Proven Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

These days, there’s more than one way for a person to provide goods and services. While some companies own physical premises, others create online shops that have the potential to reach a global audience. People may choose to set up their own website or pay to feature on places like or

It may be that you have already started down this road but are still waiting for the sales to materialize. Fortunately, there are a number of tried and tested things that people can do to increase their online sales. Are you interested? Let’s find out more right now. 

Begin With Research

There are a number of specialist websites that post free quality content. The marketing consultants at Store Growers say people are hungry for information on everything from Google shopping ads to Search Engine Optimization. People want to access courses, receive coaching and read helpful blogs. 

Without this, when you start your ecommerce business, you may create products and marketing campaigns that appeal to you but not the public. You may be totally unaware of who your target audience is, or where and when they are looking. 

Create A Quality Website

This will need to be your base of operations, and the place where you direct all your online traffic. The public wants web pages that load quickly and that can be viewed easily from a computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. 

People want you to create online shops to explain what you are offering, and why. They seek clear branding and details of your best-selling products. Added to that they look for customer reviews and video tutorials.

Offer Free And Discounted Stuff

This can come in the form of e-books, coupons and vouchers. Offer ‘first-time customer’ discounts, and provide price reductions on their birthday. Join the New Year and Black Friday sales by temporarily reducing your prices. 

Give away free samples and create exciting competitions to generate interest. Offer free trials, or discounts on extended subscriptions to help keep existing customers. Offer free shipping deals or promote your full (‘no quibble’) refunds policy.  

Harness The Power Of Social Media

Much of this will be free, so why not use it? Create and build an online presence on places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s barely an option because people expect it. Write regular posts that will appeal to your target audience so that they will see you as a trusted authority. Use social media to push your sales, discounts and new product launches. Mention those freebies too, and include links to the sales pages on your website. 

You may initially start small by creating your business page and encouraging your friends to share it. If you stick at it faithfully and make your content engaging, your following should grow. 

Start Blogging

If you began your business as an extension of a hobby or passion, this may especially appeal to you. As with social media, you need to frequently post free material that people will want to read. Feature the blogs on your website and regularly include URLs to your online shopping pages. 

Some businesses pay for content writers to create articles relating to their goods and services. They can be used to include links to their sales pages. 

Become Visible

Once again you may begin small by offering sponsorship for a local charity event. If you offer it for an event related to your line of business, it may have even greater influence. 

You could also give away branded freebies such as T-shirts or mugs. If there is a business convention that relates to your particular industry, consider paying for a stall to promote yourself there. 

There are a number of different campaigns people can do. They include Google, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon ads. Some of these provide special monitoring software so you can see what is or isn’t working, and amend the campaigns accordingly. 

In many cases you don’t pay every time your advert is viewed, but only when people click on your links.  

Make Your Website Search Engine Optimized

This is all about using the right words on your web pages so that you become visible in peoples’ Google searches. It may involve using special software tools or a company that can do this for you.  

Hopefully, this has fueled your enthusiasm and provided some tools for you to use. When they are implemented well, there should be a marked improvement in your sales. The stage will then have been set for what could be many years of successful and enjoyable business in your chosen field. 

Proven Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales was last updated February 2nd, 2022 by Charlene Brown

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