10 Tips and Tricks to Master Microsoft Word

To carefully navigate into a new or an existing device for easy and flexible use, there are basic tricks and tips one must consider. Microsoft Word is technologically structured software programmed to aid human readability and word processing. It is equally a graphically programmed word processor that helps every user type and save words conveniently. Below are just ten unique tips and tricks to master Microsoft word.

Use of Ctrl + with other keys combination

The CTRL key combined with another key produces a special specific function. Some keys are: CTRL + B, is used to bold selected words or groups of words. CTRL + A, is used to highlight the word in totality. CTRL + I and CTRL + U, are used to italicize and underline the selected words respectively. CTRL + C is used to copy words while CTRL + V, is for pasting copied documents instead of right-clicking and then selecting copy or paste as the case may be. CTRL + H, is used to find and replace words while CTRL + F is used to find specific words in a document, etc.


It is an office software available on Office 360. it allows for recording/transcribing of voice directly into a word document. It is located at the Home tab. Lookout for it and click. It gives room for different language selection. It is a great option to record your documents rather than typing it. 

Read Aloud

It is a great trick in MS Word that helps to read the words on the document. Microsoft does not just allow you to record your voiced document but also read it back to you. To do this, kindly click on the review tab from the Home page there you will see Read Allow, highlight the words you want it to read, and click on the read aloud. This is simply a great way to review your document. It eases the stress of having to start reading by yourself rather than just listening.


Are great tools to work with. You can highlight the section of text and go to Review to use the tool; select Translate and choose the language you wish to change to. It is default to English. It can be translated to French for example and can still retain the original and the new one. You can choose to have more than one translated language on the same page. This is possible by just moving the cursor away from the selected words by clicking a new line.

Line Spacing

It is a form of trick performed on a word document that determines how spacious the word on the document would be, and it is also a way of harmonizing the words. Instead of dragging your mouse to locate the tab or icon for line spacing, you can simply highlight the word you wish to apply it to and press CTRL + 1 for single line spacing, CTRL + 2 for Double line spacing, and CTRL + 5 for 1.5 line spacing.


It is a great tool that adds external content to your word documents. It is made available under References. You simply start by entering a topic you want to research in the search box, and this automatically brings up a list of relevant topics that you can select from. You can select and add any relevant word to your document and it will automatically provide you with the references.

Inserting Hyperlink in between Sentences

It is a tool that helps navigate online for verifiable information. It is a more detailed way to communicate ideas with just a click and you would be redirected to another page without having to leave the page rather than type the whole. Kindly highlight the word want and click CTRL + K, type in or paste in the url address. It can be used with pictures as well.

Add, Edit and Remove Watermark to Document

This is an amazing word document trick that helps protect one’s document. It allows for an individual’s identity representation – the sign that shows the document belongs to a particular person. Kindly click on the Design or Page Layout from the Home page and locate Watermark and click. Lookout for a customized watermark and replace it with what you want and click OK. 

Microsoft Editors

It is a unique trick in MS word documents that help to strengthen one’s grammatical structure. This work is similar to Grammarly. It is available from the Home tab. You can click on Editor with your document automatically opened and it goes through and makes suggestions. These are suggestions that will help you make a grammatical change. It is a great tool that helps you increase your writing skill.

Open and Repair file

This is another kind of unique trick that helps individuals to repair and fix their corrupted documents. It is obvious sometimes that we might not be able to explain why the document(s) we have been working on suddenly got corrupted. The pain of losing an almost finished document is unimaginable. When you try to open a file and the response you get is; file is corrupted, there is a way to get it fixed. Go to click on the File tab, click on Open and choose Browse to find the file location. Kindly select the file but do not open it. Look out for the Open tab and click on the drop-down arrow, scroll down to find the word Open and repair. This will scan through your document and fix the file.

Microsoft Word was originally built for Windows and macOS, but fortunately for us, the phone version has been made available, which has made it possible for the human person to type words on phone directly without needing to go in search of a computer even if you can’t afford one. The tricks in Microsoft are unique and helpful tips. 

10 Tips and Tricks to Master Microsoft Word was last updated June 1st, 2021 by Michael Miller

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