Are VoIPs More Secure than Traditional Phone Systems?

Phones can be both equally secure and equally vulnerable, especially if you own a business. The fear that our phone calls are being monitored or the data that we are sending to people can be hacked, can be very worrying as a business owner.

In order to overcome this, most people are looking at a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which allows you to make phone calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a normal phone.

It converts your voice to a digital signal that goes over the internet, and it allows you to make calls from your personal computer or even a traditional phone that is connected to the internet. But are they more secure than normal phone systems? Well, this article is going to answer that question!

How Secure Is VoIP?

This is a very interesting tool that you can use, for fast, cost-effective, and yes secure to help make sure you can talk to anyone you want. Now, you do need to do some things to keep yourself safe, because VoIP is something that is done over the internet and that can be hacked. You are transferring data over the internet and that can be risky, so you need to make sure to take the steps to keep your call safe.

These include encryption, multi-factor authentication, and using VPNs to keep your calls secure so people won’t get into your data. VoIPs aren’t as secure on their own, so you need to supplement them with common sense and protection. But even with all this security, how secure are they when compared to traditional phones?

VoIP vs Traditional Phones

VoIPs are very secure on internal systems for a business. If you are using VoIP for a business and have a small business phone system like OpenPhone, then you will find that your OpenPhone guide will tell you that your internal calls to others in your same system are secure. If you have calls coming from outside your system, then you need to upgrade your security because that is when VoIP is vulnerable.

But the main benefit of VoIP is that it overcomes the problems of traditional phones.

For example, traditional phones can be wiretapped by both third party users and even the government.

VoIP can’t be wiretapped and their calls can’t be intercepted as easily, especially if your business is keeping security in mind. Text Messaging For Businesses makes it easy to message your customers, whilst keeping your own mobile number private. 

Make Sure To Find A Good Provider

Internet based hacking and other dangers to your VoIP service can be mitigated by finding the best provider as well. Many providers have incorporated security features such as encryption and extra security, so you need to look for the providers that will give you these features and will also give you high voice quality as well.

One of the things that you might find with smaller providers is that they might have a lot of encryption, but that encryption can impact and negatively interfere with your call quality. Make sure to find providers that will share both high voice quality and dedicated encryption as well.

Keep Security In Mind No Matter What

Even though VoIP is much more secure than a traditional phone system, you still need to make sure that you are finding a provider that will keep your security in mind. A great provider with security at the forefront is going to make sure that all the calls that you do in your small business are going to be 100% secure.

With no problems with your calls, you can make more of them, and what are more calls going to do for your business?

Are VoIPs More Secure than Traditional Phone Systems? was last updated April 25th, 2023 by Claire Ward