The 5 Best Instagram Growth Services For Organic Followers

If you take a look at any growing business in 2022, chances are high that they have an Instagram account. So, it’s easy to think that every business needs to be on Instagram. As long as your ideal customers are on Instagram, that’s true, but that certainly isn’t the whole story. More importantly, you need an Instagram account with plenty of real, organic followers who are excited to learn about your business and eventually convert into customers.

That’s where Instagram becomes important and useful. If you have an Instagram account with three followers, that’s not going to help you grow your business. But, growing a strong Instagram following can be very time-consuming, and you probably don’t have hours and hours to devote to building your following each week.

It’s time to consider using an Instagram growth service. If you’re hesitant, think of a different Instagram task you would automate, like posting or analytics. A good Instagram growth service works similarly: it automates your growth for you. Now, you want to be careful and pick a good, quality growth service that’s reputable. And you want to be careful of just buying a certain number of followers – that’s how you can end up with bots and fake Instagram followers, which defeats the purpose of growing your following. But, let’s take a look at some of the quality growth services you should research.

An Instagram email extractor is an effective research and prospecting tool. It finds email addresses from Instagram profiles. You type in a username. The tool searches the profile. Then it shows you the email address if available. This is useful for businesses. They can contact Instagram users for marketing. It saves time and effort.

5 Best Instagram Growth Services


Kicksta is an Instagram growth service powered by AI technology. Thousands of Instagrammers use Kicksta to help grow their Instagram following so they can focus on creating quality content that people will want to see and engage with regularly. When you create an account with Kicksta, you give them a few target accounts whose followers are similar to your ideal followers. Then, their technology will go and like a few photos from each of those followers. This acts as a tap on the shoulder so the users know that your account exist. But, they’ll need to make their own decision to actually follow you.

The AI will find other, similar ideal followers, and you can look in your dashboard to see which targets are performing better than others. Additionally, Kicksta only uses likes to get the attention of your potential followers. They never follow/unfollow or leave automated comments that many users view as spam. Because the ideal followers have to come and like your account themselves, you can be confident that they’re excited to see and engage with your content.


Combin is an Instagram growth platform that offers audience targeting, management and engagement. While their content isn’t entirely clear, it seems that their go-to tactic is the follow/unfollow technique. Their platform will automatically follow potential followers in the hopes that they’ll follow you back. Then, it’ll detect who isn’t following you back, and you can choose to unfollow them in batches.

Combin provides other, non-growth-focused features, like an advanced Instagram search and audience management. You can also view Instagram Stories of your potential followers in a big group, saving you time and showing them that you’re interested in their content. Combin also has another half to their software that’s focused on post scheduling and auto-posting.

Social Buddy

Another Instagram growth platform is Social Buddy. This platform uses advanced targeting to help real people find your account. Social Buddy uses your competitors and hashtags to find ideal audience members to target on your behalf. Like others, Social Buddy uses the follow/unfollow method to help their customers gain new followers.

Social Buddy also gives you an account manager you can email for support, and they offer month-to-month packages, so there’s no longterm commitment. Their team estimates that customers grow approximately 10-50 followers per day.


Continuing our list of Instagram growth services, let’s talk about Nitreo. When you establish your account, you’ll indicate your niche, and then Nitreo pretty much takes it from there. Their platform will identify potential followers and follow/unfollow them to get them to notice and follow your account. They’ll also like comments and view Stories and profiles on your behalf.

Nitreo uses a combination of AI technolgoy and human power to create results for their customers. They also say that your account will grow around the clock so you can focus on creating great content, as is the case with most quality growth services.


Upleap is a straightforward platform that sells Instagram followers. If you want to try something cheap, this is one to start with. However, they aren’t clear on who these followers are or how they find them for you. Instead, you purchase a set number of followers, and then you get that number of followers.

Upleap is affordable, so it can be worth a shot, but be careful of relying solely on purchasing followers in this way. You want to be confident that the followers you have are interested in your content and your brand so they might one day convert into followers.

Instagram Growth Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use An Instagram Growth Service?

That’s a great question. The short answer is: it’ll save you time. Instagram is a major platform. Between feed posts and Stories and Reels and Lives and IGTV, there’s so much content to create. Searching for and engaging with ideal followers takes a long time, and an Instagram growth service can save you that time.

How Much Money Does 1K Instagram Followers Make?

It’s hard to know exactly how much 1,000 Instagram followers are worth in terms of money for your business. For influencers who have hit 100,000 followers, they’ll be paid roughly $10 for each 1,000 followers. Please remember that’s an estimate and not a guarantee. For brands and businesses, it depends on what exactly you’re selling. If you launch an online program once a year that costs $1,000, you might make a different amount of money from 1,000 followers than someone who has a sticker shop constantly open where the stickers cost $1 each.

How Can I Tell Which Growth Services Aren’t Sketchy?

Do your research and trust your gut. Check to see how they find and attract your new followers. See if you can call, email or chat with them, and ask them questions if something seems off to you. And, you can always check online for reviews. However, it’s important to remember that most people who leave reviews are either really happy or really upset with a program, not in the middle anywhere.

Choosing An Instagram Growth Service

So now you know some good Instagram growth services, and your research can begin. Don’t just purchase the first or second service you see on Google. Instead, take some time and search well. Read reviews. Compare features. Make sure that you’re confident in your decision, and then it’s time to make the leap. When you invest in an Instagram growth service, you’re going to get so much time back and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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