Instagram Views vs Likes: Which One is the Key to Viral Growth

Instagram marketing is not as easy as it seems, especially when the algorithm keeps changing as soon as you figure it out. Instagram focuses a lot on mobile advertising format mainly because most Instagram users access Instagram through their mobile phones. The likes and views used by Instagram to show the popularity of the video or picture post is essential to any brand to convince their audience and advertisers of their worth and value.

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has users from every age group all around the world. In fact, one of the essential points that matter to an Instagram user is the views and the likes that are on the posts that they produce. There are ways to get real Instagram likes in the easiest way possible where you would have to buy Instagram views and likes. Doing this will help in the long run to win organic followers who interact with your content and increase your reach.  Your goal is to gain access to your target audience and grow. When it comes to buying Instagram views, it shows your audience interaction, but if your followers do not match the Instagram likes on your post, it does seem as though something is off with the ratio.

Do Views or Likes affect Engagement?

Now, the engagement rate of an Instagram account is vital for the account to grow. So, do the views or likes even matter? While Instagram does not shed any light on this matter, the insights page of Instagram does not show that the Instagram views are even a factor in the engagement rate.

There are many articles that even say that views were considered a factor in the engagement.  Posts, videos and live streaming that have a higher number of views than likes gain virality better than those that had more likes but fewer views.

Instagram Views

While Instagram views can allow you to collaborate with other creators or brands, many people buy Instagram views to extend their reach across the social media platform. Using Instagram ads, which is basically a sponsored post, increases your view count drastically because it makes your post visible to other users from your niche, but that does not guarantee you the fact that they will follow you or it will help you grow.

Instagram views are usually and generally considered as a measure of social proof that your account does receive the traction users look for and adds value to your Instagram account and as a brand as a whole. If your marketing strategy for Instagram is worthy and good enough, users will share it with other users in their niche, but the count of your Instagram views does not equate itself to confidence or the fact that the content you produce is not good enough. It could also be because you are not marketing your content and your account well and might be an indicator to revamp your marketing strategies.

A good enough content strategy for Instagram will also save you the money you would use to buy Instagram views and help you get real Instagram likes from people who are genuinely interested in your content.

Instagram Likes

With the new update that Instagram gave, you do not know how many users have even seen your post and not liked the post you have uploaded. So, if you are someone who is not getting enough likes as you would have liked or desired, considering the number of followers you have or do not have, there are always ways where you can buy Instagram views and likes in order to get real Instagram likes from real accounts. You can always put up a sponsored Instagram ad post that would make your Instagram post visible to others from your niche, but that would only work till your budget allows it to work. After that, it would not, and you are back to square one.


There are countless ways and methods to help your page grow, especially through Instagram likes and views. Instagram giveaways are one of the best options to go for because not only is it a win-win for your followers, it is a win-win situation for you as well. The longer the giveaway, the more chances are that you would be able to increase your rates of engagement on your page, which will also allow you to grow. That way, you would not have to buy Instagram views and would also be able to get real Instagram likes. Using hashtags that are actually relevant to the post and the content you post and relating it to your niche is also very important. And while Instagram did not clear the air on whether Instagram likes or Instagram views are important, logically, Instagram views signify that the user has spent time looking at your post and consuming your content, while Instagram likes to signify that your audience is interactive and engaging with your content.

This is why it is difficult to choose which would actually help you grow. Both views and likes play a role in growing your Instagram page. One of the shortest methods is to buy Instagram views initially to get real Instagram likes. Some who buy Instagram views say they find their view count to increase, but their overall growth is later stagnant. So, it all boils down to how well you market your content and the quality of your posts, rather than to buy Instagram views and hope to get real Instagram likes.

Instagram Views vs Likes: Which One is the Key to Viral Growth was last updated March 10th, 2022 by Jeremy Collins