Top Investments for the Office Worker

Numerous CEOs, journalists, and bloggers have claimed that the office has never been more vital or is completely extinct following a significant work-from-home trial. These contradicting messages might perplex firms trying to resume pre-Covid commercial activities while keeping their personnel secure. Over the past several weeks, we have been talking to businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors from all points along the real estate value chain to establish how and how long the next phase of the contemporary office may take.

Many employees, particularly those with modest incomes, cannot work entirely from home. However, businesses like Twitter may permanently implement rules allowing employees to work from home. Others, like Apple, could demand that workers start showing up in person at their offices again. Additionally, some companies may use hybrid tactics, in which staff members alternate between working remotely and in-person with coworkers.

Badges for less Physical Contact

Even when lockdowns are over, we’ll be dealing with the effects of coronavirus for a very long time. Touchless offices and clever social distancing will become commonplace. This, in our opinion, will influence everything from touchless technology to workplace design. Additionally, applications and technology will be available to manage workers in faraway places or minimize office occupants. Intelligent badges will even warn us over the Internet if we approach coworkers too closely.

Office Headsets

The office headset has developed into more than just a requirement and also more than just a cool technological gadget. Headsets have become essential for those who use a radio, a cell phone, or even a standard phone at work. Worldwide, enterprises have realized the value of headsets in ensuring productivity and mobility in the workplace. Because of this, more companies are searching for wireless headsets of the highest caliber. As this is essential to invest in, we recommend carefully selecting your options; see this review for a Plantronics office Headphone

Cloud Computing

Without the direct and active administration of the user, on-demand access to digital resources is made available via cloud computing. Your data is not kept on a server on your property; instead, it is retained on a server someplace else. Internet connectivity, security, dependability, and network access advancements have increased this availability and appeal. Cloud technology guarantees that your data are always available and that access is constantly active, facilitating a shift to more mobile, flexible, and hybrid working styles. Many of Xerox’s top software solutions are entirely, or at least optionally, cloud-based, and our machines are cloud-ready right out of the box.

EnGenius Durafon

A long-range cordless phone from EnGenius Durafon increases mobility at work. Imagine broadcasting from phone to handset in a warehouse up to 250,000 square feet or on a school campus with the most extended range of capabilities. Consider the potential for higher earnings and productivity if store managers and employees accept calls while managing store inventories. Products made using EnGenius Durafon make these ideas a reality. The DuraFon is a dependable and reasonably priced option for your communication needs, thanks to its robustness, usability, and extended range capabilities.


Our teams may be provided with more customized and targeted devices and services as we share fewer gadgets with our coworkers. An as a service approach can frequently make it easier to handle such personalized technologies. Cloud technologies and subscription-style contracts that simplify switching and modifying office equipment will have a big influence on lowering upfront hardware expenses. To encourage more BYOD working, some offices would even relocate. Businesses can increase efficiency by, for instance, allowing staff to use their own smartphones, but there are drawbacks as well. BYOD may cause shadow IT problems, or those that are not supported by IT departments, as well as privacy and security difficulties.


Cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to continue to grow, supporting mobile, hybrid, and flexible teamwork. While this is going on, the tools we use to accomplish it will advance, reducing the noise and fostering a revitalized feeling of health alongside the desire for effectiveness, security, and productivity. As we, hopefully, start to move through the worst of the lockdowns, we also anticipate that environmental concerns will rise back up the list of priorities.

Top Investments for the Office Worker was last updated November 22nd, 2022 by Robert Fichter