What to Do When Your iPhone Storage Capacity Is Full

Imagine this: you’re trying to save an important file on your phone but a notification suddenly appears and says “Storage Almost Full.” Annoying, right? You could’ve easily saved that file. But now you need to find which ones in your phone are eating up a huge space in your storage. If you find yourself in this hassle situation, fear not. 

Here are the steps you can do to free up more space on your iPhone.

Remove Apps

We all have apps that we don’t usually use or have forgotten to use. If you need to free up space on your phone, these are the ones you need to look at first. This is because these apps can take up an unexpected amount of space even if you rarely use them.

You can also delete unused preinstalled apps. However, this would depend on the operating system that you have. You can only delete the built-in apps if you have iOs 12, 13, or iPadOS 13. Depending on your OS, you can get rid of apps such as Tips, Notes, Videos, Measure, Maps, iTunes Store, to name a few, but naturally, for learning more about this you can always head to the website. 

Transfer Files

Sometimes our storage gets full because we don’t get rid of old photos too. It’s understandable though, as they usually hold a sentimental value for us.

But your phone needs to let go of them so you can save more files. If this happens, you can transfer your images from an iPhone to PC.

This will free up space in your phone very easily. Or, you can save your photos and other files on an external hard drive as they can hold more files.

Lower Your Resolution

If you only have a few photos and videos but your phone says its storage is still full, this is probably because your photos and videos’ resolution is too high. A photo or video with a high resolution sure is good to look at. However, a higher resolution also means a bigger file.

You can rescale your photos or videos instead to lower their resolution. Then, change your photo and video settings so your future files will be smaller.

Delete Burst Mode Photos

Burst Mode sure is nice as it helps you capture better photos of moving subjects. However, it can also eat a significant amount of space in your storage. You can still use it, though. But be sure to delete those identical photos or the ones you don’t need anymore once you’ve selected your key photo. Or, you can simply turn it off instead and only use it when necessary.

Get Rid of Old Conversations

Text messages might seem harmless. But old conversations can use up your storage space too. But if there are too many of them, you can purge them after a certain time. You can have them automatically deleted after 30 days, a year, etc. Just go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages. Then, select your desired time frame.

Phone storage might seem like a trivial matter but in truth, this is very crucial. This is where you can store photos, videos, and other important files. With these tips, you’ll surely never run out of storage space. 

What to Do When Your iPhone Storage Capacity Is Full was last updated June 1st, 2023 by Pete Brown

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