10 Awesome Ways to Use Voice-Activated Technology in the Workplace

The use of voice-activated technology in the workplace is steadily growing. And that is because this kind of technology offers a plethora of resources and support that, previously, were not there. It helps workers manage customers without a problem not to mention playing a huge role in increasing productivity.

The following are ways to use voice-activated technology in the workplace:

1. To Improve Customer Service Phone Support

Voice-activated technology enables the telecom industry to tackle simple problems. He also states that this technology provides more natural customer service help through the telephone. As far as IVR (International Voice Recognition) is concerned, voice-activated technology is by far the best thing the telecom industry has ever come up with.

2. To Augment Internal Workplace Education

Voice-activated technology not only comes in handy in improving the relationship between the company and customers but also can be used to connect employees to on-demand internal resources. This allows developers to access comprehensive documentation. It also helps other people get their questions about workplace policies answered.

3. Can be Integrated with Business Apps

There are plenty of reasons businesses should consider using voice-activated technology like Amazon’s Alexa. One of these is that this technology helps employees work more efficiently. It helps them schedule meetings, set important reminders, and keep track of to-do lists, among others.

4. To Improve Search Engine Efficiency

Scientists can use voice messages to text to speak complex search terms into the product search engine. This software ensures faster results, plus makes searching more efficient. When dealing with complex product names, speaking the search terms becomes more accurate compared to typing them.

5. To Improve the Effectiveness of Meetings

Nationwide or global organizations are frustrated going through shared meeting spaces. Voice-activation software can provide a solution to this issue. Well, this is through massively enhancing scheduling as well as utilizing meeting rooms.

This technology can also free up employees, thereby, allowing them to focus on more pressing issues. Voice-activated assistants can be relied on to manage virtually everything. This ranges from conference call setups to room booking and availability.

6. To Boost Productivity

Voice-activated technology can be integrated with automation to keep productivity up. This technology achieves that by using voice commands to automate everyday tasks. It helps employees find information and enables them to come up with a resolution faster.

7. Easier Access to Big Data

Voice-activated technology can be used to access enterprise data. All you need to do is pose a question in basic spoken language and the software will get you the answer. You can ask a question like “What are German unit sales trends” and receive back the charts and data immediately.

8. Comes in Handy in Voice Coding Language

You can code anywhere without having to use a keyboard. Everyone knows that coding can be hard on the wrists and hands. It can even lead to carpal tunnel, especially when doing it on a standard keyboard. Well, this is where voice messages to text come into play.

9. To Reduce Costs in the Health Care Sector

Voice-activated technology boasts exciting potential. This technology simply shows how rapidly machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) have been advancing. This technology, if used correctly, can help health care save on costs. But why health care? Well, this is a sector where documentation and admin costs have been rapidly increasing.

10. To Increase the Effectiveness of Financial Services

Voice-activated technology can handle the majority of purchasing and banking functions. This eventually minimizes the friction for the consumer. Insurers, payment networks, and banks act as conduits for employees and consumers who adopt voice-activated technology.

Voice-activated technology can also be used to make IT operations smarter and faster. In information technology, artificial intelligence and natural language processing are already being used to power virtual network assistants. This, in turn, allows employees to effortlessly ask such questions as “why Bob’s smartphone is having issues” without having to manually look into the data in many different locations. Combining voice-activation software with this technology is the next big thing. That is because it makes IT operations faster and smarter, thereby, ensuring the best possible UX.

10 Awesome Ways to Use Voice-Activated Technology in the Workplace was last updated November 23rd, 2022 by Sarah Mejia