What is Page Quality Rating?

Page Quality ranking rates are where the page’s value lands based on purpose and valid content shared. Evaluation of the page’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives is the ultimate goal of the Page Quality ranking. Our expectations and requirements for various types of pages vary since they can serve quite diverse objectives than different types of websites and webpages.

Intro to Page Quality Rating

Raters evaluate pages based on the level of skill, authority, and reliability of the page’s primary material and the content’s author. Google has a number of tests to match what users are searching for, and in that context, E-A-T is a ranking criteria. The E-A-T score is merely a phrase Google invented to instruct quality raters on what to search for; Google does not actually issue scores to pages.

What Makes a Page “High Quality?”

A high-quality page will have a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E‑A‑T.) A high-quality page should have a useful goal and successfully accomplish that goal. This page will have an informative and impactful title and help its reader accomplish their goal, whether in customer service, shopping, or information. 

The topic and goal of the page will determine how much content is required to fulfill those objectives. A high-quality page with lots of information will have more content than a high-quality page with a more specific focus. To write high-quality content, articles websites must possess sufficient subject-matter authority and reliability and be written by someone with a high level of expertise.

What Makes a Page “Low Quality?”

A low-quality site may have been created with the intention of being helpful but did not reach that goal. Low-quality pages struggle to fulfill their objectives because they are deficient in an essential component, such as having an insufficient amount of quality information, or because the author lacks the necessary knowledge or skill.

If something is produced with little time, effort, knowledge, or talent/skill, it will be considered low quality. Pages with poorly written content do poorly in achieving their goals.

Also, pay attention to the page’s title. The content should be indicated in the page’s title. Users may be persuaded to click on pages in search results by exaggerated or startling titles. This is also referred to as “Click Bait.” Clickbait pages are also considered to be low quality. 

Pages with many large or distracted ads will also be ranked as low quality, as well as pages with pop-up ads.


E-A-T is one factor Google uses when determining page quality. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google uses real people as quality raters to rank the effectiveness of your page based on these three terms. 

Search quality raters look at who created the Main Content (MC) of a page to assess competence. Is the author a subject matter authority? Do they possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and credentials?

Your total standing in your field is referred to as your level of authority. Particularly among authorities and thought leaders in your industry. The website, the MC, and the creator of the MC’s authority are all to be evaluated by Google quality raters.

To determine trustworthiness, raters look for credibility. Quality raters also consider the MC’s author, the MC itself, and the website. Clarify who wrote your information, check it for factual correctness, credit reliable sources, and don’t bury it in a sea of adverts.


Your Money Your Life is a phrase used by Google to describe websites that it believes may have an effect on “people’ future happiness, health, financial security, or safety.” A higher “Page Quality” criterion is applied to websites that fit within this YMYL category, including e-commerce sites, medical websites, news websites, and many more.

Our Top 3 Tools to Rank Your Webpage

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

With this free tool, you are able to see your page’s number of organic keywords, your monthly traffic, domain authority, and backlinks. When you upgrade to the paid version, you are able to access more tools, such as historical keyword ranking data.

Seo Tester Online

This website allows you to see your page’s SEO score, as well as how it ranks on content and page optimization. Each category will give your page a score out of 100 and show you how to optimize it to improve that score

Moz Page Grader

Use Moz to generate an on-page grade report, just provide a URL and a keyword. They will then offer suggestions for improving the page’s performance and setting priorities for problems. Moz will generate a list of things helping and hurting your page performance and give you a page score and the number of keywords found. 


One of the most challenging components of SEO is producing high-quality content, yet it has been repeatedly shown that producing the best content you can is the greatest method to draw in the most targeted audience. But, with knowledge of E-A-T, YMYL, and the use of our suggested tools, you should be able to get Google to rank your page as high quality. Good luck!

What is Page Quality Rating? was last updated April 11th, 2023 by Kelly Maryland