How To Choose A Good Domain And Why Is It Important

Having an online presence is a must when you want your business to reach your target customers. With internet penetration getting better each year, a greater number of customers are starting to rely on the internet as their main source of information.

This is why having a website is crucial in today’s market. It will help you foster your relationship with your current customer while also enabling you to tap new leads and possibly expand your customer base. However, simply putting up a website is not enough. Just as how you run your business, starting your own website must also be strategic and intentional. And planning for a new website starts with finding a good domain.

Importance Of Getting A Good Domain

Your web domain is basically your virtual address. A good domain name would be able to make your website more accessible to potential customers. This is because people who are looking for you only have to take note of the domain name instead of your Internet Protocol, which usually appears as a complex set of numbers.

A good domain will represent your business, and in many cases, will be the customers’ first encounter with your brand. It will give these visitors a better understanding of who you are and what you do. This then helps increase your website’s traffic from unbranded searches that are related to your industry. A strong domain name has a higher probability of directing new visitors to your website. And especially when it is protected, which you can do with DMARC report and valid, published SPF flattening.

A good domain would also help you rank higher in search engine results. As a result, your credibility as a brand would increase, and your website will have a higher chance of getting clicked. In this way, your domain supplements your marketing efforts by strengthening your brand identity while also promoting the business itself.

For example, you’ve finished your study and are now ready to purchase your first NFT domain. However, a simple yet inconvenient problem arises: you don’t know what domain name to select. The possibilities are limitless, and the most of them appear to be for sale. The best NFT domain choice is one that straightforward and contains relevant keywords.

How To Get The Domain That You Want

As of last year, almost 2 billion websites have been published, and this number grows by more than 4% every year. Since the demand is this high, getting the domain name that you want can be quite challenging. More often than not, some other company have already secured the domain way before you even thought of doing so.

This can be a frustrating conclusion after you spend a considerable amount of time planning and strategizing for your new website. But this is not the end, because you can actually buy an already existing domain, and you can do this through domain brokerage.

Working with a domain broker will save you a lot of time and inconvenience because they will be the ones to search for the domain that you want and negotiate a sale. They will help you acquire the domain that would really match your business objectives as well as be able to properly represent your brand.

Characteristics Of A Good Domain

Because your domain represents your virtual address, it should be unique and original. Otherwise, your potential visitors might get lost and instead visit another website with a similar name. However, it should also not deviate too far from what your business is all about, because it might give potential customers the wrong impression that you are not what they are looking for.

Almost 50% of web traffic now comes from mobile access, so you should choose a domain that is easy to type while using the phone.  Many other companies are fighting for a share of the same web traffic as you do. Having a domain that is short, easy to remember, and relevant is one way of keeping your brand at the top of consumers’ minds when they do their online search.

Be conscious of spellings and avoid complicated phrases that are hard to remember. Avoid slang, hyphens, abbreviations, or a mix numbers and words in your domain name. It is better to choose a simple and straightforward name because typo errors become more common when the words are too unfamiliar to the searcher.

Don’t fall into the temptation of wanting to sound trendy at the risk of losing relevance. It may sound cool in the beginning, but this does not guarantee that it will be effective. If it does not bring in the traffic, then your website may end up becoming a liability to your business instead of an asset.

A quick way to check if your domain fits all these criteria, try reading it aloud. Sometimes, words may look good on paper but sounds different and may take on a different meaning when verbally pronounced. This simple check may save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

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