarding process.

Let’s delve into the ten key strategies that must be a part of your onboarding funnel for seamless integration of the newbies in your existing team. 

The Journey to Crafting a Winning Onboarding Experience for Laravel Talent

Welcoming new developers is not merely about introductions and orientation but also weaving them into your project narrative and business culture. Often, recruiters end up making the mistake of giving little or no regard to the onboarding process after attracting qualified talent. Onboarding is a phase that builds first impressions, lays a foundation, and nurtures long-term relationships.

You must implement the right approach for Laravel developers onboarding that can propel your project forward. The key strategies that should form a part of this process are:

1. Customized orientation sessions

Does a one-size-fits-all approach work in attracting user attention in the ever-evolving web development landscape? Absolutely, not!

Likewise, the same type of orientation can’t help you cut to the chase. You need to tailor your sessions to reflect the unique aspects of working with Laravel development. This includes highlighting the key projects, familiarizing them with proprietary tools or libraries that your existing team uses, introducing them to Laravel-specific frameworks, etc. This type of focused orientation approach can pave the way for a smoother integration of the new hires in your development process.

2. Pre-onboarding communication

After you hire Laravel developers, don’t wait till the orientation day. Connect with them before their first day and give them a warm welcome and all the essential information about how their first week will look like. 

The onset of this early communication can include their work schedule, necessary paperwork trails, and the reporting hierarchy. This will set a proactive tone and communicate to them that you are ready and excited to onboard them in your team and that you value their presence and the contribution they will make.

3. Codebase tour

Laravel development projects can include intricate codebases. Thereby, you must organize a guided tour of the project’s codebase outlining its structure, customizations, and the Laravel conventions that will be used.

This deep dive will demystify the project for the new developers and give them an idea of what’s the end goal and the expectations. It will help them be prepared and contribute meaningfully and easily to the project’s success.

4. HR buddy

You must assign a mentor to the new developers who will act as their guide throughout the onboarding process. They will be their go-to person for any concerns, assistance, and challenges in ensuring a seamless integration and transition.

Pair the newcomers with experienced developers from your existing team. These individuals must offer thorough guidance, support, and insights into the company culture. This is a powerful technique to foster meaningful connections and make them feel a part of your team from the onset of the partnership.

5. Feedback loops

Whether you hire Laravel developers for a remote work setting or an in-office role, regular and timely feedback is essential. Establish daily check-in sessions that are informal and open for both parties to address their concerns without any hesitation.

Encourage the new developers to ask questions, give their suggestions if any, and share their experiences on the onboarding process. This two-way communication will help them feel inclusive and connected with your team and also provide you with meaningful feedback for any needed improvements. 

6. Hands-on project

Assign them practical and manageable tasks in real-time as soon as possible. Start with small and non-critical projects that allow them to experiment, put their learnings to use, and learn and grow. This is an opportunity for them to apply their Laravel knowledge in a practical context and foster confidence. These early wins count a lot to boost engagement and learning. 

7. Team building activities

The integration of new hires with your existing team is vital for unified efforts toward success. Only when your entire team is on the same page you can be assured of leaving no room for conflicts, misunderstandings, and missed deadlines.

Conduct activities that help the new developers to gel effortlessly with the team. This could include pair programming sessions, casual meetups, team lunches, workations, friday game sessions, etc. Building these interpersonal relationships within as well as outside of the office space is the key to establishing a cohesive and collaborative team environment.

8. Rewarding milestones

Another way of motivating the recent hires is to recognize and value their contributions to the project’s success. You must reward their milestones from time to time either in the form of cash rewards, awards, or other benefits. Celebrations can be like a treat for completing their first project, certification for mastering a new Laravel package, or acknowledgment for their contribution to a team goal. 

This will reinforce a sense of belongingness and accomplishment amongst the Laravel developers thereby fostering employee satisfaction and retention rates. 

9. Professional development plans

As a recruiter, you must also show interest in the professional growth of your talent. This means investing in their career trajectory by offering them development and advancement plans. 

This can include encouraging and paying for online certifications, arranging workshops to get them acquainted with the latest tools and techniques, training sessions, hackathons, developing their soft skills, etc. This can significantly enhance their job satisfaction and commitment to work harder all of which are reflected in increased business productivity and profitability.

10. Roadmap review

Discuss the short-term and long-term goals of your project with the new hires. This will help them to relate to the expectations and also align their efforts in the right direction.

An understanding of where their work fits in the larger picture can boost their motivation and dedication. This strategic overview is a way to help them witness the results of their contribution from the start.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how crucial the onboarding process is, are you all set to lay out your plan? 

Hire Laravel developers and immerse them into your team ethos by following the above-mentioned strategies. By doing so, you can outline an onboarding experience that will not only enrich the new developers but also strengthen your team and accelerate your project. 

10 Strategies to Effectively Onboard New Laravel Developers was last updated March 5th, 2024 by Colton Harris