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Are you looking for an award-winning web agency for app development? Do you want to see the exact replica of your dream application? You are in the right place. Swiss tomato is a web agency that develops mobile apps (android & iOS) for smartphones and tablets.

Award-winning web-agency

This agency is also awarded by best of swiss tomato in mobile category & Bronze trophy in Enterprise category.

How do we work?

In our agency, we have a team of professional app developers. We use modern technologies to meet the client’s satisfaction. We develop user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use apps to maximize the number of app users. To see how we work, click here

Our client’s satisfaction is ours

We work for our client’s satisfaction. Our clients are around the globe. They appreciate our modern designs, short app development time, and our professionalism.

Our services for you

What are we offering to you?

1. App development services

  • Mobile app development consultation
  • In-door navigation apps
  • Apps optimization services for tablets
  • Android and tablet app development
  • Applications for connected devices like IoT
  • Support and hosting services
  • Apple, iOS, iPad, iPhone apps development and services

2. Web development services

  • Web development
  • E-commerce website development
  • Website design for small startups
  • Drupal development agency services
  • WordPress development services

3. Augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR)

  • Magic cube
  • AR and VR development
  • web AR

How much time is required to develop an app for you?

 Three to six months is the estimated time to develop a new application. The app development period depends on the complexity of the apps. The more the app is complex, the more it will take time to develop and vice versa.

Swiss tomato uses two methods to develop an application for you!

  1. Agile development method
  2. Waterfall development method

App development hours

A good and errorless app takes time to develop. However, how much time it will take directly depends on the complexity of features to develop in it.

App with low complexity

Apps with low complexity take 300-350 hours and three months to develop.

App with medium complexity

Apps with medium complexity may take 450-600 hours and four months to develop.

App with high complexity

If an app contains special features like in-app payment, complex content managing module, user management, a complex back-end, and integration of the third-party system. It would be considered as an app with high complexity. Such types of apps may take 750-1000 hours to develop.

How to estimate the total expenditure on app development?

The total cost can be calculated by analyzing the below-mentioned factors:

  1. It is an hourly job, and the estimated hours can be between 300-1000 hours, and we have to multiply it with the worker’s hourly fee.
  2. The purpose of the app (play, work, health, online shopping) mainly affects the total cost as it determines the whole development process.
  3. The platform for the app (like it will run on android or IOS or both) also affects the total cost.
  4. The design elements and complex features also determine the total expenses.

We care about your budget

Our clients are our pride. Either they are a company, non-profit organization, a new business, national business, or international business, we can work in their given budget. For that purpose, we work very closely with our clients to meet their expectations and demands.

Let’s develop your dream application for you!

The development of a high-quality app demands teamwork. We have teams of professionals in our agency for all the tasks involved in app development. We are here to develop your desire app in a short time with no compromise on the quality of the app.

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