Most Suitable Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2022

Anonymity and decentralization have made cryptocurrency everyone’s favorite. People who have a piece of deep knowledge and detailed information regarding cryptocurrency have started investing regularly.

After gaining the knowledge, you can take a chance on the low-priced cryptocurrency; visit site if you notice a price rise, you can buy or sell accordingly. This is how most people are making millions sitting in the comfort of their homes. Apart from just making profits, they can estimate the rise and fall in price to invest accordingly.

So, if you are wondering which crypto is the best option for investment, let me introduce you to the best and cheapest cryptocurrency options in which you can invest if you are a newbie.


In recent times Ethereum has experienced exponential growth in its value and popularity. After bitcoin, the next most reliable altcoin that can assist you in earning high profits. The hike in the prices of this altcoin was noticed in the year 2020, and since then, it has been a rollercoaster ride for the traders.

Ethereum also allows its developers to generate dApps with the complete assistance of smart contracts. However, this is not the case when we talk about bitcoin. Moreover, with the introduction of the new upgrade of Ethereum, i.e., Ethereum 2.0, people will experience speedy transactions and a decrease in fees.


Avalanche is a new cryptocurrency in the market, rising in value and popularity every day. The new thing about avalanche is that it uses three blockchains instead of using one blockchain. This means that now the tasks are bifurcated, and hence, the speed of transactions and overall process has also increased.

Apart from using three chains instead of one, it also uses two different consensus mechanisms so that the system can work smoothly and appropriately.

Lucky Block

Lottery and lottery system has been on the scene since ancient ages. Lucky block has been introduced to keep a similar idea in mind. This form of crypto is a crypto-lottery platform where new blockchain technology is being used to improve the old lottery systems. If you think that this might be unfair or a hoax, you are completely mistaken. This is fair as people can purchase the lotto tickets from the platform’s native token using Lblock.

As in this system, they are using Lblock instead of fiat, and it makes it possible for them to make payouts quickly and conduct daily lucky draws. Above all, as we all know, with cryptocurrency, you can make easy transactions across the globe, so now people sitting in any corner of the world can participate in these lucky draws.


Maker is a lending platform and is completely decentralized. Here, this crypto is built on the Ethereum platform. Users can easily take crypto loans here. It helps them to lend cryptocurrency without any hectic or mandatory KYC details.  It is your one shortcut way to buy the latest and the most profitable currency of the present times.


This is the new age of cryptocurrency where chainlink makes off-chain data available to the blockchain. Chainlink uses oracles to carry out this process; hence, this entire process is streamlined and lucrative. However, what do you mean by off-chain data? Off-chain data means stock market prices, making them available, and smart contracts can use them. They can be used with the use of dApps.

Moreover, the data available on chainlink is not for free. The nodes of chainlink can be sourced after paying a certain fee. Therefore this is another good option to invest for the beginners or the pro traders


Another great option that can be accessed over the Ethereum platform is uniswap, also known as UNI. Users can buy this cryptocurrency over the Defi space, and it is one of the best cryptos in the market. The reason is that it is a completely decentralized exchange (DEX). The users can conveniently sell and purchase tokens without disclosing their identity, and thus, this process is safe and reliable.

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