2021 Scale Technology to Manage your Warehouse

A guide to scales that will make your warehouse more efficient and profitable

Nothing beats technology that makes your life easier. Well, actually one thing does. Technology that can help improve your business.

When you’re trying to increase your profits, you’re not thinking about spending more money to make this happen. However, a few clever investments in your business can change a lot.

A well-designed technology upgrade can make your business more efficient. It can make the lives of your employees easier, and that in turn, will make them work harder. Without accurate measurements, you may also be losing money you are unaware of.

Scales are one of the areas you should be investing in during 2021 to improve your warehouse.

Let’s look at 5 different types of scale technologies and how they can improve your warehouse in 2021. In this article, we will be looking at shipping, rental, wheel, and counting scales. As well as, looking at some useful scale accessories.

#1 – Shipping Scales

Shipping scales can save you from nasty surprises at the post office.

If you’re a business that ships their products then you need a shipping scale.

We understand that your local post office has their own shipping that you use to measure your packages before you ship out. But how many times have you had the horrible experience of realizing the package is too heavy. Then having to pay out extra shipping costs that eat into your profit margins.

Having a shipping scale in your warehouse can help you adjust the weight of packages before they ship out. Saving you from those terrifying postal fines.

To find out more about high quality shipping scales, check out the range at www.1800scales.com

#2 – Rental Scales

Renting scales is a great way to keep costs down and make more space in your warehouse.

This is not a technology upgrade, rather it is a business mindset upgrade that will save you money.

Many companies don’t need to use their scales every day. In fact, some companies only need to use their scales every few months. For example, when they have a new shipment come in or when they need to do their inventory.

If this sounds like your business then you should consider renting scales, rather than purchasing them. This way you can enjoy the most up to date scales when you need them, without having to fork out for them

#3 – Wheel Scales

Save time with these on the go scales.

How many steps do you think the average worker in your warehouse takes a day? How much time do you think they waste moving things back and forth to the scales? What if we told you that there are now accurate scales that you can wheel around your warehouse?

Wheel scales are designed to measure large items that you don’t want to be moving around your warehouse until they’re ready to be shipped out. Simply wheel your scale over to the correct area and slide the item onto it.

That’s a lot of time saved, and as they say time is money.

#4 – Counting Scales

Counting scales can take care of a lot of the math that needs to be done in your warehouse.

A set scales that works out the averages for you?! It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!

Part Counting scales come with an easy to read, digital screen that allows you to divide weights, work out averages, and add up weights. All without leaving the machine, or even picking up a calculator.

These scales remove a lot of the elements of human error – make your numbers more accurate and save your wor      kers time.

#5 – Scale accessories

If you can think of a scale accessory then it probably exists somewhere.

If you have a scale that you have invested too much in to part with, but doesn’t do what you want it to. Then, you might want to look into getting some scale accessories

These accessories can increase the functionality of your current scales, for a much smaller cost than upgrading to a completely new tool.

If you need your scale to measure at 0.0001 gm rather than 0.01 gm, you can pick up a new monitoring unit. This unit can be plugged into the existing scale. You can also purchase accessories that will make your scales taller, bigger, or more accurate.

There are thousands of different scale accessories out there, so get looking.

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