Why Is It Essential to Perform Mobile App Testing?

Have this question ever occurred to your mind – why is it essential to go for mobile app testing? or what is the significance of mobile app testing?

Mobile app testing can get overwhelming when you consider the various operating systems versions, dozens of screen resolutions, all sorts of connection types, etc., that you will need to test. But one cannot wish for a successful mobile app release without it. Mobile app testing ensures that your app release is of phenomenal quality.

Let’s not beat around the bush and come straight to the point: what are mobile app testing and its importance?

What is Mobile App Testing?

Mobile app testing is the methodology of running tests against a mobile app to ensure that its usability and functionality meet the needs and requirements of its purpose before its final release.

It includes various testing types like security, performance, usability, and functional load and mobile-specific one’s certificate, installation, interruption, location, memory leakage, and many more.

Here are some basic things to raise curtains with before coming on to mobile app testing:

  • It ensures that you have enough test coverage. If you do not contemplate it, there are effective ways to improve it.
  • Choose your method of testing: mobile apps can be tested using the best mobile app testing tools, either on emulators or on real devices. The real device testing cloud allows you to test concurrently, use thousands of devices remotely, and record the results accurately.
  • You might be the old player in app testing, but still, there are broad areas of improvement. Planning a test, going for mobile app automation testing, and continuous testing are the general things that you can use to make the testing process flawless.

Why Is It Important to Go for Mobile App Testing?

Mobile app testing is rapidly increasing in today’s digital world. The most general errors found in hybrid and native mobile applications are deficient/lacking in performance, loading problems, responding to solutions, unresponsive elements, etc. These errors can be rectified with mobile app testing tools to be used before the final launch.

In this technology-oriented world, everybody uses a mobile-friendly website or a mobile app for business. And many new businesses are turning up daily with various apps hiding their internet spaces.

Some of the influential factors that verify the importance of mobile app testing are:

  • Use of native apps for messaging and calling, such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Quick Ride Ola, Uber, messenger, telegram, and others.
  • Your main objective should be to offer your customer the best possible experience while running a business.
  • Testing mobile apps is a sovereign stage in the process of mobile app development. Thus, all app issues and errors can be easily rectified via mobile app testing.
  • Outstanding mobile app testing guarantees easy app launching without any problems.

Other Factors That Highlight the Importance of Mobile App Testing

  • Flawless user experience: The application should perform well, work smoothly, and be easy to use on their devices. If the application doesn’t meet the needs of its customers, they will rarely use the app or delete and uninstall it.
  • Pass mobile application store reviews: The Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and other mobile app stores review the submitted apps before launching them. They check the apps’ privacy policy, code, data management process, requested permissions, and more. Testing your mobile application before the final go will help you solve prime issues and pass the review test.
  • Prevents data from getting hacked: Some apps are required to gather users’ personal information, such as medical, financial, or other sensitive data. The organization owning an app has to guarantee that all the sensitive data and information related to user personnel should be well protected. A theft or leak of sensitive data can cause massive financial and reputational losses.

Nowadays, mobile apps are not only mobile applications. In the technological era of embracing change, we have evolved and got hybrid and progressive apps as well. With so many advancements, app testing has become a non-negotiable task.

Factors Contributing to Developing a Five-Star Mobile App?

The mobile app release costing error can be dangerous. Lags and bugs activate a hurricane of negative feedback leading to bad reviews and low ratings on the App Store or Google Play Store. It is a no-brainer that one-star-rated mobile applications rarely attract new users. But if you take up testing seriously, you can fly and achieve great ratings and a seamless customer experience.

Let’s look into some of the factors that trigger and influence people in getting high ratings and reviews of applications and what benefits of mobile app testing lead your app to rank high.


If a mobile app performance breaks down to meet the expectation of users, it’s unlikely that people will provide it with another opportunity. Performance is the primary stone of app quality, and you should give your best effort into the testing process before launching an app.

A mobile app will need a particular implementation to hit the top of the mobile app store list. And if your mobile app passes the test convincingly, no one can stop your app from gaining five stars indeed.


One should ask a user why they go for a specific app. Is that their favorite one? The answer most times is – they are easy to use. Since mobile applications do not come with a user manual, an excellent mobile app is all about providing a new user experience with minimal effort.

Intuitiveness is valued by most users and is something challenging to achieve when developing and designing an application. Always ensure that you test the experience of users using the application throughout the stage of the development life cycle.

Easy Feedback

An app that works seamlessly is an example of a perfect and thoroughly tested mobile app. But even the mightiest of quality assurance can only go through some testing cases. Sometimes users are the ones who find errors by themselves, and you need to provide them with a specific medium to communicate these bugs directly instead of jotting them down on your page. As a result, it helps build trust between your potential customers and your business.


In a nutshell, mobile app testing is as necessary as doing the checks of the airplane before its considered to be used for commercial flying. A professional mobile application development organization should concentrate on the quality and functionality of the product and look ahead to enhance the apps’ quality by offering new quality improvements. To stand out in the marketplace, it is vital to create a high-quality and user-friendly app. And Mobile app testing is key to turning a good idea into a great experience. And if you complete your task with proper planning in the app development process, you can design a five-star rating application that will become an instant success.

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