The Most Underrated Social Media For Business Promotion

There are two extremes that should be avoided:

  1. Underestimating or ignoring social networks.
  2. Trying to be everywhere at the same time.

In the first case, you lose a lot of potential buyers. In the second one – overrate your opportunities. It will need a whole team of SMM managers and an impressive budget to launch Twitter and Facebook ads, get Instagram followers, buy sponsored materials on Tiktok or media. Moreover, you never know whether it works out for sure.

Capturing as many social media as possible seems like a good idea, but in reality, it is more efficient to concentrate on two or three social networks and do everything possible to pump them. In this article, we will consider 3 most underrated social networks which should be considered for your business promotion.

At The Very Beginning

Create your success strategy by choosing the right social networks for the brand. Always start with research: find which social network your target audience uses. Analyze demographic data, figure out what type of content will be in demand, and give people what they are looking for.

If social marketing does not work for some reason, the problem may be that you are focusing on the wrong channels. To avoid this, calculate everything and be extremely careful.

What you need to consider when choosing social networks:

  1. Time factors: how many hours your team will need every day.
  2. The financial costs of creating groups, designing images, and videos.
  3. The costs of maintaining and promoting pages and communities.

Only by counting these data, you can make a clear marketing budget.


One of the most promising and fastest-growing networks is Twitter. It is serious, popular with celebrities and business, easy to set up, has a large audience, and is convenient to use.

Its feature is a limited message size, pithiness, and dynamics of data flow.

Twitter advantages:

  • low labor costs for generating content (all messages are limited by the number of characters);
  • instant distribution of information, in one hour an up-to-date message can fly around the entire network;
  • it represents a significant number of businessmen and politicians;
  • visitors are very active, a large number of people use smartphones and tablets while sending tweets;
  • a significant amount of traffic.

Perhaps the biggest problem which companies face on Twitter is figuring out how to stand out on such a noisy network. Thousands of messages are sent every second, so capturing an audience’s attention can be a daunting task.

What to post on Twitter?

The key is sharing information that is valuable to your audience. It is also useful to share materials that promote the business but do it in accordance with the content plan.

If you do not feel sure, look at more successful competitors. Learn what content they distribute and what they post. Use someone else’s experience as a starting point for creating your own strategy.

Also, keep in mind that the most effective way to upgrade your Twitter account is to chat with others.


Instagram has evolved from an entertaining social network into an effective marketing tool. A young audience is actively seeking and interacting with brands directly in the social network. 51% of millennials enjoy their favorite brands on Instagram.

Moreover, many people buy products or follow links from the profile page to external sites. Instagram application navigation allows users to smoothly flip through their feeds, which makes users more involved than on other social networks.

On average, users buy products when they interact with a brand about 7 times. Instagram is a perfect place to show off to your customers several times.

Also, more than 60% of users are ready to buy the goods of the brands they are subscribed to on social networks. The percentage of uengagementser  on Instagram is the highest compared to other social networks.

Among Instagram users, the percentage of engagement is 2.2%. On Facebook, it is only 0.2%.

If your business is looking for new customers, this is a great place to attract them.

What is important to consider when building an audience?

  • The location of your customers may be in the area of ​​the city or the whole city.
  • Find influencers in your industry. They do not have to be stars. They can also be popular people in a particular city. Offer them a discount or an extra bonus for participating in your event or using your products.
  • Respond to all comments and try to show that you care about your audience.
  • Encourage people to share your content or use branded hashtags.


TikTok is a service that is visited by more than 850 million people every month. It is a social network that combines the functions of Snapchat, Instagram, and recently forgotten Vine. In mid-2018, it broke all records and outperformed the number of Instagram downloads.

Today it still has a leading position among free software on Google Play and App Store.

The service captivates users with its simplicity and functional variety, great multimedia potential, and wide opportunities for launching interactive challenges.

The app has special algorithms that allow beginners to quickly gain millions of views. The service will only continue to gain popularity. A new stage in development will involve a more mature audience.

What Are TikTok Features?

TikTok videos are dynamic clips, reactions to trends, or sketches. A large number of music tracks, masks, beauty effects are available for the implementation of creative ideas.

According to statistics, 26% of TikTok users are young people aged 18-24. In general, the service is focused on a segment of a young audience. Approximately 50% of the accounts are owned by people under the age of 34 years.

However, this does not prevent the use of the platform for advertising purposes. Many stars, as well as well-known companies, successfully hold challenges to increase the recognition of their personal brand and the promotion of goods.

Brands and business accounts will start promotions on TikTok very soon. Therefore, in order not to miss the opportunity to get new customers, we recommend that you start brand promotion on Tik Tok today, while the competition here is much less than on Instagram.

You can officially advertise on TikTok from 2019. Currently, there are 4 formats: Brand Takeover, In-feed Native Video, Hashtag Challenge, and branded stickers and masks. Using this interactive element, you can quickly gain audience loyalty.

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