Palm OS on your Android, iPhone and iPad? Not exactly, but we have the next best thing.

It’s amazing how simple and effective Palm and Treo handhelds were for managing contacts, calendar, tasks, and memos. Little things like Categories for Business and Personal, creating appointments with a minimum number of screen taps, and being able to hide memos using a password were great productivity features for power users and business professionals. To top it off, Palm Desktop was among the most lightweight PIM tools ever.

We tried to capture this focus on productivity and efficiency in our DejaOffice app for Android and iOS. The app gives you Palm-like features on the current generation of Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

We took it one step further by allowing integration of DejaOffice with tools like Palm Desktop, Outlook, ACT! and Lotus Notes. For Android devices, you get to choose whether you want DejaConnect USB sync like the old HotSync model, or if you want DejaCloud sync where your devices and desktop are automatically kept in sync via the cloud. CompanionLink desktop software and DejaOffice app has you covered for productivity and two-ways synchronization. The beauty is that DejaOffice works for all Android and iOS devices.

Palm OS on your Android, iPhone and iPad? Not exactly, but we have the next best thing. was last updated December 10th, 2012 by Rushang

2 thoughts on “Palm OS on your Android, iPhone and iPad? Not exactly, but we have the next best thing.

  1. We have some great news if you are looking to replace Palm Desktop. DejaOffice is coming to a browser near you as a Cloud service. Current plans are to make it free to use. It is being designed to sync across multiple phones and tablets, as well as PCs and Macs using our DejaCloud service. Send me an email ( and I’ll get you on the Beta list.

  2. True: for us, good old Palm users, it’s the next best thing, with some lead space:
    1 – Palm was perfectly crafted to sync all apps in a single move; now I have to sync 4 apps separately (this is not Companionlink’s fault)
    2 – Palm OS allowed seamlessly syncing two PC Palm Desktops with the same Palm (I went from a V in 1999 to a second Palm TX, up to Dec 31, 2012); all syncs two-way no problem. With Companionlink I learned (painfully) to be careful, choose only one privileged PC and one Android device, and just make one-way sync copies on other PCs and Androids. Or else, I would end with HUNDREDS of duplicates, to be carefully pruned one by one; and merging could have unexpected results, specially with contacts (once it merged three people in one record, with funny results when I called one…).
    Overall, Companionlink saved my professional life, and I wonder what to do when PalmDesktop won’t work anymore on future MS Windows developments.