How to Beat a Felony Drug Charge

A drug-related felony offense is a serious criminal offense with very high penalties, and it is difficult to overcome. Therefore, if you are accused, you need to arm yourself to fight back and protect your future. But the truth is that it will not be easy. The good news is, you do not have to work alone to beat a felony drug charge. A drug crime defense lawyer will come in with their expertise to support and defend you to success.

What Is a Felony Drug Charge?

Drug charges include possession, manufacture, driving while under the influence, and distribution or selling. Drug-related laws are very complex and keep on changing. Also, you could face different charges depending on the occurrences. However, irrespective of the charges you face, a drug crime attorney can help you beat a drug crime and secure your future.

The keys below will lead you to a successful defense. 

1. Hire the Right Lawyer

The first thing to do after being accused of a drug crime should be to contact your lawyer. If you do not have one, start the search to hire one as soon as you can. The lawyer you choose is the key to the outcome of your case. Having handled similar cases before, they understand how the system works and will put out the best defense to see your case thrown out or have your punishment reduced.

The first step toward defense against a drug felony charge is determining if the search was legal. If the search that led to the discovery of drugs was not conducted per the requirements of the law, they cannot use the evidence against you in a court of law. Understanding your constitutional rights and, in this case, illegal search and seizure will free you from drug felony charges.

3. Deny Knowledge of Possession

To be convicted of a drug felony, the prosecution must prove that you owned the drugs knowingly. For instance, if you borrowed a friend’s car to run errands and a police search discovers drugs in the trunk, you cannot be charged because you did not know of their existence. Also, if your seatmate on a public bus is caught in possession of drugs, you cannot be charged for it as well.

The bottom line is, if you are a victim of circumstances, you should prove it and have the charges lifted.

4. Plea Bargain

Another way of beating a felony drug case is by pleading guilty to a lesser charge. However, this depends on the circumstances around your charges. By pleading guilty, you can reduce your felony charges to a less severe charge, resulting in a lesser penalty. However, it is essential to understand what the plea agreement offers before considering it.

5. Violation of Miranda Rights

If you are arrested, the police should tell you that any statement made or anything said subsequently will be used against you. If the police did not inform you of this right, any statement offered cannot be used as evidence against you.

After any arrest incident, it is wise to remain silent until your lawyer arrives to avoid incriminating yourself. Inform your lawyer if they violated your Miranda rights, and they will use that as a defense to have your case dropped.

Get the Right Help

A felony drug charge is a severe offense, and to beat it, you must get help from an experienced lawyer. A delay or wrong choice of lawyer will leave you with a record and penalties that will haunt your life forever. By defending your case, you will not have the right resources, and the court will not take you seriously, which, in many situations, leads to a conviction.

8 Essentials to Create a Highly Converting Landing Page

A landing page is an effective tool to boost leads and conversions. It is the page that helps promote your specific product or service and directs the visitors to your lead magnet. However, a landing page needs to be highly enticing and flawless to grab the attention of the visitor and make them take the desired action. It should give your customers what they want in a simple and clear way.

Let’s learn how to create a highly effective landing page to convert visitors and generate leads.

An Attractive and Relevant Headline

The headline is the first thing a visitor sees when they land on your landing page. It’s the hook that either compels the reader to stay on your page or leave it. Make sure that your headline is attention-grabbing, persuasive, concise, and tells the readers what problems your product or service solves. Your headline should ideally be between 10-20 words and should convey a sense of urgency.

Attention-Grabbing Media

According to BANG!, a Web Designer in Phoenix, giving website visitors some “eye candy” visuals and letting them know visually they’re at the right website is a smart move to prevent high bounce rates on your site.

Relevant and catchy images or videos on your landing page not only effectively demonstrate your products or services but also help persuade your visitors. Adding videos is also helpful as research suggests that videos convert better than other forms of content. Video also helps with SEO and maintains user engagement. Make sure that the images/videos are high-quality and relevant to your products/services.

A Powerful Call to Action

Call-to-action (CTA) is crucial for any landing page; they persuade your visitor to take the desired action. Use buttons to draw attention to the CTAs. Make sure that your Primary CTA button is actionable and visible above the fold. Use actionable phrases like “Start Now,” “View a Demo,” and “Get a Free Quote” for CTAs to increase conversion. Moreover, use strong and bright colors to make your CTA button stand out.

Responsive Design

Most customers use their mobile devices to buy a product or service online, so make sure that your landing page is friendly for people viewing it on mobile devices. Mobile responsive landing pages can help convert leads from traffic that comes from smartphones or tablets. Likewise, responsive landing pages support your social media marketing (SMM) campaigns as most people use social media on their mobile phones.

Show Social Proof

Your social proofs (the number of likes, subscribers, shares, etc.) should be prominent on your landing page. Social proofs help win the trust of the visitors and increase their chances of converting into customers.

Testimonials from your existing customers work as great social proof if you don’t have a lot of data to share yet. When adding testimonials, make sure that they’re accompanied by a picture of a real person. You can also add social proofs into your CTA, such as “Join my 50k+ community.”

Use the Right Colors

Colors have a great impact on human psychology; they influence how we feel or act. Using the right colors on your landing page not only increases the user experience but also helps guide their behaviors, which can improve our conversion.

Depending on your product or service, use colors that convey the message you want. For example, red and yellow are the colors that grab attention and ignite appetite, making them an appropriate choice for a food-related landing page.

You also want to make sure each color you use signifies something. For example, you may use black color for the copy text, orange colors for your CTAs and other clickable links, and red color to highlight something important such as social proof.

Contact Information Should be Visible

Having clear and visible contact methods helps strengthen the trust of the visitor by telling them that your business is legitimate. So, make sure your landing page mentions the methods of contacting you.

You can add multiple methods such as a phone number, an email address, social media buttons, a contact form, and a physical business address. You can also add live chat popups that ask the customers if they need any help.

Keep the Layout Simple

Your landing page should present the information in a simple, minimalist, and attractive way without looking cluttered. Use a clean and simple design that helps people understand what your landing page is all about. Use white space and choose large fonts for increased readability and user experience. Your CTA button should be visible, and make sure that the visitor doesn’t have to scroll to find it.

How Do Twitch Bots Work?

Using bots for getting the advantage over other users and fighting their use to bring these advantages down has become a typical reality for any bigger platform on the internet. Twitch, as a major video streaming service, is one of those cases where this struggle from both sides seems to be never-ending.

Not so long ago, Twitch has identified 7.5 million bots that were used on their platform. This raises a few questions, namely, why bots are so popular on Twitch and what are they used for?

More importantly, if you decide to use a bot yourself, you must know why bots are so unwelcome and how to overcome all the bans and restrictions that are being applied to them. If that’s the case, you don’t need to look anywhere else, for your answers are beneath.

What is a Twitch Bot?

A Twitch bot is an automation tool that allows you to speed up your daily activities and improve the efficiency of managing your accounts. It can also be used for boosting the number of your followers and to catapult your streams into the spotlight so that more viewers could notice and eventually become your regular followers.

This tool is particularly useful when you need to send mass messages, respond to repetitive comments or questions in chats, moderate your chats, organize polls, or do other tasks that don’t require much effort and yet take lots of time to complete.

Simply put, a Twitch bot is used for automating tasks that you would otherwise do manually without any second thoughts as if you were taking care of them automatically.

Types of Twitch Bots

There are several types of Twitch bots, considering the variety of tasks that they are invoked to do.

Viewer Bot

This type of bot performs a function that can be understood straightforwardly by its name. It acts as a multitude of viewers that are not real. A Twitch viewer bot provides automated viewers, chatters, and followers by opening a livestream with all these numbers of fake users piling up on that stream. If you know how Twitch bots work for gaining attention, namely, by imposing your supposed popularity onto those who look for something attractive to watch, you arouse curiosity and attract more real viewers, thus resulting in more real popularity.

Moderation Bot (chatbot)

This type of bot provides you with tools to moderate your chats, such as filtering or deleting offensive comments. It can also create and moderate raffles and polls. These bots are very useful when you don’t have enough hands or time to do these tasks manually and want to maintain your stream uninterrupted. A moderation bot can also insert certain links in chats or anything that you command from time to time without you needing to do this repeatedly. Or it can simply greet new viewers on your behalf.


This is a more advanced version of a chatbot that provides all its functions with some additional features while reducing the usage of your computer. It adds such things as a loyalty system that can give loyalty points to your viewers depending on how much time they spend watching your streams. A cloudbot can even organize minigames for your viewers where they can win additional loyalty points, making your followers more engaged in this way.

Risks of Using Bots

Frequently, if not always, using bots is treated as if it was illegal, though it is not. Using bots goes against Twitch’s Terms of Service, much like it goes against Terms of Service of any bigger platform.

Bots are unwelcome for giving an advantage to their users. The identification process of these bots is always followed not only by blocking these bots but by certain restrictions directed towards their users. Your access to the site or your account can be restricted for an extended period or even blocked indefinitely.

In their fight against the use of bots, Twitch went as far as asking their users to report any suspicious activities that might indicate someone is using a bot. They have written instructions on what to do in these situations.

However, they clearly state for anyone that is going to report anything that they need to attach every evidence they can gather to their report.

Fake viewers that are produced by bots might watch a certain stream or follow a certain streamer without any knowledge or control of that streamer. To not be identified as bots, they try to imitate real users by following multiple streamers and doing lots of stuff that are not linked to one streamer that is using them for his advantage.

Reporting a streamer that has bots on his stream wouldn’t do any good if it’s not his fault. That’s why doubts about using bots can be dispelled by identifying the IP address of those bots and linking them with streamers’ IP. That puts them at great risk.

Managing the Risks

The issue of the link between a user’s IP address and a bot’s IP address is generally solved by using intermediary servers.

They change the IP address of the user and provide multiple different ones that can be scattered through bots, thus making them more difficult to identify as bots and even more difficult to link them not only with each other but with their user too.

Residential proxies provide the biggest variety of IP addresses that can change over time making bots look like real users that are connecting from different places where their IP addresses lead those that try to identify them.

Proxies allow reducing the risk of getting identified and consequently getting blocked for using bots to the minimum.

Closing Remarks

Using Twitch bots should not be feared when their usage provides more advantages than risks that are posed for violating Twitch’s requirements not to use them. When bots are enhanced with proxies, they are difficult to track and have no trace of their original user.

Is Forza Horizon Already Losing Its Popularity?

Image source: flickr

Forza Horizon is hands down one of the best car racing games that I have ever played in my life and that is for a variety of reasons and the developers, Playground makes sure that every new entry in the series is better than the previous and brings something new to the table.

And that is exactly the case with Forza’s latest entry to the series, Forza Horizon 5. The game is said to be THE MOST versatile Forza title to date and by the looks from the gameplay, it sure is! Soon after the release of the game, players went crazy to try out the different modes that Forza had to offer.

But lately, the craze seems to be dying out just as quickly as it got hyped up. So is Forza Horizon 5 account already losing its popularity and if so, why?

The Release of HALO Infinite

One of the things that made Forza Horizon 5 a hit right out of the box is the fact that the game was available to download and play on the first day of release for all the Xbox game pass players and with such huge popularity, players were bound to drift off into the streets of Mexico.

But apparently, the early release of HALO Infinite which is also available for the players with a game pass proved to be quite a hit for Forza Horizon 5. Players started moving from Forza to HALO Infinite for the sake of gameplay in no time. And that has heavily affected the anticipated popularity of the new Forza title.

And while that is one of the reasons why Forza is getting a bit overshadowed, there is more to it than just the release of HALO Infinite.

Arcade Gamemodes

Forza, just like any other racing game, started off as a realistic car racing and driving game with all the focus on making the player experience as close to reality as possible while also keeping the element of fun in the game. But with the latest entry, the game developers have shifted more of their attention towards making the game more arcade-y by introducing so many game modes that are basically there for the players to have a good time. Some of the game modes even feel like we are driving around Rocket League cars but in rather a realistic world.

While all this freedom and choice is great, some players just find it to be boring after a few plays, which makes them want to try out different options. Hence they are moving to other games released in the same timeframe as Forza. I personally love the game modes as they allow players to make the game entirely your own with the level of control that they give to the players.

However, this control also comes with a price tag that might just be a bit on the face for many.

The Crazy Bans

Like they say, with great power comes great responsibility. The tons of customization options that Forza Horizon 5 has given to the players also come with rules and regulations, which makes sense but the recent incidents suggest otherwise.

This one incident where a player customized his ride with a KFC wrap where he put Kim Jong Un’s photo instead of the original KFC guy. He was literally banned from the game for over 8000 years!! I know that sounds insane and it actually is but that’s how it is.

While the developers are trying their best to make the player experience as memorable as possible, there are quite a few things that are just not going their way and these incidents are just one of the prime examples.

Game Bugs

Speaking of player experience, despite all the efforts that the developers are putting into their game, there still are bugs and glitches in the game which are quite frustrating for many. And while these bugs and glitches are not totally game-breaking, they are still bad enough for a polished game like Forza, enough to tarnish the reputation.

Players are reporting these issues from time to time and I am sure, developers will come to the rescue and fix these but for now, they remain to be one of the reasons why players are moving to other games.

Even though the game is somewhat losing its popularity, I still think that there is no real competition to Forza Horizon when it comes to the MOST REALISTIC car racing experience to date.

The Rise Of Xiaomi’s Smartphone Empire

The Rise Of Xiaomi

Xiaomi only a few years ago was a very little known and niche brand, chattering by the majority to low-income markets with cheap devices. Today, they stand at the top as the biggest phone manufacturer in the world, trading blows with Samsung to take the top spot.

So, what happened, how did the obscure company who made phones only for certain markets, rise to take on the biggest the business has to offer. In the below, we discuss the rise of Xiaomi and how it came to be the biggest phone manufacturer in the world.

The Fall Of Huawei

Due to an unfavorable political climate and other uncontrollable factors, mid 20119 saw Huawei no longer producing new phones with access to Google services. While Huawei still makes very usable phones, a lot of people have become accustomed to and integrated with the Google ecosystem.

This saw Huawei’s market share start slipping more and more each month, with more market share to capture for other companies. In this time, looking at Samsung’s release schedule and line-up, it is clear Samsung had the scramble to try and fill the newly created market void. All the efforts were just not enough, though, as Xiaomi was perfectly positioned and supplied the right type of devices to fill the market void perfectly.

Why Xiaomi?

Xiaomi phones supply what is considered to be the best cost to performance of any mobile device today. A fantastic ecosystem while still having access to Google services is set to be a winner in the eyes of the consumer. Xiaomi’s devices are cheap while still being good quality and offering all the features of other flagships. This cost to performance factor plays an especially important role as the world fell into a pandemic.

In the pandemic, saving money became significant to a huge part of the world population, most people no longer had excess money for high-end flagship devices, the cost to performance ratio of Xiaomi devices became crucial to the company’s success.


In trying to expand the ranges of phones and market presence, some phone manufacturers end up with convoluted ranges which are difficult and sometimes frustrating to fully understand, especially when you just want to enjoy real money gaming. Most people just want a good phone for their budget, understanding a full range to do that can be annoying at the best of times. Xiaomi has taken a different approach by having sub-brands to cater to different types of devices, there are 3 main sub-brands for Xiaomi mobile phones

  • Redmi – Redmi is Xiaomi’s sub company that focuses on budget phones, these are in no way bad phones but are the cheapest of the line-up.
  • Poco – Poco is Xiaomi’s mid-tier brand, focusing on middle of the road devices for the average market. They do still supply flagships as well in the form of the Poco F series, which are fantastic devices.
  • Xiaomi – The self-named Xiaomi sub brand is considered to be the flagship brand. While each sub brand does provide a bit of everything, the Xiaomi sub brand supplies the real flagship phones, set to take on flagships from apple and Samsung alike.

Will Xiaomi Stay At The Top?

Xiaomi has set its stake in the market and is a leading player in the smartphone field, but nobody is to say if it will stay that way. With repeating criticism of censorship from the Chinese government, one wrong move from Xiaomi could spell bad news for the company.

For now, though, Xiaomi supplies the best cost to quality and performance ratio available in the market, which will stay in demand for a long time to come.

5 Reasons why we should use a VPN on a Fire Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick has made TV watching a tad more enjoyable. On the platform, you can watch any kind of app, and this includes the popular ones like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, etc. 

However, you must know that most of these apps do not have any content of their own. They just help you to stream different types of content that are pirated, and you may not be aware of it. 

Since streaming pirated content is a crime using a VPN is an easy alternative. To understand this better, here we share with you 5 reasons why we should use a VPN on Fire stick.

Security and Privacy

You must have heard the word “cord-cutting,” and it involves streaming and downloading content from different sources. Some of the content could be copyrighted, and if you play it, you could be penalized. 

Without using a VPN, all the viewing history of yours is for a display to your ISP, law enforcers, and copyright agencies. With VPN, you can enjoy with Fire stick tricks, and no one would ever get to know about it. 

Bypass Censorship

Some governments monitor the internet usage of their citizens. Such countries detest cord-cutting, and therefore, they even curtail the free streaming of channels. So if you travel to such a country, you may not be able to use your Fire stick. However, if you have a VPN hides your real IP address, and thus, the government has no control over your viewing pattern.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Services 

Content copyright means that content will be viewable only in specific locations. To meet the copyright restrictions, the service providers impose geo-restrictions. This means that when you travel to certain countries, you might miss your favorite program as the channel is restricted there. A quality VPN will also help you go through the restricted geo-locations.

Using Streaming Apps Freely

With a VPN, your internet history is hidden from others. You are not sure of where your sources are procuring the content they are sharing with you. Usage of VPN is just to remain on the safe side. On the website you can find a list of recommended VPNs for streaming.

Avoiding ISP Throttling

As soon as ISPs detect streaming activities, they tend to reduce the bandwidth. There could be multiple reasons why they resort to throttling, and if you are in the middle of something crucial reducing bandwidth can be a problem. If you are streaming, you can face buffering and lagging, something you would want to avoid.


Using an Amazon fire stick is an absolute delight. However, there are dangers associated with it that can spoil your entire fun. To avoid that situation from arising, always use a VPN with the device. It would reduce your chances of the authorities getting to know in case you are watching any copyrighted content. 

Apart from that, the reasons mentioned above are also why people use a VPN with a fire stick. You would not want anything to come in the middle of an enthralling TV viewing experience, and for that, using a VPN is the best bet.

7 Employee Rights Small Business Owners Need to Know

Small businesses rarely have the means to manage their human resources department (if the department exists at all!). They can’t always refer to a lawyer on retainer in every situation.

For this reason, small business owners and managers should know basic employee rights to avoid unnecessary litigation and negative situations that reflect poorly on the business.

This creates a fair and enjoyable work environment that establishes mutual trust and ensures long-term, fulfilling employee-employer relationships. Here are 7 Basic Employee Rights Small Business Owners Need to Know.

Right 1: Fair Labor

According to the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) every employer is required by law to comply with certain fair labor practices. Even small businesses are not exempt.

Here are the rules established by the FLSA:

●      Minimum Wage – The current Federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per working hour but can vary based on the type of business and by state, county, or city.

●      Overtime – Employers must pay a rate of 1 and ½ times the established hourly rate of an employee for hours worked beyond 40 hours in a workweek.

●      Hours Worked – This includes all times when an employee is performing an activity required by his or her job duties. It also includes time when an employee is required to be on premises or at any designated place of work. Here is a Department of Labor (DOL) reference sheet that clarifies this rule.

●      Recordkeeping – Employers are required to keep track of payroll records and employee timecards.

●      Poster – All employers must display the official DOL poster that outlines these requirements.

Right 2: Safe Workplace

The federal government passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) in 1970. The act proclaims that workers have a right to a “safe working environment.”

This means that a workplace must be free from dangerous equipment, excessive noise levels, and employers must not expose workers to toxic chemicals.

Employers are responsible for investigating potential safety and health threats and must remove them if possible. If not, they must inform their employees and provide proper safety training and equipment.

If your located in Idaho and have been injured on the job, check out this Idaho workers compensation lawyer to find out what you should do next. Getting the compensation you are owed can be difficult, and they are there to help.

Right 3: Freedom from Discrimination

Mutual respect is key in the workplace, but this is even more important within a small business structure. Wes Herman of Woods Coffee is an outstanding example of an owner who understands this principle.

To attract and keep top tier talent, owners must create an enjoyable, trust-based work environment that is free of discrimination as he told UpFlip during a recent interview. That’s why Wes could grow his business to over 17 locations and over 350 employees.

Regardless of personal principles, there are rules established that prevent businesses from discriminating against employees.

As a general rule, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against candidates based on sex, religion, color, race, national origin, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or age.

This can vary based on state law and the number of employees, but here is a list of the key federal laws pertaining to discrimination:

  • Equal Pay Act (EPA)
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)

Employers must also protect employees from sexual harassment with training and other procedures of accountability.

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission has extensive resources on their site.

Right 4: Privacy

Employees and potential employees have privacy rights extended to them by several federal laws and regulations. This means that employers can’t take actions like search an employee or their belongings or run a background check on a potential employee without their written consent.

However, employers also have rights in this realm. Employers can monitor company emails, phones, and computer usage if their monitoring policies are transparent. For example, an inappropriate email sent on a company server is not protected.

Surveillance laws also vary by state, but most permit camera usage if an employer notifies employees that they are being recorded.

Right 5: Whistleblowing

Employees may inform authorities and testify about illegal actions taken by an employer. They can do so without fear of retaliation or retribution.

For example, if an employee reports your business for negligence regarding safety regulations or discriminatory actions, then the company has no legal grounds to retaliate against the employee.

Retaliation means an employer cannot:

  • Fire or lay off a whistleblower
  • Blacklist, demote, or reassign to affect promotion
  • Deny overtime, reduce pay, or deny benefits
  • Formally discipline
  • Intimidate or make threats

The National Whistleblower Center has extensive explanations of these rights.

Right 6: Unionization and Collective Bargaining

Whether you employ union or non-union workers, the National Labor Relations Act applies to your business. Specifically, it grants employees of private employers the rights specified in Section 7 of the Act:

  • The right to organize, form, join, or assist a labor union.
  • The right to collective bargaining by representation (of their choice).
  • The right to engage in activities related to “other mutual aid or protection.”
  • The right to abstain from any of these activities.

These rights include discussion of conditions of employment and wages.

With the rise of the Digital Age, some social media policies have come in the crosshairs of the National Labor Relations Board for violation of Section 7.

The Board can lean one way or the other based on their ideology, so carefully review any social media policy before distribution to ensure compliance. Ideally, employers should work with an attorney familiar with labor law.

Right 7: Employee Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act grants employees 12 weeks of protected unpaid medical or maternity leave over a 12-month period. This means that under certain family medical conditions, an employee can take leave without risking their job security.

It’s up to employers to take an active role in monitoring FMLA claims. They may request forms and medical certifications to determine whether an employee’s absence is up to legal standards.

Only employers with 50 or more employees must worry about the FMLA. So, it may seem like this right doesn’t belong in an article that pertains to small businesses.

However, the SBA classifies businesses by industry and their average annual revenue or number of employees. The lowest limit for the number of employees in their table is 100, and they classify most business by revenue. Therefore, the act applies to many businesses classified as small.


While I’ve covered the key rights business owners should know, there are additional laws at the state, county, and city levels. Some of these laws are contradictory to federal regulations.

If in doubt of any law or regulation, consult with a certified employment lawyer for clarification.

Independent of federal regulations, it’s advisable for employers to write their core values into a business plan and work manual.

Top Five Smart Devices for Home Automation

Technology no doubt has changed the course of our lives, as it brought improvement even to our homes. Smart home technology is becoming popular because of its convenience and accessibility.

Smart home apps can be classified into two types. A single-tasking app is designed to perform one task and for one specific device only. Meanwhile, a multitasking app takes control of the entire system of your home.

The use of these apps depends on the preferences of consumers. Some want to use a single-tasking app because it is safer. On the other hand, some users want the multi-tasking app simply because it is more convenient. 

Let’s look into the top five mobile apps that will make your home smart.


SmartThings allows users to control appliances such as washing machine, air conditioner, refrigerator, and dryer. Users can check the status of the devices, change settings, and receive notifications. Most of the home devices are compatible with this app, making it convenient for anyone. 

SmartThings is a free app from Samsung and is available on the Apple, Google, and Windows app stores. This app will allow users to receive notifications about what is happening in their home wherever they are. Users will also be given alerts on situations such as smoke or unwanted entry into your home

In addition to this, SmartThings is capable of capturing video footage if there is a camera installed.  To sum it up, this app can control devices with just a tap of your finger. 

Google Home

Google is a tech giant that has provided users with a great home app choice.  Google Home is an app that can be found both on Android and on iOS.

The best feature of Google Home is that it provides users shortcuts in controlling, organizing, and managing tasks. These tasks include turning lights on, getting the news of the day, or even checking the weather. A lot of actions can be done with a single command.

Moreover, Google Home enables you to send texts, make phone calls, or even play music.  It is versatile and can do multiple types of tasks and commands, making it a reliable app for your home.

MyQ Garage & Access Control

MyQ Garage & Access Control empowers you to open your garage door just by using your smartphone. It is a great choice in automating garage features even when you’re not at home.

Using this app, you can set alerts and schedules for any activity. You receive notifications via text or email to know if your garage is being compromised.

You can take full control of the lights and doors to protect your tools for garage seen in MyQ Garage & Access Control allows you to provide access even to a MyQ guest.


Simplisafe is a smart home app that allows you to access your security alarm anywhere. You can receive notifications and updates to keep tabs on your home even if you are away.

One of the highlights of Simplisafe is that professionals take charge of monitoring your home around the clock.

If Simplisafe detects any emergency in your home, the professionals will immediately contact you. You can guarantee the safety of your home by using this smart security app.


Installing Palgate in your smartphone enables you to open your garage door using a Bluetooth network. Palgate easily connects to the control system of your garage door without using an Internet connection.

Just like the features in, Palgate uses different commands in controlling the garage door to ensure that your essential garage products are safe.

You can even customize access management by adding and removing other users. Palgate uses a simple interface where you can open your garage door even when your hands are full.

With a lot of home apps available in the market, it is best to consider how you’d want to control the functions in your home. The apps we rounded up in this article perform similar functions, so be sure to look at each app closely to know its best features. With a little research, you’ll find a good and effective home app that will fit your needs and will give you a seamless home experience. 

What is Web Scraping

There are situations in which you need to gather information with a vast magnitude. For instance, forex exchanges have many different currencies for trade and can’t collect them manually. So, what do you do? Of course, you look for a professional solution. In this case, a professional solution is web scraping. Knowing what you need makes your research more accessible. Therefore, let’s discuss web scraping, its types, and how to use it.

What is a web scraping

Whether you need more from the site or gather bulk data, you should have some idea about web scraping. In basic terms, copy-pasting any info from any site to another source is a definition of web scraping. However, due to its functionality and the needs of internet users, we are referring to collecting a vast amount of information if we are talking about web scraping. Since doing this process manually takes eons, it is unavoidable to use web scraping services. If you are looking for an efficient solution, you should seek help from web scraping services. A lot of such services claim to be one of the best web scraping services. However, doing your research, and most importantly, knowing what your requirements are, will contribute to the time and money you will spend for such scraping services. So, how do these services work? In general, they have three steps. To meet your needs, the professionals may either use previously created scraper or develop a new one. Then, that scraper gathers data from the source website, be it a new one or the ready one. Depending on the amount of data to scrap, it takes some time to collect all the data. The final step is delivering to the user result in file formats like Excel, JSON, CSV, or any other type. 

Web scraping types

It is not easy to generalize all of the web scraping services. However, for the sake of simplicity, we can talk about a couple of web scraping types.

Ready solutions

Some sites are already known to have vast amounts of data. Be that Amazon, Alibaba, IMDB, stock exchange markets, or Craigslist. The entrepreneurs are continuously interested in what products are sold most and what their prices are. The experienced developers are aware of this and already have scrapers that successfully isolate data according to client requests. That is, they already have a working scraper, and customers can use it accordingly.  

Browser Extensions

Web scrapers are not available only as independent software. There are browser extensions that can harvest data from the websites. Those browsers have their advantages as well. You install them on your browser, most probably Chrome or Firefox. Another advantage is that they are simple to run. When it comes to the downside, they don’t offer advanced features as they are not built to meet all of the needs. Also, not all internet browsers may have such scrapers. For instance, you may have a hard time scraping extensions if your favorite browser is Safari.

Cloud-based web scrapers

One of the popular solutions. If you use a cloud solution, you are going to have the most significant advantage. You don’t have to install any software or extension. Your PC will not “sweat” to scrap all the data. You can order from the site and get the desired result in a short time. MyDataProvider offers such solutions. Just organize your needs, contact us, and get results that will please you.

Web scraping use-cases

Even though only some of the usages of web scraping were mentioned before, its usage is very diversified. In particular, we can use scrapers to get the stock prices, any other financial data, market research for the products, learn geographics, ages, and any additional demographic info on social media, monitoring news, etc. It seems like only professionals may need web scrapers. However, this is not the case. An average user can use simple scraping tools to get info from the cinema about the movies they screen and their screening times. As simple as that.

How to Grow Your Small Business With Content Marketing

Whether you’re launching a startup or already have an established business, a strong online presence is a must. Just relying on word on mouth alone isn’t enough. 

More than half of shoppers say they use Google to discover brands. The data points to the importance of a digital marketing strategy. 

If your target audience can’t find your business online, your competitors will happily grab those sales. So how can you attract prospects and bring in more sales?

The answer is with content marketing. Not sure what that is or what it entails? Don’t worry — we’re about to take an in-depth look at what content marketing is and how to get started.

What is Content Marketing?

ContenContent marketing is the process of creating and distributing engaging content. The goal is to attract prospects to your site and convert them into customers. By far, content marketing on WordPress is the most popular choice and a starting point for aspiring bloggers.

The average consumer today is constantly bombarded with ads. Content marketing is effective because it doesn’t take this aggressive approach. 

Creating engaging content means you’re attracting prospects to your site and helping them address their issues. That in turn can help you establish credibility and build trust with your audience.

Publishing content on multiple channels can increase your reach. But as a small business, you may have a limited marketing budget. The good news is that content marketing is highly scalable, so you can start small and gradually ramp up your efforts.

Now let’s look at how to grow your small business with content marketing.

1. Define Your Content Marketing Goals

Content marketing is most effective when you have clearly defined goals. These should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. In other words, use the SMART goal setting methodology to bring structure to your marketing objectives.

For example, simply saying you want to increase traffic is too vague. A better goal could be increasing search traffic by 10% within the next three months. A goal like this makes it easier for you to measure your progress and pivot as necessary.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying your target audience is key to developing and implementing an effective content marketing strategy. If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, they’ll likely move on and take their purchase elsewhere.

Start by creating a buyer persona — a profile that depicts your target customer based on market research. A buyer persona includes details like background, demographics, behaviors, motivations, and goals.

Collect data about your audience using platforms like Google Analytics. You can take your research even further by surveying your existing customer base.

Developing a buyer persona may take some time. But it allows you to get a clearer sense of who your audience is, and create more effective content.

3. Decide on Content Types

The next step is to think about the types of content you’ll create. Publishing blog posts is a good place to start. This type of content is relatively easy to produce and it gives you the opportunity to share your expertise.

You can also use guest blogging to build backlinks and increase your Domain Authority. Guest blogging is when you publish content on other sites. It can drive referral traffic to your site and help you build a quality backlink in the process.

Other types of content you can create include ebooks, infographics, videos, webinars, and more. Revisit your content marketing goals to help you decide on which formats to focus your attention on.

4. Select Your Marketing Channels

Publishing content on your site is a great way to establish your business as a go-to resource for helpful information. But you’ll be severely limiting your reach if you rely solely on your site.

Social media is one such marketing channel you don’t want to overlook. With an estimated 3.6 billion people on social media, there’s a good chance your audience is on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Be strategic about which channels you market on. For example, Twitter may be a popular social platform, but is it where your audience is on?

Refer back to your research on your target audience. What channels do they actively use? This is important because those are the channels you’ll want to focus your efforts on.

5. Create a Content Calendar

Content marketing takes ongoing effort to be successful. You can’t simply publish one blog post and expect traffic to suddenly flood your site. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything.

A content calendar is a document that outlines upcoming content for the coming weeks and months. It details everything from the types of content you’ll create to when and where you’ll publish it.

Using a content calendar is a great way to keep all your content organized. Instead of starting from scratch every day, you can simply refer to the calendar and get started.

6. Incorporate SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site with the goal of ranking higher in the search results. There are two aspects of SEO: On-page and off-page.

On-page SEO refers to optimizing individual aspects of a page like titles, headers, meta descriptions, and the content itself for certain keywords. Optimizing on-page factors helps search engines understand what a page is about.

This LastPass review is a good example of a well-optimized page. It includes the target keywords in the title and it’s broken down into sections that are easy to read. 

As you optimize your pages for SEO, always focus on your visitors. Spamming your content with keywords doesn’t work, and may incur a ranking penalty. Be sure to use a grammar checker before you publish to make sure that your content still flows well after optimization.

With off-page SEO you’ll focus on external signals like backlinks, which are a major ranking signal. Google sees links from other sites as a vote of confidence. Building backlinks to your pages can improve your overall rankings.

7. Scale With a Content Team

There’s only so much you can do on your own. Eventually, you should consider outsourcing your content marketing to scale your content efforts.

Use platforms like Upwork to find talented writers and editors who can implement your content marketing strategy. You can use Google Docs to write your content and automate with Wordable to automatically upload to WordPress.


Content marketing is a key strategy that can raise brand awareness and establish your business as an industry authority. It can also help you turn more visitors into customers. Implement the tips laid out here to grow your business with content marketing.