Ways to Boost your Online Store with WooCommerce SEO

When a WooCommerce website is created, the business looks for more products to be sold, more customer traffic, and good revenue. This can be achieved only when the site has a high ranking in search engines and this, in turn, is only possible when the site has good feedback and ease of access. To attain all these, one needs to have a good WooCommerce SEO that gives a good insight into the website.

WooCommerce SEO is one of the key factors that are to be taken into consideration when you have to start a business. It is said that planning your move is considered as winning half the game. The same is when we think of an e-commerce business to start and decide to use a WooCommerce SEO for page creation. Depending on whether you want to sell your product, or get more traffic, or increase the SEO ranking in search results pages, the WooCommerce SEO helps you get all these along with gaining fame with minimum manual work.

Considering that nearly half of the population starts their shopping by Google search or any other search engine, your website needs to rank well in there. More than a quarter of traffic on any WooCommerce website comes from various search engines and the very 1st result gets a 1/3rd of total hits from different search links. WooCommerce SEO doesn’t need to pay anything for ads if a site is considered as attracting traffic automatically and has reliability. When a WooCommerce site is optimized well, it has the potential to attract customers and traffic automatically. It provides steadiness and well-structured web pages. It serves a good view and compatibility with desktops, tables, and mobiles as well.

When starting a business, the developers and designers have to consider many factors like themes, product, description of the product, images, etc for their web pages. All these help to boost their online store. Some of the ways to boost websites with WooCommerce SEO are:

SEO Friendly Themes

Choosing a good attractive theme with a proper layout and appearance defining the business with fewer burdens on the size of the page(and hence on the servers) is highly recommended. Themes with lesser size permit the fast loading of the pages. It helps to get access to the web page even on slower connections in remote areas. Many WooCommerce SEO plugins have preloaded themes to choose from or can be downloaded from external sources as well. These can be modified based on the business need. It should be responsive, compact, light-weight, and mobile-friendly.

SEO Friendly Plugin

Having a good plugin like Yoast, All in One SEO, MonsterInsights, etc are the most popular plugins that come with unique functionality which can boost up the WooCommerce site performance and WooCommerce SEO ratings. These also help our web pages and images to optimize and add metadata, keywords, taglines, etc. and thus have a good ranking on various search engines.

Optimize Product Page

Each page of the website has many different components like titles, tags, keywords images, description, tables, reviews, ratings etc. All these components should be well arranged to improve the readability. If only keywords and description are at top and images and other data at last, then it really becomes boring to read the info without actually seeing the product. Product titles should be attractive, short and well written. Short description that is shown on search engine results should be to the point with sufficient keywords. Detailed description should be able to give ample information of the product. Each product should be properly categorized and tagged for more enhanced search. URL should be simple to remember with focused keywords. All the pages that are part of the project have to be well optimized.

Image Alt Text

It is a good practice to provide alternate text for an image (like a description) so that if the image is unable to load on some page of your website, then an alt text helps the customers to understand what the image is about. WooCommerce SEO provides this feature to add description and alt text when uploading any images on the site. By default, image name is set as image title, so it’s always a good practice to name the image with the image keywords.


The domain name of your site can have a WWW attached to the URL or can exist without a WWW also. But mostly, a site URL with WWW is faster to find across the search engines. Along with this, the website should be always secured with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This makes your URL more reliable for the customers and they can develop faith in secure browsing and sharing of information.

Clear Site Navigation

Breadcrumbs should be enabled for easy navigation. Also, it is a good practice to keep your navigation of the website simple and meaningful so that the customers can easily navigate to parent pages. End-users don’t want clumsy and confusing navigation when retreating. Clearly designed categories, subcategories, and a site map is an extra add-on to the easy navigation methods. An effective WooCommerce SEO can be used for all these settings.

Permalinks Structure

The URL of different products that is available on the site is permanent. These can be used as permalink to be used to refer to each product. A WooCommerce link without SEO optimization has special characters that are really not easy to understand. WooCommerce SEO should assign a user-friendly permalinks structure so that it becomes easy to identify the product page. It also helps to rank better in search engine results.

XML Sitemap Plugin

One should always utilize a good XML site map. It acts as a proper display of a map of the web pages which directs Google to all the important pages. XML sitemaps join with Google so that it can get all the essential product pages. This is used to index the website. The site map specifies all the pages and links which help Google to find them. For example, when a customer searches for a specific page or product in the search bar, Google suggests some of the important pages also in the dropdown.


Schema or snippets are highly essential to provide information about the site or product during the initial search. When there is a good schema defined in WooCommerce SEO, it helps the search engine to know more about your site. Along with it, it also improves the ranking, and searching for your site becomes easier and frequent.

Even if a website is designed very well with a good template, colours and images, it’s of no use if the ranking on search engines are not good. A supportive WooCommerce SEO guidance is highly essential for standing in good rankings on the 1st page of Google and other search engine’s results. An optimized web page will obviously fetch more perks than non-optimized pages. One need not be a WooCommerce SEO expert to apply all these in the project and get high rank in search engine rankings. Apart from all these, one should choose a good web hosting platform that provides a good server.

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