How to Make Better Use of Online Selling Platforms

This world we are living in is filled with people who have become tech addicts. People nowadays have developed a habit of using and then disposing of their gadgets as soon as the new model comes out in the market. In turn, many of these used gadgets end up lurking anywhere at home, in the drawer, or on a desk just collecting dust. If you are among these people, then it is high time that you consider selling your unwanted and unused gadget. Below are some helpful tips to guide you.

Take Pictures of Your Used Gadget

Please note that the quality of your picture largely determines if your gadget will be sold or not. The people behind BankMyCell’s phone buyback program suggest that you need to get at least three high-resolution pictures that cover every important angle of the gadget. Although you know pretty well that you are not a scammer, other prospective buyers may think you are. But, showing them good quality pictures that show the actual condition of your gadget is one way to build trust with your buyers. 

Be Honest With the Product Description

Be honest when writing the description of your product. Include every important detail about your product. Make sure any issues or problems with the device are also written. Otherwise, you run the risk of having problems later once it is sold to another buyer. Damaged gadgets can still be sold on eBay. But, it won’t give you as much money as selling devices in good condition. 

Include the Original Packaging

It is best to sell your used gadget together with its original packaging. You will have a great advantage over any other sellers if you also have the original accessories with it. See to it that details about this are also indicated in the product description. You will have greater chances of being able to find a new buyer soon if people would know that you still have these items along with your used gadget. Prospective buyers are more likely to choose your phone over any other similar used gadgets that are being sold online. 

Obtain Proof of Authenticity

Take a picture of the serial number indicated on your device. Keep this as your copy and don’t post this online. This will serve as your proof of authenticity in case a buyer wants to scam you. There are scammers out there who may claim that you have given them a device that cannot be used. They may say that everything you wrote in the product description online is false. But, you can easily deny these claims if you have enough proof of the authenticity of your product. You will have no trouble debunking them if you have proof in your possession. So, they will not be successful in their aim of ruining your reputation as an online seller. 

Know the Best Place to Sell 

You have to know the best place to sell your gadget if you want to get the most money from it. Some of these places include the following:


eBay is one of the most popular websites for selling pre-loved items. This comes as no surprise because eBay has more than 180 million buyers all over the world. This translates to greater access to millions of prospective buyers for your specific gadget or device. It’s mobile and desktop selling tools are easy to use. The only disadvantage is that the interface they’re using is a bit outdated. The only caveat is that eBay does charge fees for every item that you sell. It is part of their policy to take up to 12 percent of your gadget’s final selling price. 


You can also use Craigslist if you want to be spared from paying fees. The Craigslist site may not be as polished as eBay. But, rest assured that you will also have access to millions of possible buyers. Craigslist does a good job of selling different products based on the seller’s local address. However, Craigslist does not provide options for shipping. This means every transaction has to be handled in person. 

Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace is a lot like Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace can be easily accessed whether you’re using your desktop or any mobile gadget. However, it does not provide an integrated means of paying. So, it is up to the seller and buyer to agree on which payment options are most convenient for them. 


Swappa is another good site for selling electronic items. However, Swappa does not have a mobile website. Its audience reach is also not as broad as Craigslist, eBay, or Facebook. But, it does provide PayPal as its payment method. The buyer is the one paying the fee and not the seller, which is good news if you are the one selling a gadget. It also does not provide a format for auction-style selling. The unwanted gadget that you plan to sell on Swappa should be ready to be used by the new owner. It has to be unlocked and reset. It should no longer contain your data or any other files from its previous owner. The people behind Swappa will also be reviewing all the items being submitted to them for sale before they finally post it online.  Technology.

Research the Best Price

If you purchased your iPad 2 for $500 do not expect that you will be able to get almost the same amount when you sell it online as a used item. The price of electronic gadgets these days depreciate very quickly. Therefore, the next best thing that you should do is to search online for the best places where you can sell your used or unwanted gadgets. For example, if you’re looking to sell it on eBay, check the prices of the same gadgets that they auctioned recently. Note that prices will vary from one gadget to another based on its model and condition. You may also visit the website named This website provides a list of the gadgets that have been sold recently. They also have a chart that shows the average price of a certain gadget. 

It is also important to note that in-demand gadgets are more likely to fetch a good amount of cash than those devices that have become a little outdated. But, the more effort you spend towards making your device more usable to the new buyer you will also increase the likelihood of selling it at a price that’s higher than the average. 

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