How to Broaden Your Digital Skills in 2022

Possessing a suite of digital skills will be important for individuals in the job market in the future. The broader this skillset, the more attractive you’ll be as a potential employee. This article is about how you can start working on that breadth, which will also introduce you to different areas of knowledge that you might wish to deepen over time. Read on to learn four of the most important digital skills to learn more about in 2022 that’ll serve your career in the future.


It might have been a small niche a handful of years ago, but the world of cybersecurity is quickly becoming one of the key pillars of a safe and secure online world. As more and more businesses move online, the potential targets for hackers and cybercriminals are multiplying – and many firms aren’t taking the necessary steps to properly protect their digital backend. If you’re interested in playing a part in the protection of businesses from cyber threats, you can learn about this topic by taking a comptia security course, or by reading up on current and developing cyber threats online.


Analysts predict that more and more jobs will require some literacy in the languages of coding in the coming years. Whether you’re a digital designer who will need to interact with the backend of a website or a data analyst who may need to code an algorithm to better understand data, many jobs now require a little touch of programming. Having at least the basics of this field under your belt will make you a more valuable employee. It’ll also expose you to exciting opportunities to operate between your specialization and the developing, valuable digital world.

Data Analysis

We mentioned it briefly above, but data analysis is looking more and more like a key differentiator for many workers in our shared digital future. We already know that data is hugely powerful. It can help us derive new insights about health and medicine, or work towards perfecting the performance of athletes in the Olympics. It can also help businesses steal an edge on competitors by making them more efficient. As a worker, building skills in data analysis – even if you don’t move from programs such as Excel – can help you offer more in your future career, wherever that may take you.


This one is especially important for those who are interested in setting up a business on their own in the future. Every business needs a website in the modern era, and those websites that are attractive, intuitive and user-friendly tend to perform better than those that are poorly designed. Now, it’s true that you can hire someone to make a website for you. But as your business develops, you’ll constantly be tweaking your website to make it better or to reflect your latest business offerings. As such, being able to code a website, or at least use templates to make one, is a key digital skill for the future.

There you have it: a key list of four digital skills that you should consider broadening in the coming months.

How to Broaden Your Digital Skills in 2022 was last updated August 22nd, 2022 by Philip Newton