The Benefits of Using Video on Your Website

If you aren’t using video on your website, now is the time to start. Video content dominates the web from Google searches to social media engagement. Modern customers expect video experiences on your blog or eCommerce site too.

In years past, it was enough to include links to your Instagram or create a simple landing page video to keep your traffic engaged. But modern websites need to expand their video presence to product pages, reviews, articles, and more to meet visitors’ expectations.

You may not feel that feeding the masses’ constant demand for new content will benefit your website—that’s what social media and Netflix are for, right? But using video on your website has a lot more benefits than just engagement.

Here’s why using video on your website is a critical part of competing for traffic and sales online. 

Provide More Value

We live in a video-centric world. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok are taking over thanks to their seamless video experiences.

This new reality has changed consumers’ shopping expectations. These days, a photo of a product isn’t enough to convert. Consumers expect demos, how-tos, and explainer videos to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a product before buying.

A better look at your product increases buyer confidence, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

That may be why 3 of 4 US consumers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer or product demo about it.

Hone Your Brand’s Identity

Video provides a much richer sensory experience than text or images. Even a short, 1-minute video can say more about your brand’s persona than a blog full of articles.

Take a look at how the brand Hermes uses a landing page video not only to show off a product but to demonstrate the brand’s “vibe.” The artistic images and quick transitions are engaging, and the music is catchy and chill. Visitors gain an instant and intimate look at the brand’s identity without having to read a word of text.

The most successful brands use music and effects like slow motion and overlays for edits to evoke a very specific emotional response with their videos. 

Improve Trust

Video content shows consumers that your website is established and trustworthy. In fact, about 60% of consumers trust brands that use video more than those that don’t. This is because viewers are more likely to empathize with video than with still images.

Video also makes your brand much easier to remember. Viewers retain about 85% more information from a video than from text, and they are able to recall it a month after viewing. When your brand is more memorable, it comes off as more legitimate.

Increase Conversions

Video is a massive conversion booster. Research has found that simply adding a landing page video to your website can boost conversions by up to 130%. But landing page videos aren’t the only pieces of the puzzle.

Over half of consumers will seek out video content before making a purchase. if those videos are not on your site, your traffic will probably go to YouTube or Google to view third-party content…much of which is created by affiliates pushing a competing product.

If you put relevant video content on your website, such as tutorials, explainers, reviews/testimonials, and links to your social pages, then fewer customers will leave your ecosystem and end up falling out of your sales funnel. 

Boost SEO

Google loves video content, so adding video to your website can greatly improve your chances of ranking. Simply adding video to your website will give you a rankings boost. But that may not last for long if your content isn’t very good so it is better that you plan and make a video just according to the motto of your business by using a video maker online.

Create engaging content to draw more traffic to your site and keep visitors on-page for longer. More on-page time and a lower bounce rate will further boost your SEO prowess.

Website Video is Here to Stay—But is Your Business?

About 80% of internet traffic is video content, and there’s no question as to why. Video builds trust and empathy, provides a more valuable look at products and services, and has universal appeal. Incorporate more video content into your website now to meet the evolving needs of online consumers.

The Benefits of Using Video on Your Website was last updated September 17th, 2022 by Christian Fischer