What Are the Best Android Applications for Editing Photos?

Snapping photos is something we all do regularly using our smartphones. Every single smartphone out there processes images differently as well as produces photos that may not appeal to everyone. For instance, some smartphones may capture photos with higher saturation levels, while others may capture warmer tones as compared to what the scene really looked like. This is where editing the photos you take comes in very much in handy.

Irrespective of if you have the best flagship smartphone that money can buy, or a more affordable phone, editing photos in the way you like them is very important. Specifically, if you plan on posting your photos on social media platforms, as it’s vital to give them a good look in order to make them attractive. To do so, you’ll need a good photo editor and we’re here to help you with just that. Here are some of the best photo editor apps for Android to help you make your photos look the way that you want them to.

Adobe Apps

Price: Free / Up to around $52.99 per month

Adobe has released a tonne of editing tools over the last number of years. Included in the package are some of the best photo editor apps which are available. Some of the choices include the following:

  • Adobe Photoshop Express,
  • Adobe Photoshop Mix, as well as
  • Adobe Lightroom.

Each one of these apps has a variety of features to assist you to do things. You’ll have the ability to do simple stuff such as removing red-eye to editing RAW files that have been taken by your smartphone or DSLR camera.

In particular, Adobe Lightroom gets updated rather frequently with new features. The only possible caveat is that some of the apps need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription in order to utilize all of the features. Those who use Adobe CC already should definitely just get these since they’re included with a CC subscription anyway.


Price: Free

The Snapseed is available on iOS and Android and is best for advanced photo editing on a mobile device.

Google’s Snapseed packs a punch, surpassing desktop photo editors with its massive range of features as well as an intuitive interface. Just as you’d expect, this free photo editing app comes with a wide range of pre-set filters. However, as opposed to most apps you are able to edit these filters and even create your own from scratch so you can play on Android as much as you like.

Snapseed has all of the classic tools, such as cropping, straightening, frames, text and vignettes. And the sharpening element does the job without making the image appear grainy. Then, things become interesting.

Snapseed has precision masking, which gives you the ability to edit the depth of field – photographers frequently do this to make the background blurry and bring the foreground even more into focus. In addition, there’s a “Selective Adjust” tool. This allows you select a particular area of your photo and adjust the saturation, contrast as well as brightness of that single point. What’s more, the photo editor app saves your edit history, so you are able to amend your previous edits at any point.


VSCO is basically like a social media app however just for photos. It’s almost like Pinterest in the sense that users are able to post their photographs for other VSCO users to look at and appreciate.

Apart from being a network to share your images, VSCO has an in-built photo editor which works well for basic edits in terms of lighting as well as colours, just like Lightroom. You are able to modify the brightness, contrast, saturation in addition to hue levels of an image together with sharpening it or adding some grain.

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