30 Ways to Make $100 This Week

You have been racking your brains out to try to get a bit more cash. You have surely thought of everything that is reasonable. But it is a big world out there. There are tons of websites that will help you in your venture. So here is a quick guide to some of them and how you can use these websites to help earn a bit of quick cash.

1. Earn Money by Taking Surveys Online

Many survey websites pay respondents to complete their online polls. In this way, you may earn $100 in a week. You may earn money doing surveys from anywhere thanks to the many survey websites that are accessible. These websites will compensate you for participating in their online surveys:

2. Play Games to Make Money

There are several methods to gain money, but none of them are as enjoyable as earning money via gaming. You may be paid to play games and gain rewards on your online purchases by utilizing services like Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

Furthermore, you have the chance to gather points, gift cards, and other credits that may be converted into cash. Since you can win with this program even when you lose, it is much better! Yes, if you successfully answer questions, you will gain additional points. Additionally, your wins are paid out right away, unlike other gaming programs. You may play with your friends for even more fun. Click here to join SwagIQ.

3. Online English Chat to Earn Money

Thanks to Cambly and Spoken English Practice, you may converse in English or another language with people. You don’t need any preconditions. All you need is a smartphone or laptop, access to WiFi, and some spare time. It is that simple. Making money online doesn’t get easier than this. Therefore, sign up with Cambly and give it a try.

4. Test Websites and Applications for Money

Many website proprietors value the views of website visitors. The feedback they get from users like you help them improve the website. As a site tester, you will be compensated for visiting a website, doing specified tasks, and providing comments. Examples of this include both web and mobile applications. It’s a terrific way to make money while you’re idle. Simply click to begin using UserTesting as a tester.

5. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is a fantastic way to start earning money online. Virtual assistants assist online publishers and company owners with a range of duties, including updating websites, simple proofreading, publishing on social media, and more. Your skill level will determine how much you are paid as a virtual assistant, although most earn between $12 and over $25 per hour. To get an idea about Virtual Assistants click here, or to start working as VA on Upwork.

6. Babysitting Job To Make Cash

Babysitting is a quick way to make money on the weekends and in the evenings if you have some free time. One of the best ways for teenagers to make money is as a babysitter, who often charges more than $20 per hour. You might start by asking your relatives and friends if they know of anyone who could require your services for babysitting. Additionally, you might look at websites like Sittercity and Au Pair in America.

7. Get a Part Time Job

Even though it may not be the simplest or most enjoyable technique to earn additional money, this method is one of the most reliable. A fantastic way to earn more money with only a few extra hours each week is to take on a part-time job.

You may work numerous part-time occupations, such as:

  • Operating a store.
  • Serving or waiting tables.
  • Serving drinks in bars.

8. Investing in Real Estate To Get Cash

A tried-and-true way to earn a lot of money over time is by investing in real estate. You can start investing in real estate using a website like Fundrise with as little as $10. It is one of the quickest methods to double your money since they are adding the bonus of offering new investors $10 for free.

9. Transcription Job as a Hustle

Transcribers convert audio and video material into written documents. You could appreciate working from home as a transcriptionist if you can type quickly. General, legal, and medical transcription are some of the most popular specialties.

Typically, transcriptionists are paid per audio minute rather than per hour; however, this might vary depending on the firm you work for. The following are some of the top locations to look for remote transcription jobs: Daily Transcription and TranscribeMe.

10. Drive for Uber or Lyft

One additional great way to earn $100 or more per week is to work as a ride-share driver. Your quality of service and the city you drive in will determine how much money you can earn. Because tips make up a portion of your revenue, providing excellent service is crucial if you want to earn the most.

Meals and grocery delivery applications like DoorDash or Instacart let you deliver food to customers while you’re not working if you want to drive alone.

11. Clean Homes

Cleaning houses may be an excellent method to generate money and earn $100 per week or more if you don’t like doing the cleaning. If you already have the necessary tools, such as a vacuum, mop, and other cleaning equipment, you may begin cleaning houses right away. You may advertise your services on a platform like NextDoor or Facebook Marketplace to attract clients.

You may also see if anyone you know needs cleaning by asking your relatives and acquaintances. If you want to know how to start this business, click here.

12. Watch Videos for Money on Your Phone

Did you realize that viewing videos online may earn you money?

You may access the website, view videos, and make money at home if you have some additional time.

These films may range in duration or topic, but the majority of them would be advertisements, news reports, or viral videos.

Even some of the websites encourage users to play video games for money.

If you recommend friends to the website, you may also get bonuses.

You may use the following websites to make money online by viewing videos:

13. Recycle Junk to Make Money

To earn a little additional money, earlier generations used to look for cans and bottles to recycle. If you’re creative enough, you can recycle a wide range of items.

Collect recyclables like plastic water bottles and soda cans. Take them to a recycling facility after you have enough to fill a garbage bag with them.

The best course of action is to sell your recyclables in bulk, as you won’t earn much money doing this. You can avoid making a few journeys by doing this.

Request water bottles and soda cans from your relatives and friends as well! You’ll have more money to sell to your neighborhood recycling facility as a result.

14. Pet Sitting Job for Cash

If you like taking care of animals, pet sitting might be a nice side job to have. With the potential to earn more than $50 a day in some places, this side job is the ideal choice for just about everyone. Create a profile on a website like Rover to get connected with local pet owners right now. As a bonus, you may charge extra for dog walking services to increase your earnings.

Here is a list of apps and websites to assist you locate the greatest pet-sitting jobs if you think you have what it takes to be a pet sitter.

15. Earn Money by Teaching Students

If you are an expert in a field, you may earn money by teaching students in-person or online. If you like teaching and have the patience to assist others in learning, this is a terrific opportunity to earn some additional cash.

You may start by using online resources like Tutor.com or by physically tutoring students via a nearby organization. Depending on your expertise and the topic you are tutoring, you may expect to earn between $15 and $50 per hour.

There are many methods to make money with your language talents and you may accomplish it by using your linguistic expertise if you’re interested in doing so and have language skills.

Particularly you can help or assess younger people and people who speak English as a second language to make money online. The following website provides such type of opportunity.

Exercise is beneficial for so many reasons. You can live longer and reduce weight thanks to it. However, there is now still another benefit to working out: you can be paid for it. The top fitness-related applications and side hustles are listed below: The top fitness-related applications and side hustles are listed below:

16. Create and Sell an eBook

Create an eBook in particular and market it online. Selling your eBook is simple with Amazon.com since they handle everything. You may also use Word or Google Docs to write your ebooks and then convert them into PDFs. Additionally, you may participate in deal programs like the one offered by UltimateBundles and sell your books on your website. Every few months, Ultimate Bundles offers a huge selection of materials on a certain subject for a bargain price. It’s a fantastic technique to promote yourself.

17. Get Someone Else To Do the Work for You

Although it seems illogical, the majority of businesspeople earn money when they are sleeping. Employ someone else to do it, then pay them a percentage of the money while keeping the rest for yourself. The plan is to get a contract for some tasks that pay relatively well and then employ another person to complete the assignment.

You give them a lower payment and retain the difference. You won’t need to work very hard and can earn some money while you sleep if you can find enough jobs. Jobs that fit this notion of passive income will include:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Landscaping
  • House Cleaning

Recruiting new customers would be your responsibility, and all service work would be handled by your assistant or a third party. Where you earn the most money is when you sign up for recurring, monthly contracts.

18. Online Options to Earn Money

You may hire a cheap virtual assistant via Upwork or Fiverr for contracts requiring online labor, such as programming, design, or graphics for websites.

19. Amazon FBA as a Hustle

Start your own company and make money by selling products on Amazon. Selling goods on Amazon as a third party is possible using Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon).

20. Rent Out Your Spare Room

You may generate income from a spare room in your home. Rent it out to a lodger for a brief or extended period. This may reduce your mortgage expenses and be a passive source of additional income.

Even if you don’t have a room to rent out, how about renting out your whole home instead? Imagine receiving compensation to take a vacation! See how much you may earn with Airbnb.

21. Data Entry Job for Cash

The longest-running occupation is data input. Data entry is entering a transcript—either on record or in hard copy—into a computer database. Basic typing and computer skills are required, but most jobs offer training and assistance, making this a great opportunity for newcomers.

Although data entry jobs don’t often pay much, the labor is usually simple and basic. Axion Data Services, Conduent, and Capital Typing are a few businesses that employ data input employees who can work from home computers.

22. Peer to Peer Lending Hustle

By eliminating traditional financial middlemen like banks, peer-to-peer lending is an internet platform that connects investors and borrowers directly.

By verifying applicants’ creditworthiness, setting interest rates, and managing the transfer of funds, P2P lending platforms serve as go-betweens and streamline the loan process.

Through the use of a third-party mediator, such as Lendee, a peer-to-peer loan is a transaction in which the lender and borrower loan each other money.

Lenders have the chance to get better returns on their investments thanks to peer-to-peer lending services, which match investors with borrowers in need of money. Utilize a website like GoPeer or Lending Club to get a return on your investment.

23. Become a Wiki Editor to Make Money

Wikipedia is the most visited website in the world and is a well-known platform for crowdsourced knowledge. When searching for information, Wikipedia often appears first in the search results and frequently offers helpful information on a broad range of topics.

Since Wikipedia is used as a marketing tool, writers are often hired to write for and create pages for businesses. This is done by page creators or editors who offer their services. One may double their revenue from one page by working as a creator, editor, and researcher thanks to their capacity for multitasking.

24. Become a Google Maps Guide

The “Local Guide Program” on Google Maps lets you accumulate points by submitting reviews, images, and other helpful details about nearby establishments. These points can be redeemed for various perks, including Google Drive storage, discounts on Google products, and even cash rewards.

Millions of people use Google Search and, more especially, Google Maps to find information on places to eat, shop, drink, or visit. This includes testimonials submitted by customers who have personally visited the establishment. Earning is possible through the Local Guide Program, a program that rewards users for contributing to Google Maps.

25. Become a Coach as a Hustle

When deciding on your area of specialization, there are many different sorts of coaches from which to choose. Several examples are:

  • Business Coaches
  • Blogging Coaches
  • Personal finance coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Religious coaches
  • Relationship coaches
  • Career coaches
  • Fitness coaches
  • Personal development coaches

Coaching is fantastic because it is adaptable. You may do business over the phone and provide printable worksheets, materials, and any other things you intend to use through email while working from home.

Here’s how to get started if coaching seems like something you’d want to undertake as a side business.

26. Mow Lawns for Money

Another job that many people would want to completely avoid is mowing the grass.

In general, starting your own company may be simple and profitable if you mow yards for cash. You may start off with a little investment if you already have the necessary lawn care equipment.

You may make $100 per week by mowing two medium-sized yards if you have the necessary tools and don’t mind doing the work.

27. Sell Products Online for Money

It’s not a terrible idea to invest in it and attempt to sell your works online if you have a lot of creativity, a side passion, and are particularly skilled at a certain craft.

Whatever it is, there is a spot on the internet for it, whether it be handmade soaps, handmade candles, handmade jewelry, T-shirts, shawls, various articles of apparel, mugs, or pictures.

Nowadays, you can sell your handmade goods on a variety of online marketplaces and retailers, including Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Ruby Lane, Aftcra, and Folksy.

Launching a drop-shipping business will allow you to make money without having to deal with the merchandise directly. You’ll be linked to a different company, brand, or creative person in this manner.

28. Sell T-Shirts to Make Money

A smart and humorous phrase is required for a profitable t-shirt design. When selling t-shirts, you used to require a t-shirt printer and a large order of clothing, but now you can use websites like Redbubble and Amazon to accomplish it for free.

Such websites allow you to upload your designs and sell them on their online store. You may use your artwork to adorn many different products, such as hats, mugs, and sweaters, and you get paid each time one of your designs is sold. Inventory control, customer service issues, and delivery issues are never a problem. Both systems take care of everything. It doesn’t matter whether you lack design skills or think your creations are awful. You have two options: either learn Photoshop or pay someone to design your shirts.

29. Sell Stock Photos

Since photography is a service industry as opposed to many other passive income streams, you are often paid for the time you invest in it. Going to events or photo shoots to be paid as a photographer might grow boring after a time, even if you’re earning a lot of money. Check out Creative Fabrica to obtain incredible stockphotos!

You may, however, make passive money from photography if you work as a full-time photographer or have a high-quality camera by selling your images online. For high-quality images and videos, stock photography websites like Pexels and Shutterstock and other online media firms will pay.

30. Market Services on TikTok and Instagram

Local businesses need short videos and marketing material. Make money creating it and posting it, and sell this to local restaurants and businesses.

If you use TikTok to market items or advertise companies, and you post compelling advertising videos or other material to attract consumers, you may be able to make money with it.

You may also post these items on Instagram to spread the word about and advertise a brand or item in order to make money.

You may earn money by selling these videos or other material to nearby eateries and businesses.

There are several methods to earn additional income online. As long as you have a computer, an internet connection, some spare time, and a fully functioning brain, you can earn $100 each week online. The easiest method for rapidly making money online is to start by using a few simple tactics.

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