Why You Should Buy App Installs and Reviews

Apps are an increasingly integral part of our everyday lives. We use them for everything from socializing with friends to watching videos and from playing games to internet banking. As a result, developers are working tirelessly to create new, innovative apps that will make our lives even more interconnected and convenient.

The app industry is tough and fiercely competitive. Creating an app is only the first step, there are various things developers must do if they want their app to be a success. We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should buy app installs and reviews. Check it out below.

Your App Will Rank Higher in the Charts

There are millions of different apps across the App Store and the Google Play Store. They cover a huge range of different functions and services, with apps for just about anything you could possibly imagine.

These apps are sorted into different charts to make it easier for users to browse and find what they’re looking for. For example, if a user searches for a banking app, they will be presented with a list of all relevant apps.

The vast majority of downloads are of the apps in the top positions of these lists, generally the top three spots. Apps further down are largely forgotten and will quickly become lost in an infinite ocean of content.

So, how do the app stores decide where to place apps in the charts? Reviews and downloads are the primary driving factor. Apps with lots of downloads and positive reviews will get the top spots, while those without will be placed further down.

As a brand-new app, you obviously won’t have any downloads or reviews. As a result, your app will be ranked low in the charts. Given that research suggests that an app needs 156,000 daily downloads to hit the top spot, this is a position that is incredibly difficult to escape from.

By buying installs and reviews for the launch of your app, you can give it the boost it needs to secure a good position in the charts from the get-go.

It Will Make Your App a More Attractive Option

Numerous studies have shown that reviews have a direct impact on sales. Products with lots of good reviews will encourage people to buy, while bad reviews will put them off.

This applies to apps too. If customers visit your app’s product page and find lots of good reviews, this will assure them that your app is of high quality, and that it is reliable and legitimate.

At the end of the day, an app’s success is measured by the number of downloads it gets. One of the most effective ways to ensure people are downloading and using your app is to generate lots of positive ratings and reviews.

Brand image is incredibly important. You want users to perceive your app as the best and safest option available, and the best way to do this is by ensuring your app has good reviews.


There are various reasons why you should buy app installs and reviews. Don’t hesitate, it’s one of the most effective ways to propel your app towards success.

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