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During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people have reported changes to their routines and the way they spend time. The change in several aspects of life has been so significant that it has made people rethink what truly matters and how they can make the best use of their time. It has led them to discover new talents they didn’t know they had. Several people who are still not sure how they can make the best use of their time without overburdening themselves, offers an opportunity to learn a new language that can later prove to benefit you in a number of ways. You can also opt for other types of training courses to improve your professional skills. 

Here are some of the courses you can access online.

Graphic Designing

If you desire to polish your creativity and find arts appealing, graphic design would be the best option. From creating illustrations and posters to designing advertisements and logos for companies, you will be able to inspire and impress others with your work. Besides, you can earn well by working independently as a freelancer afterward. Once you have established yourself, you will frequently have thrilling challenges to look forward to. Many people approach it as their means of making an impact.


For people inclined towards problem-solving and computing, programming would be the most exciting skill to learn. In addition to being well sought-after in the digital world today, programming also keeps you engaged. It considerably hones your critical thinking and logical skills. By learning to code and develop programs, you learn to value precision and appreciate details.

Learning Languages

Though programming and graphic designing are invaluable skills to learn, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Graphic design demands an interest in art, and most programming tutors assume their students are somewhat acquainted with the functionality of computers.

Perhaps the best way to spend your time productively is to enroll in a language course. There are no pre-requisites you need to fulfill, and the perks are endless. Proficiency in languages makes you a worthy asset for employers by helping you stand out. The learning procedure also familiarizes you with the art of communication-your ticket to excelling in various walks of life. It is not only an investment in your future but also a guaranteed way to have fun while learning.

Which Language Should You Learn?

Once you have decided to sign up for learning a new language, the next hurdle you may face is the choice of language. If you visit any webpage or install an app that offers language courses, the availability of multiple options might overwhelm you. These languages have different levels of complexity regarding spelling systems, writing endeavors, phonology, and other factors that can affect your decision.

To help you reach an informed conclusion, we have compiled some essential information about the popular languages.

1. Chinese

For several decades, Mandarin Chinese has ranked first among the most spoken languages globally. Many opinionated people believe that learning a foreign language is an effective way of comprehending the intentions of other nations. By studying Chinese, you can also dive deeper into international politics, relations, and policymaking. If you plan to tour China, are considering studies abroad, or anticipate global work opportunities, learning Chinese will offer many practical advantages.

However, the need for tonal recognition in Chinese makes it quite challenging for some people. An average English speaker requires approximately three years of dedication to achieve fluency in this language, so only study it if you have long-term plans.

2. French

If you browse through the lists of languages that are easy to learn, you will almost certainly find French. Foreigners that learn both English and French often reflect that they found French easier. This Romantic language also shares some vocabulary with English (about 7000 words, to be precise!), so not everything will be entirely new to you. Pronunciation and spellings are similar too, and it won’t be very demanding. Within a matter of few months, you can become proficient in French.

It also classifies as the official language of 29 countries, and many people are drawn towards the French accent and literature. 

3. Italian

Similar to English, Italian also comprises the Latin alphabet. This mutual ground makes it easy for English speakers to learn. Tutors regard Italian as a phonetic language, which means the pronunciation and spellings of words are not incongruous. You will not require much help in learning pronunciation, and you can also move onto other romantic languages after mastering Italian.

Choosing this language is particularly beneficial, as you will also enjoy learning about a rich culture brimming with art and music. By immersing yourself in learning the Italian language, you can complete the course within eight months.

4. Spanish

The United States has a large majority of Hispanic people, so you may already be familiar with the beauty of their language. Nevertheless, investing time in formal learning will expand your horizons and improve your communication skills. For Native Americans, it is even more convenient because they will have ample opportunities for live interactions with Spanish speakers. Many people also claim a Spanish heritage, so they can approach learning this language as a means of connecting with their ancestral roots.

Though grammar, especially the conjugation of Spanish verbs may seem daunting, there are many tricks to help you remember Spanish effortlessly.

Key Takeaways!

Learning a new language can be an exciting activity regardless of whether you are doing it to make the best use of your time or to improve your accent and fluency in a language. You can become competent in many skills at home that will make things easier for you in the future, but there is nothing as exciting as learning a new language. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the complexity of your chosen language before starting a course. You should also assess the tutors’ reviews, hourly rates, and any other subscription fees for classes. Besides, you can seek guidance from YouTube videos and refer to the free resources available on the internet for additional help.

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