What Generation Z knows and why it’s worth hiring students

On the threshold of summer, the question of student employment becomes even more urgent for many employers. On the one hand, an HR manager faces a young and ambitious candidate with excellent prospects, but on the other hand – an inexperienced specialist with unfinished studies and an uncertain professional future.  

Students in the Office: Pros and Cons

Work for students without experience is the best way to get the first professional skills and the opportunity not to depend on parents financially.

Companies, for their part, are wary of hiring newcomers without experience, belonging to Generation Z, because they understand the complexity of adaptation, the need for training, and the possible risks in the matter of a responsible approach to work. This is not the only disadvantage of hiring students:

  • For some students, the study is a priority, and they spend most of their time on it;
  • they cannot be sent on long business trips;
  • The work schedule should be adjusted individually to the person.

Despite these disadvantages, working with students has its pros. If you don’t want to take on a student for a full-time role, you could opt for hiring a freelance student to take your project to the next level, with the possibility of having them join the team full-time in the future.

Reasons Why It Is Worth Providing Work for Students in Their Field of Study:

  • Members of Generation Z are not guided by experience. Experienced employees are always preferred by the employer, but they have a certain professional background: habits and rules, personal requirements for building processes, and working conditions.
  • From a student, you can make an ideal employee, who will penetrate your corporate culture and follow the policy of the company.
  • The student is a generator and a source of new ideas. Z-students who are constantly developing: attending events, watching webinars, and taking training give out more promising thoughts and ideas.
  • There is no need to maintain a Work-Life Balance. Only a small percentage of students start a family while studying, so they are more involved and focused on professional growth. The only they have is study but many of them use write my essay services to save the time for work.
  • Financial benefits for the company. In most cases, a student’s salary = half of a professional’s salary. This can significantly save on salary costs.
  • Productivity and performance. Generation Z, unlike their more experienced colleagues, seeks not only to learn new things but also to apply their knowledge. They are more receptive to IT technologies and master the field faster. Usually, students of technical universities come to work in IT companies even before they graduate, because they show excellent results and have a high level of intelligence.
  • Self-management. Generation Z employees have lower expectations than their colleagues. They are more willing to take on different tasks and are flexible and engaged.
  • Students enliven the workspace and inspire experienced colleagues to work. Having a young and proactive person on the team has a positive impact on the work environment. Students bring new ideas to the workplace, so they inspire themselves and inspire others to be productive.
  • Rapid Adaptation. Z-students learn and adapt quickly in a new environment, and they also show more enthusiasm than experienced colleagues.
What Generation Z knows and why it’s worth hiring students was last updated October 22nd, 2021 by Carrie Duncan

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