Good Business Apps for Small Businesses

A successful small business can always benefit from the wonders of technology. Find out which business apps can help you make the best of your venture

Business and Finance Apps for Business Owners

These days there is an app for anything. The internet and smartphone technology have evolved to the point that if you can think it, you can make it. Even if you’re a layman, there are many online tools at your disposal to help see your ideas realized. Of the myriad of apps available, there are ones designed for business owners and startups. These apps can range from simple ones that let you submit your tax certificates to ones that allow you to conduct all kinds of applications applicable to your business model, streamlining an industrial process, make sure deliveries are coordinated – the list is endless. Up to date and trustworthy Forex sites have also released apps for tablets and smartphones – this could be your way to some start-up capital. And thanks to the kind of year that 2020 was, more people are turning to alternative means and solutions to generate an income. With all this in mind, let us now examine some of the leading apps designed to help you make the most of your business.


Every business needs an excellent point-of-sale system that lets you ring up customers, and if you can get your hands on one, that’s customizable, even better.  For instance, if you’re a restaurateur, you’ll need something that can manage and coordinate your tables, or if you’re in retail, you’ll need something that can manage your inventory effectively. Square is quite the ideal candidate to handle such matters and function on PCs, tablets and iPhones. Plus, it is free with an option to pay if your needs exceed the free offering.  It is pretty user-friendly and is backed by efficient live support staff.

QuickBooks Online

With the right accounting software, you can be sure that your bookkeeping will be in order. Profit margins, revenue – the entire ecosystem of your monetary affairs can be kept in check. Plus, this type of software can also help you answer pertinent questions such as how much can you afford to spend on advertising for the month?  QuickBooks will address these issues and, for a nominal cost of  $25, is ideal for small businesses. Plus, many accountants are also versed in it, and thus, support or help won’t be hard to come by. QuickBooks Online is the cloud version of the software and, thanks to its multiple-tier system, can be adjusted to the growing needs of your business.


Effective project management is key to having a streamlined process that assigns all tasks to all the relevant parties while also keeping tabs on those projects and their progress. Campaigns, projects, progress reports, drafts, edits, approvals and completed products – these are the various hallmarks and features of Jira, a software development and management tool that charts the workflow from start to finish and sports excellent reporting capabilities. Manage your team and their projects for free, and should you need to scale things up,  only then will there be a fee.


Zoom was the big star of 2020, helping usher in a new era of remote working from multiple locations.  These days it’s vital to have effective video-conference software with other amenities like instant messaging. Zoom will cater from simple one on one meetings to gatherings of up to a thousand. With the free version, you can host a group as big as 100 members with a 40-minute cap, while a paid subscription will allow up 1000 people to attend.

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