What All You Can Buy With Cryptocurrency

When Bitcoin was born in 2009, the main purpose of this currency was to purchase everything from pins to planes. However, due to its rapid growth and popularity, many criminal heads turned their heads over it.

In the mainstream market, multiple vendors and retailers have now started to take payment in exchange for Bitcoins as they have understood the true potential of digital currency. Bitcoin Revolution helps you to understand the crypto game better.

In today’s scenario, many people are still unaware that they can buy stuff using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The Crypto market is booming, and so is its consumer base. It’s high time that we understand the true potential of cryptocurrency.

How Can You Make a Purchase Using Bitcoins?

So, the very first question that pops into our heads is how we can carry out transactions using cryptocurrency. So, here the answer is that we can use a crypto debit card. This is one of the easiest and the most reliable ways to carry out digital currency transactions.

So, to use such debit cards for purchasing stuff, you have to get these cards preloaded with cryptocurrency. Any currency of your choice can be loaded and used to carry out transactions. The retailer will receive the fiat money as payments.

These transactions are carried out smoothly and safely as the crypto debit card partners with the industry’s big names like MasterCard or visa. Thus, you can now carry out digital transactions easily without any hassle.

What All Can You Buy Using Bitcoins?

The most crucial part is what we can purchase using cryptocurrency. Carrying out transactions using bitcoin is a very new concept. Therefore, it is rare to find out retailers and sellers who would very easily agree to accept payments in bitcoin or any other type of crypto. However, many e-commerce websites have now started to accept payments in bitcoins. So, let’s dive into details regarding what we can purchase using crypto.


Multiple luxury car dealers have been accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrency. This list only involves the big names in the markets which deal with luxury cars. Lamborgini is one such brand and has been in the game for a long time. Tesla, which deals in electric cars, has recently become a part of this exclusive gang and now accepts payments using bitcoins or any other form of crypto.


Companies that primarily deal with technology have been accepting payments in a cryptocurrency over their websites. Some of these names are Microsoft, Newegg, and AT&T.

Currently, most of these companies accept digital currency only on their websites, Microsoft being one of them. It accepts bitcoins only on its online platform and not on its Xbox gaming platform to streamline the process.

The first e-commerce website to accept crypto as the mode of payment was Overstock. Patrick Byrne was among the first founders who initiated this step of accepting digital payments. Shopify and Rakuten are the other names in this field. Paypal, which was once a subsidiary of eBay, assists its users in buying, selling, and sustaining cryptocurrency.

After the popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, even the biggest players in the market, like Amazon and eBay, have also started accepting digital currency. So, now you can easily purchase any tech products from these websites in exchange for your crypto. Moreover, new companies are willing to become part of this list every day due to the rising benefits of using digital currency.

Expensive Items

Numerous retailers are now selling luxury goods and products in exchange for bitcoins. Expenses watches and cars are the epitomai of luxury, and now you can easily purchase them in the digital currency exchange.

Newsmedia and Insurance

Media houses whose world revolves around crypto give subscriptions to their users and the other services in exchange for cryptocurrency. Many insurance companies have started accepting premium payments using cryptocurrency for many services and products.

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