Outlook sync for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows Phone 8 had some great news for hardware enthusiasts. Announced features include NFC, mobile payment capabilities, high resolution graphics, multi-core processors, and removable storage options like SD card. Also mentioned was tight(er) integration with the Windows 8 platform.

Two things stuck out to us – file system and device drives – that Windows Phone 8 will share with big brother Windows 8. Will this tighter integration between WP8 and Windows 8 mean something new for business professionals who rely on Microsoft Outlook to manage relationships, schedules, task lists, and business notes?  Will they finally get an “lite” version of Outlook on their WP8?  Will this finally lead to a cloud-free solution for standalone Outlook users (those who don’t use Microsoft Exchange) to get their Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes on Windows Phone 8 devices?

CompanionLink continues to research these and other options.  We won’t know for sure until we get our hands on the WP8 SDK. Ideally, standalone Outlook users really want a way to sync to WP8 directly over a USB cable; just like they used to do with the ActiveSync software on their PC from years past. You can sign up on our list to be kept current of our findings in our endeavor to provide USB sync for Outlook and Windows Phone.

Outlook sync for Windows Phone 8 was last updated June 20th, 2012 by Rushang

9 thoughts on “Outlook sync for Windows Phone 8

  1. I bought a new Windows 8 phone because Outlook 2010 including the calendar could be synced via Google. Now that Microsoft and Google have divorced this is no longer possible. Quite frankly I cannot believe that Microsoft is incapable of solving this issue! Pathetic, but not surprising. Is this an attempt to force users to switch to Windows 8 and Office 360 on their computer?

    Hopefully, this will finally put an end to Microsoft’s weak and disgusting attempts to enter the cellular phone business.

    Tell all your friends to not even think about buying a Windows Phone!

  2. no to mention that some of us doesn’t want microsoft to have access to our contacts. i mean it’s basically theft of personal data when u have access to name surname and PHONE NUMBER!. I hope they come up reall fast with some activesync alike solution. because this is a the edge of privacy violation

  3. i bought HD7 from HTC after HTC diamond , believe me i kept HD7 only for 3 HRS then i returned back to the shop and bought HD2 loaded with Win 6.5 , i do not like WP7 at all because i am not able to syn with my PC outlook by USB cable as Win 6.5 , Microsoft make a big mistake , windows 6.5 is really perfect because i can syn all contact , address book, appointment, e-mail by mean of USB cable only . Until now i am using win 6.5 i afraid to buy WP 8. Microsoft lost their market share because of that. I hope Microsoft will rectify the this problem in WP8 please advice ,
    Another complain, by windows 6.5 i can install any software with ext. exe. and CAB , i hope WP8 can accept to install this type of software , please advice
    Thanks Ibrahim izimmo@yahoo.com

  4. Why is there no decent phone/full outlook synch option for business users still? Microsoft is missing the boat not getting a solution for the hoards of stand alone outlook users. This is ridiculous already! Figure out a solution, cloud, cable–but help us out here. I was about to get a windows 8 phone, but apparently this does not support full synch either–frustrating.

  5. why not havin both way? Cloud way and Cable way? The value of a service is messured by his possibilities and options. The way of Microsoft is a wrong way, even iPhone makes it possible! And I dont like that much Apple, I am used with Microsoft, so hope is dying at least, but i’ll wait with buying a W Mobile Phone till it is possible to sync by cable, and I keeping on going with my old HTC Touch Pro 2. Big thanks to Microsoft for the clever and smart marketing close to customer.

  6. It would be great to have unlimited folder sync from Outllook to te Phone. This could be on the lines of Chapura Software. If this happens I will definitely buy a Windows8 Phone