What Are the Most Legitimate and Best Translation Agencies Today?

Approaching international and multilingual consumers in today’s globalized world is the bread and butter for large, worldwide companies, but also a growing number of SMEs from the United Kingdom. With developments in technology, widely accessible internet and the popularity of social media, businesses and organizations take full advantage of the relative ease with which they can approach wider audiences and explore new, overseas markets.

Nonetheless, although easier than ever before, approaching global markets and customers still requires business owners to carefully consider certain specific aspects of their internationalization, which can directly determine just how successful their expansion will actually be. One of the most important of such factors is the correct use of language.

In order to ensure that your company presents itself abroad in a professional, friendly and customer-oriented manner, it is essential that you approach your chosen market directly in its native language. To do so, a rapidly growing number of global brands, businesses and organizations decide to partner and work closely with professional language translation agencies.

Working with a specialist translation agency will help your business not only to accurately convert any marketing, legal or financial documents necessary in order to successfully approach an overseas market but in some cases can also help you in understanding cultural and socio-demographic aspects. These often also play a key part in determining how your company is perceived internationally.

Top 5 Best Translation Agencies in the United Kingdom in 2022

Choosing the best translation company for your particular needs and documents can however be a fairly complicated process. Your chosen provider must not only be an expert in languages and cultures but also have previous experience working with content or clients from your particular industry. To help you with finding the most legitimate and best translations company, we’ll take a closer look at the 5 most popular, trustworthy and specialist translation agencies in the United Kingdom in 2022, and they are:

  • RWS Holdings
  • Translation Services 24
  • TransPerfect
  • Lionbridge
  • We-Localize


RSW Holdings is today one of the largest translation companies in the world. Founded in 1958 RWS specializes in working with the world’s largest organizations, providing them with translations and other content services in more than 100 languages. According to its official website, RWS works with a large network of thousands of freelance linguists, translators and interpreters, allowing the company to offer language solutions at competitive rates.

Translation Services 24

Founded in 2011 in London, Translation Services 24 is one of the best specialist translation agencies in the United Kingdom. With an extensive network of over 8,000 translators and language professionals, Translation Services 24 (TS24) provides expert linguistic solutions – such as translations, interpreting, localization and transcreations available in over 200 different languages. This agency works with some of the most recognizable and trustworthy global brands and organizations, but also individual clients. Additionally, and this is perhaps what speaks volumes about TS24’s credibility the most, is the fact that the company holds a number of industry awards, including the ‘In-London’ SME Award and an ATC certification. According to their official website, we can learn that Translation Services 24 works with brands such as DLA Piper, Nike, Oracle and Deloitte, which truly shows their expertise within the language translation industry.


Based in New York City, TransPerfect offers its services to the US as well as UK customers. Founded in 1992, the agency specializes in media & digital translations. With a strong emphasis on film, entertainment and gaming sectors, TransPerfect holds a number of industry awards, such as Communications Campaign of the Year or Silicon Review: Fastest Growing Company. According to their official sources, TransPerfect “enables clients to reach new markets globally by connecting with their audiences and providing the best possible customer experience”, interesting!


Lionbridge Technologies is a translation agency based in the US and operating across 26 countries, including the United Kingdom. Founded over 25 years ago, Lionbridge specializes in a wide range of translation services with a very strong emphasis on multilingual content creation and software localization. Their clients include the world’s biggest brands, including Microsoft and BMW.


The last company on our list, We-Localize was founded in 1997 with the goal of providing expert translations to clients across a number of different corporate industries. Their Artificial Intelligence-based language solutions help companies in their digital transformation and allow them to reach new international markets successfully. This agency has a strong focus on the app & AI translations. If you want to learn more about some of the best translation apps for your business, you can check out one of our previous articles here.

Choosing a Translation Agency – What to Look Out For?

Despite now knowing the 5 best and most popular translation agencies in the United Kingdom, you still may not be fully certain what to look out for and which company will in fact be the right choice for your particular needs, and that’s understandable.

Larger translation agencies, such as Lionbridge or TransPerfect are a great choice for AI-based solutions. As they specialize in digital content creation, partnering with such a company may be the best choice if your company or organization requires a complex solution with an emphasis on AI. These, unfortunately, tend to be on the slightly expensive side and so may be better suited for large, international corporations.

On the other hand, agencies such as Translation Services 24 are able to provide professional language solutions across practically all corporate industries, documents or languages. Companies such as TS24 generally have a large network of translators and interpreters, allowing them to offer their services at reasonable prices, not only to business clients but also to individual customers.

Best External Online Resources for Finding a Translation Agency

The number of professional human translation service suppliers grows continuously, and so does the number of independent databases and websites which offer third-party reviews. Today, finding the best agency for your particular language requirements can be done fairly quickly online. Whether you’d like to explore more information about some of the providers we have described above, or perhaps you wish to find another specialist agency, fantastic independent resources are available.

One of the most popular websites, which allows you to search, compare and contact translation agencies is Clutch. This website lists all of the most popular and reliable providers in the United Kingdom and shows independent client reviews. Additionally, as the reviews are linked to the clients’ professional profiles, such as LinkedIn, you can rest assured that the testimonials are truthful and based on actual experience with the agency.

Other websites, such as the ATC UK (Association of Translation Companies) database, proz.com or GoodFirms also list several professional translation companies. In addition, Proz.com is also a directory for professional freelance linguists and you can search them based on a number of filters, such as their skills, availability experience or languages covered. This may be extremely helpful if you decide to work with freelance linguists, rather than a specialist agency.

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