Embedded Engineering Tech Trends to Watch

Since the start of the global embedded development market, embedded engineering has revolutionized many industries with advanced technological capabilities and innovations, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics.

Despite the introduced advancements, technologies keep evolving, enabling embedded engineering services to grow and extend https://lembergsolutions.com/embedded-engineering. In this article, we would like to overview the current and upcoming development trends in embedded engineering we can expect and also share tips on finding experienced embedded engineers for your project.

Embedded Engineering Tech Trends to Watch

We invite you to learn more about the globally widespread technological trends in embedded engineering and know what more innovations we can watch in different fields.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) keep advancing in embedded engineering. These technological trends enhance embedded systems by widening their functionality and capabilities to perform complex tasks, including natural language processing, image, object, and speech recognition. Artificial intelligence & machine learning are widely used to develop embedded systems in industries like energy, healthcare, automotive, etc.

Edge Computing

Another embedded engineering trend is edge computing. This tech advancement enables embedded systems to process huge volumes of data faster and more efficiently, approaching data sources. In turn, embedded systems provide quick responses, which is significantly crucial for IoT-connected devices as they process and transfer vast amounts of data.

Low-Power Embedded System Development

The more complex the embedded system is, the more battery power it consumes to perform the expected tasks and operations. Hence, low-power embedded system development has become a widespread trend in the area. This type of system prolongs the life and health of the battery, ensuring its stable work under high operational loads. It is also a cost-efficient solution as an embedded system battery replacement is a costly and complex process.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Proceeding with the emerging trends in embedded development, we want to take a closer look at AR/VR technologies. These tech trends entered the market a while ago but still find new use cases and applications in embedded system engineering, including enhanced embedded system design, improved user experience, virtual training, etc.

3D Printing and Nanomaterials

Embedded system engineering will become more flexible and highly customizable thanks to 3D printing and nanomaterials. These elements increase the embedded solution’s resistance to various conditions and environments, ensuring its stable operation. If the previously mentioned trends sound familiar, these components are only entering the field of embedded development.

The Future of Embedded Engineering

Embedded engineering is a promising area that is expected to evolve technological transformation in a vast range of industries like automotive, healthcare, energy, consumer electronics, and transportation. Providing advanced tech capabilities, embedded systems will become even smarter by integrating artificial intelligence and developing machine learning algorithms, increasing security measures, and driving automation.

How to Hire Embedded Engineering for Your Project?

The success of your embedded development projects depends on the development provider you will hire. Today, the market of embedded development companies is overwhelming, and it becomes challenging to define a credible and experienced one. Hence, we would like to share a few helpful tips to make this decision easier.

Outline the Project Requirements

Before diving into the search, you must understand what you are looking for – what stage your project is at the moment, what skills the potential embedded engineers should have, how long your cooperation will approximately last, what budget is available, etc. This will help you sort out the companies that don’t suit your project needs and parameters.

Explore the Thematic Platforms

There are many development platforms where developers and complete embedded development teams share knowledge and skills with other engineers within a specific community. These websites are GitHub, Stack Overflow, Linkedin, Quora, etc. You can easily search for suitable platforms like these and find potential development partners for your project. Indeed, it is just the first touchpoint, but it will help you form a list of reliable candidates.

Use Your Professional Connections

If the online search gives poor results, it is high time to find references within your connections, meaning colleagues, partners, or friends. They can suggest the embedded team they have dealt with or provide contacts for potential partners with good testimonials in the market. In addition, it is better to communicate the question with a tech person to ensure the expertise of the selected development company.

Consider Interviews With Engineers as a Decisive Factor

No matter how many good reviews you have heard or read about the selected embedded engineers. You still should ensure their professionalism during interviews. That’s why you can invite the tech person from your company or outsource this question to the tech consultants who will help you filter out the poorly skilled developers. Moreover, you should prepare a list of questions and tech tasks.

Learn the Past Projects and Reviews from Clients

When exploring the portfolio of the potential embedded development partner, we recommend looking through all the publicly available projects, not only embedded-related. This way, you can see the typical development approach and flow, learn more about communication with the team, and provided project documentation, duration, and other similar details. Also,  you will find testimonials from the previous client on the company’s website or their Clutch account.

Considering everything, embedded engineering will continue to surprise businesses with tech advancements, which they need to consider and adopt within their operations. However, hiring can be tricky; you can always use our recommendations to find a credible team for your embedded project.

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