How to Beat a Felony Drug Charge

A drug-related felony offense is a serious criminal offense with very high penalties, and it is difficult to overcome. Therefore, if you are accused, you need to arm yourself to fight back and protect your future. But the truth is that it will not be easy. The good news is, you do not have to work alone to beat a felony drug charge. A drug crime defense lawyer will come in with their expertise to support and defend you to success.

What Is a Felony Drug Charge?

Drug charges include possession, manufacture, driving while under the influence, and distribution or selling. Drug-related laws are very complex and keep on changing. Also, you could face different charges depending on the occurrences. However, irrespective of the charges you face, a drug crime attorney can help you beat a drug crime and secure your future.

The keys below will lead you to a successful defense. 

1. Hire the Right Lawyer

The first thing to do after being accused of a drug crime should be to contact your lawyer. If you do not have one, start the search to hire one as soon as you can. The lawyer you choose is the key to the outcome of your case. Having handled similar cases before, they understand how the system works and will put out the best defense to see your case thrown out or have your punishment reduced.

The first step toward defense against a drug felony charge is determining if the search was legal. If the search that led to the discovery of drugs was not conducted per the requirements of the law, they cannot use the evidence against you in a court of law. Understanding your constitutional rights and, in this case, illegal search and seizure will free you from drug felony charges.

3. Deny Knowledge of Possession

To be convicted of a drug felony, the prosecution must prove that you owned the drugs knowingly. For instance, if you borrowed a friend’s car to run errands and a police search discovers drugs in the trunk, you cannot be charged because you did not know of their existence. Also, if your seatmate on a public bus is caught in possession of drugs, you cannot be charged for it as well.

The bottom line is, if you are a victim of circumstances, you should prove it and have the charges lifted.

4. Plea Bargain

Another way of beating a felony drug case is by pleading guilty to a lesser charge. However, this depends on the circumstances around your charges. By pleading guilty, you can reduce your felony charges to a less severe charge, resulting in a lesser penalty. However, it is essential to understand what the plea agreement offers before considering it.

5. Violation of Miranda Rights

If you are arrested, the police should tell you that any statement made or anything said subsequently will be used against you. If the police did not inform you of this right, any statement offered cannot be used as evidence against you.

After any arrest incident, it is wise to remain silent until your lawyer arrives to avoid incriminating yourself. Inform your lawyer if they violated your Miranda rights, and they will use that as a defense to have your case dropped.

Get the Right Help

A felony drug charge is a severe offense, and to beat it, you must get help from an experienced lawyer. A delay or wrong choice of lawyer will leave you with a record and penalties that will haunt your life forever. By defending your case, you will not have the right resources, and the court will not take you seriously, which, in many situations, leads to a conviction.

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