How to Choose Backend Development Services for Great Results in 2023

We use tech and apps without noticing or diving into how they all function. A high-quality backend is a hero here we do not see. And, as a business doer or project implementation leader, you must contribute to backend development if you want your idea to materialize, work, and bring you positive outcomes in a combo with better opportunities.

No one says you must be a professional certified all-know techie to attain that. Remember that backend development assistance exists. Our instruction explains how to hire helpers to make your backend project greater than your competitors can imagine.

1. Analyze a Company’s General Information

Do not rush reading promises about scalability, cutting-edge, and security innovations. First and foremost, you focus on registration information and documents. Of course, your choice might become more apparent if the pinpointed company is a Microsoft partner. Moreover, there must be a business accreditation trust seal. As a rule, companies put that information near contacts and social media links at the bottom.

2. Check the Expertise Level

Even if the chosen company is relatively small, there must be evidence of its vast expertise. If they have no relevant experience, some aspects of work will become a lottery for you. The way to check that is to read clients’ feedback or ask for a portfolio with projects similar to what you have envisioned. Furthermore, large companies usually assist with:

Backend customization

The systems they create are unique, non-repeatable yet connectable, and operable. So, the development process is not only about filling space with code but also about cooperation with other systems and being friends with them.

Performance improvement

The company you hire should be capable of analyzing a current system and finding bottlenecks to make it work faster without compromising quality or security.

Mobile backend design and development

Creating a mobile version of an app or a website is not enough if you want it to be widespread and used by millions. The thing is that users’ requests should be processed on the server-side as well, which requires backend development too.

Microservices integration

Nowadays, it is crucial to use containers for apps since they make an app’s architecture more flexible. i.e., you can develop and deploy new features faster without affecting the entire system.

Cloud backend assistance

Cloud-based solutions are trendy since they make an app scalable and ensure stability. Besides, with a cloud backend, you do not need to limit yourself to one particular device or OS since the app will be available on any platform.

API and WebSocket integration

Application Programming Interface makes it possible to connect an app with other software. That might be either a third-party service or your company’s product. The same goes for WebSockets since they establish a two-way connection between a client and server.

3. Check What They Cover

Backend is a very general concept. Many backend development directions exist. A professional company works with:

Back- for frontend

When you need to develop an app or a website, the company you hire should also offer backend development for the frontend. That is how they ensure the system can handle many requests and process them quickly.

IaaS and PaaS

These are two types of services that help deploy and manage apps in the cloud. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a service that provides users with infrastructure, while PaaS (Platform as a Service) is responsible for the app’s deployment and management.


No matter what app you want to develop, it will need some database to store data. The most common databases are MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.


This technology might not be the #1 choice, but it is slowly gaining popularity. Blockchain can be used to develop fintech solutions, create a loyalty program, or store data securely.


The Internet of Things is a system that connects various devices and allows them to communicate.

4. Consider the Working Process

You need to look for transparency when checking how the company you want to hire works. A good sign is that they do not have a black box policy and are always ready to share information about what they do and how they do it. Here are some more working process peculiarities to pay attention to:

The Use of Agile Methodology

A project’s success depends on how flexible its implementation is. That is why it is vital to ensure that the company you hire uses Agile methodology since it allows responding to changes quickly.

Communication Channels

It is always practical to have a stable opportunity to contact the team working on your project at any time. The most common communication channels are email, phone calls, and video conferencing.

Project Management System

When it comes to project management, various companies prefer different systems. Some of them use Jira, and others (like Asana or Trello). The most important thing is that a company has some system to manage the project effectively.

5. See If They Conduct Audits and Code Reviews

The company you want to hire for backend development must conduct regular audits and code reviews. That is how they ensure that the code meets the quality standards and there are no errors. Besides, during an audit, specialists check the system’s security and whether it can withstand hacker attacks.

6. Check If They Offer Maintenance and Support

When the project is done, it does not mean the company’s work is finished. They MUST offer full maintenance and support services to keep the system running and fix errors if any occur. These activities are essential since they ensure the app’s stability, and users can use it without any issues.

7. Determine Your Budget

The cost of backend development services depends on many factors. The most significant ones are the company’s location, the number of developers you need to hire, their skills, and experience. Besides, the project’s complexity and the technologies used also affect the price.

Generally, the average cost of backend development services is $50-$100 per hour. If you want to hire a company in the US, be ready to pay $150-$200 per hour. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a team in Eastern Europe, their hourly rate will be $30-$50.

Final Words

May your project be 110% successful! As you can see, backend development is a complex process requiring deep technical knowledge and good project management skills. That is why it is essential to find a professional company that has experience in this field and will be able to deliver great results.

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