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Microsoft Surface is a business device out of the box.  This is because of one key difference between the Surface and other tablets – Surface runs a full operating system.  The Surface isn’t Windows 8 compatible; it is Windows 8!  It blurs the line between tablets and ultrabooks. I can almost hear business professionals letting out a sigh of relief during Microsoft’s announcement of the Surface, as if to say, “Finally, a tablet form factor that lets me run all the business software I’ve paid for.”

Microsoft Surface will come in two flavors: 1) Surface for Windows RT, and 2) Surface for Windows 8 Pro.  While their hardware specs differ, both flavors seem to ship with Office 15 pre-installed.  This instantly gives business people access to their email, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes.  People and companies that rely on Microsoft Outlook for managing professional relationships are open for business as soon as they open the box.

Road warriors who carry a Surface + mobile device of their choice (ie – Android, iPhone) will demand a way to keep data current across both devices.  Sitting in an airport lounge, the last thing they want is clumsy cables wrapped around their legs, connecting both devices.

Larger companies running Exchange can just set up Surface with their Exchange account.  However, smaller companies and individuals running standalone Oultook (no Exchange), will need a tool to sync data.  CompanionLink will offer a way to keep Microsoft Surface, Android, and iPhone synchronized in a wireless, hands-free manner.  No buttons to push; no clumsy cables. CompanionLink supports full hands-free sync with the Surface.

Outlook on Microsoft Surface was last updated November 20th, 2012 by Rushang

2 thoughts on “Outlook on Microsoft Surface

  1. If you have a Surface Pro, you can use our CompanionLink for Outlook on it. This will sync your Droid and PC Outlook with the Outlook installed on your Surface.

    If you have a Surface RT tablet, you can install our DejaOffice app on and sync.

    If you need more info, please email me: social@companionlink.com

  2. I have a Surface with Windows 8 and would like to sync it to my Droid and PC which are already synced using your software. How do I add the Surface?