Top 7 Tips for Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies to Help Gain Clients

The pandemic showed us that every business, law firms included, needs to explore the digital world. Whether you’re looking to invest in lawyer SEO or social media marketing, we’ve compiled some simple tips to help you gain clients online.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many law firms sought out legal marketing experts like dNovo Group to reach out to potential clients. The restrictions and lockdowns meant that businesses had to explore digital options since traditional marketing was either too limited or completely inaccessible. If you’re looking to smash your law firm marketing goals in 2022, the tips below can help you get started.

1. Give your Website a Fresh Look and Feel

Are you fully satisfied with your law firm website? This link will appear on your advertising merchandise, legal directories and other websites, so you must ensure that it’s a proper representation of your law practice. Before you can invest in any legal marketing tactic, ensure that you have a functional website that speaks to your potential clients. Have an expert from dNovo perform a site audit and advise you on steps you can take to improve its ultimate look and feel.

2. Ensure your Site is Mobile-Optimized

Law firms that are yet to invest in a mobile-optimized website are missing out on potential users and site rankings. In fact, you may be offering the best legal services in your area but fail to gain clients online simply because users cannot properly navigate your web pages. In fact, responsive law firm websites appear higher on search engine results pages since they offer users a greater experience. Making sure that customers who access your law firm website on mobile devices find it easy and convenient to navigate will help attract more traffic.

Law firms needs the digital world to grow and thrive. Effective lawyer SEO is essential to bring in new business in the post-Covid economy.

3. User Experience is Key

All your marketing efforts will go to waste if your website has a poor user experience. Search engines like Google will favor websites that offer users a great page experience. That’s why UX design should be an integral part of your online marketing. By prioritizing user experience, you will ensure that users not only stay engaged on your website but move further down your funnel and come back for more information instead of visiting your competitor’s website. Whether it means showcasing your legal services in a clear manner or avoiding site elements that are distractive or slow down the web pages, you’ll need to do all it takes to prioritize the user experience. There are tools you can use, such as Google’s Core Web Vitals, to determine whether your website has a great user experience. Factors such as your law firm website’s speed, visual stability and mobile-friendliness will together determine its page experience.

4. Take Another Look at Your Website Content

Your law firm marketing strategy should greatly focus on the website content. Content marketing involves more than just filling up your law firm’s web pages with copy. It begins with proper keyword research, effective writing, and optimization of web articles to not only ensure the website is favoured by search engines but users alike. Keep in mind that website visitors are looking to find answers to their questions when they interact with your web content. 

5. Invest in PPC campaigns

Even though search engine optimization helps your law firm’s website to rank high gradually, PPC campaigns can give you immediate top rankings on Google and consequently more traffic. Having a balance between the two (SEO and PPC campaigns) helps to ensure a constant flow of quality traffic to your law firm’s website. Most law firms will avoid PPC campaigns like using Google Adwords as part of their digital marketing strategy simply because of the cost involved. The advantage of Pay Per Click campaigns is that you can decide on the budget and adjust based on performance. When sending traffic to your law firm website via paid search, ensure you target the right website visitors to avoid a high bounce rate.

6. Try Out Email Marketing

Another marketing strategy that you can use to gain more clients online is email automation. Email marketing is most effective when you have a specific target audience, and each email is customized to suit their needs. Avoid sending the same email to an entire list of prospects, as it will result in low open rates. Emails should be scheduled in advance and sent to a selected list of contacts. There are so many email automation tools that you can use to provide your audiences with a personalized experience. You need to understand your lead flow so that every email is automated to help move your law firm’s potential clients down the funnel.

7. Invest in High-Quality Videos

Videos are now an integral part of every digital marketing strategy, with platforms like YouTube & TikTok becoming more popular now than ever. Using videos in your law firm marketing using TikTok ads as opposed to image-based content can create more engagement, especially on social media channels. You can even post explainer videos on your law firm’s website to break down complex topics for your users. The key is to create a marketing strategy that effectively uses videos for engagement and builds your authority as a law practice. Understand the target audience for your videos so that the content is created in such a way that it has the most impact.


While there are many players in the legal industry and competition online is getting tougher, you can attract new customers by remaining true to your law firm’s core values. Take time to create a brand that is sincere and thoughtful through storytelling, and you will attract an audience that has goals similar to your own. Engage with legal marketing experts at dNovo Group to guide you on how to convey a unique message about your law firm to attract more relevant customers.  There are lots of legal marketing options you can explore and an expert can break them down for you.

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