Asian Car Leases – Three Reasons to Try

You may be a fan of American or European cars, but we are more than sure that you have looked towards Korean and Japanese cars at least once. However, this is not surprising; Japanese brands have been the benchmark for harmony and reliability for many years, while Korean manufacturers are making excellent progress in design and technology. So, don’t be alarmed if you find yourself searching for the best Mazda lease deals or the most affordable Toyota for a lucrative sign up. Millions of drivers recognize the strengths of Asian cars, so any of them is a great leasing option.

Why Take an Asian Car for a Lease?

A car purchase may be a costly matter, but leasing allows you to try new specials each 2-3 years. It means that you may feel free to plan an Asian car lease. However, why do so many drivers in New York adore Korean and Japanese cars and what makes them so special? According to the managers of Grand Prix Motors, an auto brokerage company from Brooklyn, there are three key reasons:

1. Innovation and Technology

Both Korean and Japanese brands offer packages of advanced features which turn them into objects of desire for many drivers across the US. Moreover, progress is still the priority, so Asian automakers keep improving their technology to meet all wants and needs of their consumers.

Manufacturers from Korea move forward in terms of safety. Their cars are equipped with cutting-edge features like driver attention monitoring, collision warning system, and lane control system. Drivers and passengers may feel absolutely safe, as they know the manufacturer does its best to reduce the risk of accidents. Also, Korean brands are the leaders in the EV segment!

As for Japanese automakers, they are still keen on performance. Their power units provide impressive power and more than satisfactory fuel economy. If you dream of trying a HEV or a PHEV car, Toyota often comes to the rescue, offering a lot of hybrid versions of its cars, from Prius to Highlander!

2. Sleek Design

Refined and sophisticated design is a signature song of any Asian car. Also, there are a variety of options. You may try a Korean model if you prefer smooth lines, flowing shapes, and trendy elements or lease a vehicle by a Japanese brand if you seek something elegant and a bit conservative yet outstanding.

3. Affordable Prices

Though Japanese cars may be a bit more expensive than Korean vehicles, you can lease them cheaply in both cases. For example, Grand Prix Motors offer Toyota C-HR leases for just $233 per month or a Corolla hatchback at the monthly payments of $267! Kia lease prices are also lucrative, with $327 per month for Forte or $347 for Soul.

In our view, Asian cars are worth attention because they are trendy, drivable, reliable, and safe. Anyway, leasing is the most reasonable option to explore their benefits and define if it is just what you want from your vehicle.

Asian Car Leases – Three Reasons to Try was last updated March 6th, 2024 by Colleen Borator