How to Keep Using Outlook 2010 with 2FA using App Password on Google and GoDaddy

All the big tech companies and other large organizations are now emphasizing two-factor authentication (2FA). Google introduced 2FA back in 2011 and now the company is enabling 2FA by default on millions of users‘ accounts. Similarly, there are many other tech giants that are actively forcing users to opt for 2FA.

Although multi-factor authentication enhances the security, it does cause problems for users using older apps that don’t support modern authentication, such as Outlook 2010. So, if you are also using Outlook 2010, then unfortunately you will face challenges with 2FA. Mostly, you won’t receive a prompt to enter the security code. Moreover, if you contact the support of Microsoft, Google, or other platforms, they will emphasize that you upgrade your Outlook version. However, there is a much easier solution in the shape of “App Password”. So, let’s explore in detail how to use Outlook 2010 with 2FA using the app password on Google and GoDaddy. But first, let’s clear out why 2FA is becoming a necessity?

Why Tech Giants are Emphasizing on Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Cybercriminals are always busy looking for ways to get unauthorized access to systems, networks, servers, etc. They use phishing emails, social engineering, malware, and similar other tactics to trick victims to access login credentials and penetrate their systems. As per the report of Check Point Research (CPR), a 50% increase is witnessed in cyberattacks on corporate networks in 2021 compared to 2020. Moreover, it is projected that cybercrimes are expected to cost $10.5 trillion annually by 2025.

There is no stop to cybercrimes anytime soon, so tech giants are trying to mitigate such attacks with strong security policies, and one such strong security policy is 2FA. Two-factor authentication shows promising protection against using login credentials. What happens is that if attackers get access to login credentials, they won’t be able to penetrate the system due to the second defense layer that requires OTP (one-time password), biometric proof, or app-specific password to give access. This way, 2FA can significantly reduce cyberattacks that involve stealing login credentials.

App Password – The Rescuer for Old Apps that don’t support Modern Authentication

Most apps and online services are now compatible with 2FA, but their old versions fail to offer such support. For those versions of apps, the ideal solution is to use an app-specific password.

An app password is a randomly generated long password (16-digit) that provides permission to access that account. It is only used in apps/accounts where 2FA is enabled. Once you have generated the app password, you can enter it instead of entering your normal password. Moreover, an app password is usually required once and not, again and again, every time you sign in.

Use Outlook 2010 using App Password on Google and GoDaddy

Outlook started supporting modern authentication with its Outlook 2016 version. You can also enable modern authentication in Outlook 2013 by setting up registry keys for every device. However, nothing can be done to enable 2FA on Outlook 2010. So, the best way to keep using Outlook 2010 with 2FA is by using an app password. Follow the below steps to use Outlook 2010 using the app password on Google:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click on the “Security” tab and then click “App Passwords” under “Signing in to Google”.
  3. From the bottom, click “Select app” and then pick Outlook.
  4. Click “Select device” and then pick the right device.
  5. Lastly, click “Generate”.

Once done, you will get a 16-character code that you have to enter as per the provided instructions. This way, you can access Outlook 2010 using the app password from Google. You can follow similar steps to use Outlook 2010 using the app password on GoDaddy.

Wrapping Up

Two-factor authentication has become a crucial security measure in the present cyber world. But implementing 2FA also causes issues with old apps that don’t support modern authentication. However, it does not mean you must quickly opt to purchase the upgraded version of the app. Therefore, if you are struggling to access Outlook 2010 or any other old app version, then use the app password to get past the 2FA security wall.

How to Keep Using Outlook 2010 with 2FA using App Password on Google and GoDaddy was last updated June 16th, 2022 by Hamza Razzaq