Best Tips to Boost YouTube Views on 2022

YouTube is one of the most popular media platforms. Hootsuite research demonstrates that YouTube is the second most-visited website in the world. It has more than 1.7 billion users per month. So as you can see there is fierce competition here.

We gathered a few better ways to improve your YouTube content and help new audiences find your channel. Each piece of advice is easy, efficient, and, what’s even better – free.

Increase Session Time

These are some of the most important metrics. This is the amount of time a person spends on YouTube. YouTube cares about this metric very much. It wants to help the user find what they want to watch and keep them on the site as long as possible. Your mission is to get people interested and keep them on your channel longer.

For example, you can create a playlist with the most popular videos on your channel. Also, you can buy high retention YouTube views. After all, the longer the user watches your video, the better it’s for all metrics and algorithms

A Trick to Increase Audience Retention

If you open the analytic tab for a particular video on the channel and scroll down to the footer below you’ll see information about Key moments for audience retention. The graph will show you how people are watching the video. Pay attention to the spikes, it’s important to correct the situation.

Now add a card with an interesting video at the moment of drop. In this way, instead of closing the video and leaving the channel, the user may become interested in the suggested video and go on watching.

Get to the Homepage

Homepage is an opportunity to receive more YouTube views. How to get there?

  • You need to promote a new video within 48 hours. It will get to the homepage if it’s popular. There is a snowball effect: boost your video (for example, you can buy YouTube views), get into the trends and go viral.
  • Get YouTube subscribers. It most often shows content from the channels you’re subscribed to on the homepage. If you have several millions of subscribers, at least a hundred thousand of them will see the new video here.

Add End Screens

Find some of the most popular videos on your channel in the creative studio. Analyze each one and think about which of your relevant videos you can use as your end screens. You need to get the user interested so they stay on the channel and move on to watch the next video.

Share Videos on Forums

Online communities are a great place to promote the video. The visitors ask questions and you can answer them with your content. Find themed forums or treads that are relevant to the topic of your channel. You can get hundreds or even thousands of views per month depending on the forum.

Different Tags

The tags help the search engine determine the subject of your content. The question is how to specify them correctly? To do this, use this trick: the main keyword, variations of the key, and thematic words of the video.

  • The first tag is the main keyword. For example, buy YouTube views.
  • The second tag is variations of the main keyword. For example, buy real YouTube views, likes and comments, buy YouTube views cheap.
  • The third ones are thematic words. For example, YouTube, social media marketing, promotion.

Now you know the best ways to increase YouTube views. Remember that this advice functions in a complex!

Best Tips to Boost YouTube Views on 2022 was last updated April 25th, 2022 by Susana Kabana Puerta