Can You Build an Android App With Python?

Are you interested in developing Android apps however Java is not your companion? The Android universe is mainly built using Java, Kotlin, Flutter as well as Corona using Lua Scripting Language. This is mainly a gaming engine that is used in games such as Angry Birds. However, in recent times, Python has made its way into every single domain out there and Android is no different.

What Is Python?

Python is a very popular, object-oriented as well as high-level programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum and was released in 1991. Python is a simple language that is easy to learn and understand. The Python language is capable of working on a number of different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and other similar platforms. It runs on an interpreter system, which means the code can be run easily as soon as it is written. Python is a quick language. The syntax of Python is far easier than the syntax of any other language.

Why Android Development Using Python is Possible

Android development in Python has been made feasible only thanks to an open-source Python library for developing mobile apps as well as other multi-touch application software that is called Kivy. Its first release was in 2011 and a stable version was released in 2019. Kivy not only supports Android application development however its applications can be run on IOS, Linux, OS X, Windows, as well as Android. Kivy is written in Python and Cython, and most of the main developers are from Russia.

What Kinds of Mobile Products are Good for Python?

Previously, Python mobile development was not popular. However, things have altered with the appearance of a number of different Python GUI frameworks. And currently, this programming language is used widely in mobile apps development so you can use iPhone to play on the go.

Python is somewhat versatile. It can be utilized for building various apps: starting with web-browsers and ending with simple games. One more powerful advantage is being cross-platform. So, it’s possible to develop both Android and iOS apps in Python.

What Are the Issues in Creating Android App With Python?

Although Android app development utilizing Python is possible, it won’t be as effective as Android apps that are developed by utilizing Java. As we all know, Java is the official language for Android as was proclaimed by Google. Java for Android is the Standard of Android, and other languages that we utilize may not be as up-to-the-mark as Java. Let us see some of the possible issues that might arise:

  1. These frameworks might not support every single feature of an Android operating system.
  2. Own tools cannot be always used.
  3. These codes may not run very fast as they generate the native code first which are then optimized by making use of the native compilers.
  4. At times, the high-level graphics might not be supported and at times it is possible that 2-D/3-D graphic support is just not there.

If you are looking to hire Android developer, it is best to go with someone who has experience in Java. Not only will they be up-to-date on all of the latest features and changes that Google makes to their operating system, but they will also have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to developing Android apps.

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