Small Business Productivity Apps for Android Phones

Productivity is a big part of running a business. But, unfortunately, it cannot be easy to keep up with everything that needs to be done and maintained by your sanity. That’s where productivity apps come in handy for your devices.

In recent years, online and mobile businesses are on a full boom as you can run any campaign or your store through your mobile phone and stay updated with your business activities.

This blog post will cover some android apps for small businesses and how you can use them to stay on top of things from anywhere you go. Check on the list below.

VPNs for Android

VPNs are a crucial tool for small businesses with employees who work remotely. This type of app encrypts your internet connection and can help keep you safe from hackers, identity thieves, or other threats to your company’s data security.

These VPN apps for android phones are fantastic tools to securely transmit your data over the internet and get you connected to different regional markets trends by unblocking geo-restrictions on websites.

These VPN apps are often free and can be found in the Google Play Store. However, it is essential to note that free VPNs may not offer many features or protection. To get better security and results, you might want to research VPNs with more robust features provided by their developers at an additional cost.

The premium reliable and consistent VPN providers are optimal especially for startups and small businesses to help them run their online tasks securely and without any potential risks.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading providers for productivity applications, so it should come as no surprise that they have an android app. In addition, Microsoft offers a range of apps to help you stay connected with your business and customers from anywhere.

One such application is Skype, which Microsoft developed in 2004 when video chatting wasn’t famous yet. This android app will allow users to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi or data connections to others who also use this android application, making communication between staff members very easy! However, to call people on their phones, tablets, or computers outside of Skype’s network can incur additional fees. 


Small business owners know the importance of staying connected with their staff and clients, but sometimes it can be challenging.  Slack Android apps are designed to make this task easier by providing a platform for instant communication accessible from any device you have on hand, whether or not your business has an internet connection! 

This android productivity app lets users send text messages, share files, images, and videos and receive notifications when they are mentioned in chat rooms. And best of all? It’s free! So if you want great android apps for small business owners who need more than just emails to stay up-to-date while working remotely, then check out the slack Android app today!


Trello Android app makes it easy to stay on top of tasks that need to be completed. No more forgetting about what needs to get done! This android productivity app is a great way for small businesses owners or freelancers who work from home and find themselves juggling multiple projects at once to organize their time and activities. 

Trello Android applications are free, but some features such as person-to-person voice calling will require an upgrade. But all in all, this android application provides many useful tools, including creating lists of tasks, lists within lists, called boards, and attaching images, pdfs, or other files related to the task at hand. Users will also receive notifications on their android app when others comment on a board for discussion and collaboration with team members or clients.


DocuSign Android apps allow users to send and sign documents from anywhere in the world. This android application provides a platform for instant, secure communication that’s accessible on any device. In addition, it is easy to use, allowing you to create templates with your custom fields and information needed, so all you need to do is fill out the form before sending it off.

One of the favorite features about this productivity app is how simple their service makes remote signing, saving time, money, and an unnecessary hassle! So if you’re looking for a great android app for your business docs signing and record-keeping, Docusign is your good-to-go choice.

Cam Scanner

This android application is a must for small business owners who want to turn their phones into an all-in-one tool. Cam scanner android apps let you scan documents, create and send PDFs, and save them in the cloud. This means that even if your device breaks or gets lost, then any document saved on it will be accessible from another.

This android application is free and very user-friendly, making it perfect for small business owners and those looking for android apps with more features such as voice recognition software.

I hope this blog on android productivity apps was helpful for all those looking to stay productive in small businesses.  It can be hard at times, but you will find that it becomes much more manageable with the right android app.  I’m sure many other android applications out there could also make your life as a small business owner and freelancer so much easier.

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