League of Legends Ranking Tips From the Pros

If you are a gamer, you must have heard of League of Legends (or LoL), which is possibly the most popular and most played game globally. It is categorized as a multiplayer online battle arena and is definitely not one of the easier ones. There’s a lot that goes on in LoL and it requires you to be on a very steep learning curve as you navigate its complicated gameplay. While the game is certainly worth investing your time in, some players might find themselves stuck from time to time, especially when it comes to increasing their rank. The following tips might help you in improving your rank faster.

Favoriting A Champion Might Be A Good Strategy

One of the fastest ways to quickly take up your LP is to one-trick a champion with maybe a couple of backup champions. If you can master how to play a champion and that too in a particular role, you will be able to quickly climb the ladder in the ranked matches. By practicing and understanding the champion mechanics and how you can master those champion skills, you can aid your team in winning simply by leveraging those skills in the right place and at the right time. Of course, it is easier said than done. You can’t simply unlock a champion and expect to master it enough to be your main over the course of a single night. You will need practice over many games to know your champion and how to equip it with the best items and learn about which other champions work well with your main (and which don’t), and the right strategies for you.

Dodge to Avoid Bad Situations

Dodging might get a bad rep sometimes but it is a technique that professional players and even high Elo ranking players sometimes advise. You may not always step into a game with the biggest advantage and when you know the odds are stacked against you, it would do good to just dodge the game. You might lose some LP points but your MMR doesn’t get ruined, which you can verify with an MMR Calculator, and ultimately, your MMR is what really matters. Dodging still comes down to a personal preference but it might be worthwhile. One advice to follow while dodging: give the queue a break. By waiting a while, you avoid ending up with the same people and get fresh faces which means you have a lower risk of tilting your team right from the start.

Watching the VOD Would Help

You might want to take a leaf out of the book of conventional sports and watch your game film. It’s a strategy that professional LoL teams use all the time; they take out a block of their time to review their recent gameplay and that of other teams and go over it as a team, analyzing decisions, learning from mistakes, and strategizing future gameplay. Being able to discover mistakes you’ve made is the reason why reviewing VOD is important for any player, offering helpful feedback and allowing you to restrategize your decision-making. Don’t restrict yourself to just watching your own gameplay. Discover high-ranking pro gamers who play the champions of your choice and watch how they make decisions in the game. It will offer you valuable perspectives on some winning moves and strategies that they employ and can even learn from their commentary.

Reach Out to LoL Gaming Community for Advice

The gaming community can be very supportive, so it won’t be considered irregular behavior if you reach out to the LoL community for advice on your gameplay. You can very easily find guides on different gameplay strategies and tricks to improve your skills. Experts even stream their gameplay, which many tune into, to listen and watch them talk about tips in general but also advice on specific things like champions skills or managing waves.

You could even hire a coach if you are looking for a detailed analysis of your gameplay. They may be able to assist you to increase the the rank of your lol accounts. Experts can offer you insightful advice targeted at improving your performance in different ways. They could point out mistakes and points of improvement either by watching your replays or watch you play via screen sharing on platforms like Discord. You could also just seek advice on general theory.

League of Legends is one of the most exciting and popular games, with monthly active players numbering in millions. That means while you will have a lot of competition as you play, it also means that you have a huge opportunity to learn from others to improve your own gameplay. Experts constantly dole out so many tips and strategies, especially with every new update and season. All you have to do is keep up.

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