Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Business

The cost of digital signs is lower than it has ever been before, and a lot of the Smartphone’s technology and big-screen TV technology has been utilized to create some really impressive systems. We are living in an age where digital signage software is super easy to install and use, and where you have a choice of local/online operation, not to mention a wide variety of operating systems to choose from.

There has never been a better time to dip your toe into the world of digital signage. But, the more specific question is, what benefits do digital signs offer your business.

Communicate With Your Entire Staff

If you have been in business long enough, you know that even if you get your staff to sign off on the emails you send them, they are still need reading them. If you have newsletters, and even if you have staff read them out, then people are not paying attention to them.

When you post information on digital signs, especially in communal areas like the canteen, then people look at them. They read them, especially if you are made easy to read. They watch the videos you make, they read the announcements you make, and your messages are absorbed.

Maintain Social Distancing

Since the 2020 pandemic, business owners have found plenty of ways to use digital signs to maintain social distancing. From the changing rooms that are no longer administered over by staff members, to signs outside the front doors telling people when they can enter. Even things like stating the contamination rules are good enough to hold off some insurance companies from applying more pressure.

Keep People Informed While They Wait

If your business operates with waiting rooms, then you are missing out if you do not have digital signs. Pop a sign into your waiting room, and you can give them information on your products, you can sell to them, you can tell them how long it is before their appointment, and you can even get them to visit your website/social media or download your app from their phones. You have a captive audience in your waiting room, so make the most of it with a digital sign or two.

The thing is that there are many places where customers, staff members and visitors are trapped by their own presence. Even something as simple as walking down a corridor is a fine place for a quick message (marketing or otherwise) from the company. There are even digital signs in night club toilets where upcoming events are promoted. 

Display Your Promotions

This is more commonly seen in retail businesses, but it is spreading out to everything from estate agencies to car mechanics. Having a promotion running on your digital sign is not that different to having posters of your promotions, however, you don’t have to print off your posters and you don’t have to wait weeks between changing your posters. You can run your promotions on your screens and have them flip over to the next promotion ever few minutes if you wish.

Manage Your Staff With Digital Signs

The best examples of this come from call centers. A call center is dotted with digital signs (to replace the LED light signs), and the signs show a range of KPIs that help manage a team’s behavior. For example, if call waiting times are too high, or there are too many people in the queues, then the signs show the staff and they can alter their behavior accordingly. There are also sales call centers where if a certain product is starting to run out, then it is shown on the digital signs (often called the boards), and staff are told which products to start pushing instead.

Benefits of Digital Signage in Your Business was last updated August 7th, 2022 by Boris Makienko