Explainer Video Production

If you are researching a certain product, or just trying out one – a video is probably out there giving you all you need to know. A popular way to convey information or prospective customers is through an explainer video.

What is an Explainer Video?

The explainer video of a company highlights their product, service and business ideas in a compelling and creative way which appeals to a wider audience.

An explainer video production company can make you a short but worthwhile information video, for marketing and sales purposes.

With the era of social media the production companies host these videos on larger platforms such as Instagram and Facebook along with other networks on landing pages and websites homepage.

The videos are used to connect potential clients which leads to increase in conversion rates of sales and more product purchases.

Explainer Video Structure

The average timing for such videos is 60-120 seconds or 180 maximum if the discussed product is complex and these must be marketed on well-known sites. A video must explain the problem and how your product will help solve the issue. The next step should be distinguishing your product with the competitions in the market and give a social proof to justify why.

What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

A good video must be well structured and reviewed so it can reach a maximum audience, it should be having:

  • Short time duration

Keep it short and to the context, explainer videos are usually long but the shorter and to the point it is the more beneficial and attractive it is.

  • High quality

The quality should be high in production and in content so it effectively communicates brands value.

  • Strong call to action

Explainer videos should clearly state what they want their intended audience to do after watching.

  • Focused on problem-solving
  • Match with the brand and its audience.

Different Kinds of Explainer Videos

Depending on your work field and company the video may be shooting on, the method is the same but the approach might be different. 3 main categories for explainer videos are

Company Overviews

When shooting a company related video, you might want to get everything out but it is better not to drag on for too long because no customer prefers lengthy videos. In this it is important to dictate; certification, awards, portfolio, working details and the clients you are working with

Hybrid, Meet the Team Videos

These videos with company culture are different as the customers get to know the brand better and help humanize the company. For such explainer videos it is better to go for animated videos as they are easy to update but you may choose the option that’s best for you. This is where you can mix some company and culture overview.

Product and Service Overview

 Brands that sell only a single product or offer one type of service, usually produce an explainer video about the core product rather than an overview of the company. These are produced in more than an explanatory video and are more in depth for commercial purpose.

Although the video doesn’t share much about the company, the viewers are still able to know the brand commitment and information regarding the product.

Benefits of an Explainer Video

Videos are no doubt one of the fastest ways to learn about a company and the products with services they offer without losing interest. Here’s a breakdown of why explainer videos can be helpful for your Production Company and sales department:

  • Videos saves time
  • They are easy to share and access
  • Keeps the viewer entertained and gets message across
  • Explainer videos are brand recognition

How to Produce an Explainer Video?

Just like any video production, your explainer video needs to follow the same steps for production. However the process may differ on what type of video you are shooting. It is better to reach out to video producer companies and agencies to help you grow through the process.

Explainer videos take a considerable amount of coordination, talent, and skill to pull off. During the pre-production phase; it all starts at the script level, so make sure you get your structure down and take all necessary key points for the production. During the production the video animation or live starts to come real and post production is where all final cuts are edited and then marketed.

Partnering with a professional videographer and video production company can streamline the entire process, ensuring your explainer video is not just well-executed, but also highly effective in delivering your message and achieving your goals.” – Founder of Tetra Films, a video production company based in Vancouver.

Final Thoughts

Explainer videos are not only time savers but the perfect to address your audience and work your way up in the market. With the perfect brand recognition and use of modern technology it is easy to compete, solve problems with your product and raise more audience for it. Get your concept right and deal with a reliable company while keeping the structure in mind to get the best video made.

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